Wanting some mac and cheese
May 3rd, 2017 @ 9:45 am

This is an old video. Back when I lived in Atlanta, there was a day where I wasn’t feeling too well, and Nicki didn’t want to go far for dinner. Just around the corner from out apartment, as in you could see and smell it, was a new restaurant. Nicki decided to try it and bring some home.

It was a fusion type restaurant of Korean and Texas BBQ. We fell in love with it. We could walk to get dinner and sit in the restaurant. At first, it was quiet; you could get a parking space. The first time my dad visited us after it opened, Nicki bought him a jar of kimichi from this place. He loved it. It was the place we had our family have to try. Everyone loved it.

As for that new place we went to, one day, lines were outside the door and people were parking wherever they could. Chaos ensued. Thankfully, since Nicki and I lived behind the place, we didn’t let that bother us. We walked and took it home to eat.

I miss living behind Heirloom Market BBQ. All these years later, I see it pop on on list for the best BBQ or Southern restaurants. And yes, I want some of their mac and cheese now.  That’s the best mac and cheese that I’ve ever had.

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