Armstrong – Georgia Southern Merger Stories for February 1, 2017. #ForeverArmstrong
February 1st, 2017 @ 6:51 pm

I haven’t been as into this as I was just after the town hall, but I thought I’d see if there was any news for today. There was.




Savannah Morning News:

Official consolidation site

Representing Armstrong are the following persons on the committee:

  • Linda M. Bleicken, president
  • Allison Belzer, associate professor, college of liberal arts
  • Janet Buckenmeyer, dean and professor, college of education
  • Christopher Corrigan, vice president, business and finance
  • Lee Davis, university counsel
  • Deidra Dennie, director, equity, diversity and inclusion, and chair, staff council
  • Catherine Gilbert, associate professor, college of health professions
  • Joy Hamm, associate vice president, enrollment services
  • Amy Heaston, chief of staff
  • Peter Hoffman, director, government relations and community engagement
  • Wayne Johnson, professor, college of science and technology
  • William Kelso, vice president, advancement
  • Dorothy Kempson, director, Armstrong Liberty Center
  • Georj Lewis, vice president, student affairs
  • Laura Mills, director, institutional research
  • Tim Moody, chief information officer
  • Clifford Padgett, associate professor and president, faculty senate
  • Robert Smith, provost and vice president, academic affairs
  • Lisa Sweany, director, athletics
  • Dustin Stewart, senior and president, student government association

A few thoughts and comments on this Armstrong committee. I don’t have the energy today to research them all, nor tackle the GSU committee. But what I have seen for now:

I see that Dr. Johnson is representing the College of Science and Technology. He was a professor there when I went. I hope he fights for engineering and keeping several tech programs at Armstrong. I really don’t want to see my major go the way of the dodo bird there at Armstrong.

I noticed that the Student Government rep is listed as a senior. What’s going to happen when he graduates? Who will be taking over that slot? Will he or she keep the students of Armstrong and their interest at heart? Main thing – will it be replaced or is it a one and done appointment. The student opinion matters.

Armstrong’s counsel, Lee Davis, is a an alumnus of Georgia Southern. Just an interesting fact to take note of. Same goes for Dr. Joy Hamm of Enrollment services.

William Kelso heads The Office of Advancement. This is the office that Alumni Relations falls under. Will he fight for alumni or will we be sold under the bus as this consolidation seems to have done for Armstrong, so far? Many alumni, no matter the name the school was under at the time, are not thrilled about this. Sure, they can say at the moment the Armstrong Foundation‘s fund at solely going to the Armstrong campus. How can we, the public, be certain this will continue?  What if 10 years from now, I can donate; I am going to want my money invested into the campus at 11935 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31419 and not one with the address of Statesboro, GA

Lisa Sweany is representing athletics. Will she fight hard for our Pirates as the players themselves did in the town hall? Many of those kids want to play, and came to Armstrong to get a chance to play. Are we going to fail them?

I ask and post these questions because they need to be out in the public.  If I can’t ask them, maybe someone else can and will. I think everyone impacted by this merger should be asking questions, even if you are feeling defeated by this all.

I hope this weekend I will get the chance to create the gallery of AASU items I have.  I have some uploaded, but not all, and I probably have things still in storage at my dad’s house.

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