Latest in the Armstrong Fight
February 27th, 2017 @ 8:37 pm

I haven’t forgotten the Armstrong Fight. I’ve just been living life. I still need to get a few things from my dad’s house to scan. I found a couple of old catalogs with the Compass Rose on them. I need to scan the covers for posterity.

So, this is the latest that I can share. The Alumni Association is putting in requests that attempts to COVER the Armstrong campus with its name even after it becomes a part of GSU. They want it to be called GSU-Armstrong, not GSU-Savannah. They want the Armstrong Center, a convention hall/office complex on the campus, to stay the Armstrong Center. I remember when they turned the old Publix that was next door to the school into the Armstrong Center. Hard to believe it was ever a shopping center with a huge grocery store. The arena on campus that the basketball team plays in and hosted my school graduation is to be renamed Armstrong Alumni Arena. Finally, they want a historical marker about Armstrong on the Armstrong Campus. Most likely one to update the history written in the Armstrong Junior College historical marker.

I don’t find them unreasonable at all. The Board of Regents is killing my school. The least they can do is make sure people know this campus was the Armstrong and should ALWAYS have the Armstrong legacy flowing through its veins.





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