Movie Review of Megan Leavey: I Wish I Had My Dog With Me
May 31st, 2017 @ 10:55 am

Last night, I had the chance to go see the movie Megan Leavey. There was a free screening for military members, active and retirees. My father is a retiree, so I took up the opportunity to take him.

It made me cry.  These were good tears.  All through the movie, I was wishing my dog could be sitting next to me.  It made me thinking of my dog from my childhood.  Yushee was a German Shepard that had been in a car accident when she was three; she was a crippled dog the rest of her 12 years of life.  She was a damn good dog.  PupPup is, too.

This movie is a love story, but not a romantic one.  This is about the bond between human and dog.  The Marine vet may have seen Rex as adoptable property, but Megan saw him as her dog.  Even the years she couldn’t be with him, she still considered him her dog.  The dog was blessed to have her love and she was blessed to have a bond with the dog, too.

Also, considering where I’ve been the past month emotionally, the scene between Megan and her father talking about her depression really hit a nerve with me. I nearly lost it at that scene.

I recommend going to see it. It has suspense. It makes you think. Just don’t forget the tissues.

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