Dear SunTrust,
February 22nd, 2017 @ 4:12 pm

You know the old saying – “It’s not you; it’s me.” Well, in this case, it’s not me; it’s you.

You see, my dad has banked with SunTrust since about 1982. He was a married solider stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA, and he and my mother needed a new bank account. As far as I was told, they originally banked with Georgia Railroad and Banking Company, but didn’t like their service. So, when they decided to switch banks, they went with Trust Company of Georgia.

Don’t believe me? I found this today at my dad’s:

 T24 ATM card envelope

It’s his T24 ATM card envelope. It’s got to be a good 23-24 years old.

When I got my first checking account, in 1999 as a 20 year old kid, I opened one at SunTrust , because I thought I should bank at the same bank as my parents. When I got my first car loan in my name, I went to SunTrust, first, to get a loan. When my grandfather died, my parents paid the loan off several months early. When my dad needed a loan after my mother died, he went to SunTrust. I paid that loan off, early, too. And when I started working at my college, I opened a second account at Bank of America, but I never did leave you because I considered you my primary bank. When all the banks decided back in 2010 to start charging customers a few to use their debt cards, I stayed with SunTrust and left Bank of America. The reason I stayed at SunTrust is that my dad and I shared his account. And it was a pretty wonderful account, too. So wonderful, that SunTrust no longer offered all the benefits he got. And due to that account, he wasn’t going to be charged the $5.00 debit card fee my account was going to be charged.

Funny, how after all that outcry, you, Bank of America, and nearly all the others dropped that $5.00 fee. The damage was done. I left Bank of America for USAA.

I even have my mortgage through SunTrust. That’s how loyal I’ve been to your brand. You were the first people I went to.

However, around the end of 2013, my dad’s account was a victim of fraud. Thankfully, you fixed it, quickly, but as a result of it, my dad’s 30 year old account had to be closed. He lost all those perks with the account. It sucked, but it was what it was. We opened another account to replaced the compromised account.

But, after how we have been treated since the beginning of the month, I’m leaving and so is my dad. Your actions have caused us to moved our deposits to another bank and we will close our SunTrust accounts when our financial situation is no longer in limbo.

Back around the 8th and 9th, my dad noticed someone was trying to set up an account on PayPal using my dad’s bank account. This should have been a red flag to you. When he reported it to the bank, you just said to watch it.

When we came to you on the 13th and 14th about bank account mentioned in the last paragraph, AND the savings account, I tweeted this in frustration:

And these are the replies I got:

I don’t like the implication that it’s OUR fault our account got hacked. Everyone working at your bank is wanting to place the onus on me. Well, that’s not helpful when I stressed out about this breach of security. I’ve had to visit a SunTrust branch 3 times in the past week, plus losing 2 days of work, to try to get a resolution. And not only that, but you ALSO messed up a third account of ours when it was originally 2 accounts that had the fraudulent charges.

For your information:

My computers have a virus scanner and system on it. I don’t log in via bogus e-mails. I log in directly via your iPhone app or No e-mails from the bank are accessed by my father.

So, yes, this is stressful. I don’t like being dismissed when I see a problem. In my honest opinion, I am of the belief that SunTrust was hacked. The scary thing is that I don’t think you are aware. Or you choose to be ignorant.  Take your pick.

Not only have we reported this issue to SunTrust, I called PayPal about these compromised accounts. They told me HOW the thieves got my money from SunTrust via PayPal. I’d think SunTrust would want this information. And each time, SunTrust’s answer is “We have excellent security.”

I call BS on that. One of the persons I spoke to at PayPal said I wasn’t the first person and she’d had several persons call in to report fraud via SunTrust. And I’ve seen several tweets related to fraud (not PayPal, but fraud in general):

SunTrust’s reply: I can’t rely on someone from PayPal and people from Twitter. Their remarks as irrelevant to my case.

No, SunTrust, while the tweets are irrelevant to my specific case, the comments from PayPal and the Tweets in general show an OVERALL problem that your people do not want to observe. They rather Vancome Lady me.

So, you see, SunTrust, it’s you. You don’t want to take my issue as a serious breach of your security and don’t want to listen to my research. So, this has lead to an a trust issue with the bank side of you all. I don’t trust you. You have invalidated my trust. It takes years to gain trust, but one bad experience like this to lose my trust. As a result, I’m moving my money from you to a competitor.

I will be keeping my mortgage, because I know I can’t get a better deal at the moment. But once I either sell my house, or refinance my house, I will be totally out of your clutches.

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