Armstrong students and Armstrong alumni – Today is the big town hall.
January 19th, 2017 @ 8:31 am

Today is the big town hall where they try to explain way the merger.

At the moment, I plan on going to the meeting. I plan on wearing a maroon shirt I have. I urge others going that support Armstrong to wear maroon and gold, too. I have an old AASU notebook with paper.  I might take that to take notes on the following questions I submitted:

  1. Who suggested this merger? I’m not taking about the announcement from a few days ago. I am talking about the VERY first day this came up.
  2. When was it decided it was to be Georgia Southern and Armstrong to merge? Again, I’m not taking about the announcement from a few days ago. I am talking about the VERY first day this came up. We know it didn’t take less than a week to do the study on this merger.
  3. How long has this merger been in the works without public input? Be honest with us. The dishonesty shown in this merger so far has led to a lot of anger.
  4. When did the faculty and staff of both school find out about this merger?
  5. What will happen to the student athletes of Armstrong? I think they are getting the worst deal in this all.
  6. Why are we waiting until AFTER the official vote to perform town halls and meetings to perform the merger with a deadline of 1/1/18 for the merge? Look, I understand wanting to keep people from ruining this for the BORUSG, but the way this has been handled has been poor. Instead of trying to get us to to rally behind this, all this has done is foster anger and worry that this is a dirty deal.
  7. What are the benefits for Savannah? Are classes moving? Will both campuses be offering classes for a major? Not every student who goes to Armstrong wanted to go to GSU. Not every student going to Armstrong has the capacity to handle a school the size of GSU. Not every person in Savannah wants to drive to GSU.
  8. How will tuition costs be handled? Are you going to increase the fees at Armstrong to subside GSU. How do we know if the money for Armstrong will be reinvested into Armstrong? I think this is a major factor that should have been addressed as trying to pass this merger along.

We’ll see if any of them get answered. As for anyone that can’t make the meeting, they are live streaming it at I’ll try to post later, when I can, to summarize the meeting.

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