The Shed People: A Tale of Savannah
February 13th, 2017 @ 8:37 pm

Thank you, Sydney, for the title of this post. May you go far in your endeavors!

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This past Saturday, I attended the RailsBridge Workshop. I am really glad I went. I reconnected with the Languages, Literature & Philosophy administrative assistant from my time at Armstrong. Leona did work for us at the Writing Center we didn’t or couldn’t do. She recognized me when having a déjà vu with the green shirt with white print I happened to be wearing. When she mentioned she worked at Armstrong and the over lap between her employment and my attendance, it hit me where the déjà vu was coming from. When I was attending AASU, the head of my department liked to have pictures of her students on the wall documentation what was being done. In the pictures of me, I had green shirts on; one even had white lettering. The IT, department and the LLP departments shared the same building.

Before the event began, we sat and discussed the Armstrong “merger.” Expressing our memories, fears, and concerns about what will happen to our school. We’re concerned for its legacy.  Its people. Its students.

This encounter is par for the course in Savannah. We’re a small city with a small town feel.  Six Degrees of Separation is usually under 5 degrees of connections in this town.  So it seems.  I was telling her how someone found out that her sister was friends with my sister once and referred to my family as the shed people, since the girls and their other mutual friends liked to hang out in my parents’ shed.

And at the end of the day, Leona, Sydney (a high school girl) and I got to talking. And this is when the Savannah factor came into play.  Leona was describing the hurricane damage of her neighborhood.  As she was describing her local park, the visions of the park across from my dad’s yard took root into my head.  Finally, I asked where this park of Leona’s was.  She literally lives just down the road from my father.

That’s not all.  She also has a cat she loves dearly. Mo is her name.  As she was telling me about her cat, I had a feeling I knew what her cat looked like. Mo is known in my family as Pumpkin the Betrayer. She was originally Jessica’s cat, but chose to abandoned our yard and moved over to Leona’s house.  Leona told me the cat came with the house. We could never figure out why the cat left us, but it does me good to know Leona’s been loving her.

The next day, I went to my dad’s house.  I later went down to say hi to Leona and her husband, Randal.  Add a drop more of the Savannah factor.  Randal went to the same school as Jessica and Matthew.  He was a few grades ahead of them. He remembered Jessica, but only recalled Matthew upon me stating that he wore a dress to school one day.  Seems the dress stunt he pulled at his high school was very memorable.

Just as well.  I can’t remember the name of the kid that wore a cow costume to school on Halloween, but I’ll never forget he wore a cow costume on Halloween and was sent home because of it. We can’t have fake, plastic, cow boobs preventing our kids from an education!

And while I was there visiting them, they caught me up with what they know of the neighborhood since they moved in and I gave them the history of the neighborhood between the time my parents bought the house and the time I moved to Atlanta. I was able to answer the question of the blue house on the alley.

It me, it was an awesome weekend to reconnect and make some more connections.

Oh, doesn’t hurt I got to learn some Ruby, too.  In fact, here’s a small program I wrote tonight for fun:

puts "Hello! Please input a number for me!"
usercount = gets.strip
count = 0
while count < usercount.to_f
puts "...This is the song that never ends.
Yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
And they'll continue singing it forever just because"
count = count + 1

I will have to try it out again when I have time between work and trivia night(s). I’m trying to become active again in life.

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