The latest in the Georgia Southern takeover of Armstrong
January 10th, 2017 @ 7:10 pm

What more can I do to question this merger? Well for one, call it for what it is, a takeover.

This morning, I did call the man that is the district rep about this merger.  I left a message with his secretary.  I don’t know if he got it or not.  I basically called them out for doing this in secret, that I don’t want Armstrong to lose its charm.  I explained my history and why Armstrong worked for me.  And finally, I said what they are doing to the athletes is shameful.

It’s out my hands now. Based on all the information I know, there is no stopping it.  The best thing I can do is pray that my Armstrong family survives.

Even with this merger most likely going through, I don’t have to be quiet about it.  I’ll call it out for the dirty deal that it is. It is dirty because it was done with giving the public less than a week to provide input. Not that the public input is need since they are going to do it, no matter what. And that’s where my anger and disgust are focused on.

I was reading over the petition entries today and one caught my eye:

Amy Cortez
Savannah, GA

9 hours ago
Reason for signing

This was brought up in a 2015 student leadership meeting (presidents of clubs in attendance etc), and it was unanimously opposed. We thought the guy was crazy for even bringong it up, and that it was not even on the table…. not to mention we JUST spent all that money rebranding Armstrong and put up the signs. I did not apply to any other college because I knew Armstrong was for me. Don’t ruin it.

It got me questioning things again. I guess being the granddaughter of a journalist does that. Who was the person that proposed this to the Student Leadership Meeting? What ideas were brought up? What happened in that meeting? This comment there tells me this has been in the plans for months.

By the way, the petition is at 2,744 entries.

There is an article by WTOC today that has a few quotes that I believe should be shared.

First, from Prof. Tony Morris:

It would have been nice to have a little more heads up that this was happening.

I never had Prof. Morris, but I recognize his name and his face is in my mind. I agree more notice was owed to the Armstrong community.

And the second quote to share from Faye Kirschner:

We’ve heard it’s pretty much a done deal.

So, we have professors basically being told, as I infer from these quotes and the letter a friend shared with me that “Armstrong, you’re dead and you’re going to obey your new Georgia Southern overlords.” Well, not quite that way, but I love the hyperbole in that statement.  Hyperbole is a beautiful thing at times.

At this point, it’s no longer about the merger to me.  It’s about the callus way the Board of Regents went about to get this done.  We the people, the citizens of Georgia, shouldn’t take it lying down.  Make them answer our questions.  Make them give details.  Call them out for the secretive way they did this.

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