Cart Before The Horse
January 9th, 2017 @ 6:36 pm

I’ve been reading the stories about the Georgia Southern takeover of Armstrong, because let’s face it, it’s not a merger, it is one school absorbing the other.  There was a Facebook entry on the protests today on WTOC’s site.  One of the comments was as follows:

Omg the snowflakes….

I have to support the students protesting in this.  I may not agree with ever single student protest there is, but I think the Armstrong community can smell some manure when it’s being plated in front of them. They aren’t snowflakes all the time, and in this case, I’m not going to call them snowflakes.  They are asking deep questions that deserve some answers.

The Armstrong community is keeping each other in the loop when we can.

Well, there was a post on the Reddit stating that Armstrong would cease to exist on 1/1/18.

The comment:

Well, a friend sent me a letter from a professor of her. I trust the letter as I had the same professor. I’m not going to post it for now, because it’s not my place to share the whole thing. However, there are 2 lines in the letter that are very interesting. I think they should be shared.

The most interesting line in the letter is:

We will remain Armstrong throughout 2017.

Does that NOT line up with the Reddit comment or what? As another friend of mine as said, who knows the true story and who hasn’t been in the loop in get go?!  The Reddit comment at this point is not a rumor, but a fact.

The other line in the letter is:

The main point of this document is to ensure that you understand what is known, and can differentiate that from rumors.

Well, I’m sorry, but that point of the letter doesn’t help.

“Rumors” are going around because the Board of Regents has placed the cart before the horse. They are so HELLBENT on this merger, it has been done behind the community’s back without an input or questions about why this is going to happen, besides “it we better both communities.” To me, all that is  talk and buzz worthiness. It doesn’t give me answers and it doesn’t make me feel better.  Due to the time ratio between announcement and the vote, yes, it bothers me as it bothers others.  That should bother everyone.

The community has no answers. Our source of answers to our questions is that from those that post on Facebook and the petition on THEIR viewpoints. Students crying fowl because of the bait and switch tactics of the commitments and scholarships of student athletes.

Also mentioned in the letter is that basically, no one knows how the merger is going to take place. I think a former state legislature and local newsman has said it well:

Some have messaged me with questions or concerns about the status of the Armstrong “merger” proposal. As previously…

Posted by Sonny Dixon on Monday, January 9, 2017

So yes, there are questions that need to be asked and answered:

  1. Who suggested this merger?
  2. When was it decided it was to be Georgia Southern and Armstrong to merge?
  3. How long has this merger been in the works without public input?
  4. When did the faculty and staff of both school find out about this merger?
  5. What will happen to the student athletes of Armstrong?
  6. Why are we waiting until AFTER the official vote to perform town halls and meetings to perform the merger with a deadline of 1/1/18 for the merge?
  7. What are the benefits for Savannah?
  8. How will tuition costs be handled?  

I know there are more specific questions and answers to be had, but for now, these are the big ones for me. These should have been answered before this process started, not after the fact.

The friend that sent me the letter thinks it will be a good thing. She shared the numbers about Armstrong having a low rate of graduation being “on-time.” Who or what defines “on-time?” As for Armstrong, it is not a “traditional” college. Yes, it does have a lot of transfers to Georgia Southern, but mainly of these transfers are kids that aren’t ready to move away from home. An environment like Armstrong allows these kids that extra growth they need before moving to another school. A lot of the students are non-traditional to begin with. Life is going to dictate when they can graduate, not a per-determined “on-time” schedule. A majority of my classmates were non-traditional. Very few were traditional. As for some of the traditional students, they came to Armstrong for reason they have stated in the petition. Basically, Armstrong provided them the environment they needed, not Georgia Southern. Some came for a smaller campus. Some came for the athletics. Some came for a school that wasn’t known as a party school. I do not like that push to increase “on-time” graduations when not everyone can be full time students.

Why am I and others having to have to ask if this environment will preserved BEFORE the vote? Again, this should have been resolved before the vote! Many of these questions should have been asked and answered.  If they were asked and answered, why doesn’t the public know?

Yes, I am probably beating a dead horse at this point. To me, it’s not about the merger in many concepts. To me, it’s about how this whole “merger” takeover came about. It’s the lack of transparency and communication.

By the way, rumors aren’t rumors if they are true.

I have e-mailed the BOR.  I called them today, only to be told to leave a message.  They probably took my information and placed it directly into the garbage can. I really think they have turned into the Vancome Lady plugging her ears.

Overall, as far as I can tell, this process is just a turd sandwich with a nice shiny wrapper. That’s my opinion for now.

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