“Sometimes I think I’m the only cab on the road”
May 29th, 2011 @ 7:38 pm

“New York snow this time of year / There’s nothing more beautiful to me / Except for you”

The first time I heard “Cab” by Train, it was some time in 2006.  I had some time to run to Taco Bell near my college campus.  I was in between classes.  I’m usually a loner. I have friends; I love them, but I drift about.  Back to the story – I was at Taco Bell.  This song came on over the speakers in the restaurant.  I instantly recognized it was Train. I had seen the band live in 2004 and owned a few of their CDs.  But I think it’s the first line that got me.

The previous winter, my mother had died.  After we handled affairs of her death, my father, brother, and I went to New York to clean  up his business there. My father was working in New York when it happened.  It was the start of winter and where my father was at, there was a ton of snow already on the ground.

All I can say it the couple of days I spent in New York at that time exposed me to enough snow to last my life.

As I listened more to the song, I realized it described my life.  Some days, I feel alone.  Each day I live is a day further away from my mother. I know she’s with me, but I tell you, there are some days I feel like I never feel her.  I just keep plodding my way through life. Like I said above, I’m a loner. I do many things alone.  Many days, I think the loner style fits my life.  However, the past few days or so, I have been questioning it.

Lately, I have been thinking of getting a house.  It’s exciting, but scary.  I think that’s where my latest bout of doubt is coming from.

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