The Death of Armstrong?!
January 6th, 2017 @ 6:48 pm

A bit back history for me. When I was a young kid, my best friend and I would sometimes play cheerleader. Our school of choice? Georgia Tech. In high school, I applied to Georgia Tech. Why did I apply? I applied because it was always part of my life, I was smart enough to go, and I pulled a Felicity. I did get accepted to Tech, but I didn’t go. I did go to the orientation for Tech, thankfully hanging out with a few high school classmates, but the closer it was time for me to go, the less I wanted to go. I had a huge panic attack that made my parents realize I wasn’t ready at age 18 to move to Atlanta. I didn’t go.

A year later, when I was 19, I attempted a semester at Armstrong Atlantic State University. The school was in Savannah, so I could live at home. I had another panic attack at the end of the semester and dropped out.

Finally, when I was 22, I realized I was ready to return to school. I went back to AASU. I was able to recover my GPA from the crap it was to a respectable 3.6 at graduation. I worked a few campus jobs and got involved in campus events. I had some disastrous relationships, but also gained some life long friends. Overall, AASU was the perfect school for me.

However, it’s no longer AASU.  The president, from what I understand, got a burr up her butt and decided that AASU was no longer a good name for the college.  I kid you not.  They end up scrapping the Atlantic name* from the school title.  Why? From the school’s own press release:

However, to prospective students and others less familiar with the university, the word “Atlantic” in our name is confusing. Many people mistakenly think Armstrong’s name is Armstrong Atlanta State University. This confusion limits our ability to clearly brand Armstrong as a successful part of the University System of Georgia, with thriving campuses in Savannah and Hinesville.

If people are too stupid to figure out Atlanta and Atlantic are not the same thing, then you really don’t need them to attend the school.  We have other colleges for people seeking a higher education, but they cannot comprehend such differences. And prior to the official name change, the president basically did away with Atlantic in everything else. She wanted to stress Armstrong.

But now?  The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents just gave Armstrong the ultimate insult. Georgia Southern, Armstrong merger vote could come next week. Basically, they want to merge Armstrong into Georgia Southern.  Armstrong would cease to be in name and legacy.  The buildings, students, and faculty will belong to Georgia Southern.

I knew there was a chance Armstrong would be forced to merge with another school, but I always thought it would be Savannah State.  Savannah, SSU, is a historically black college, but Armstrong and SSU have a common history and intertwine classes with one another. Based on the stories I was told, back when they were doing integration in the state colleges, Armstrong’s business school was moved over to SSU and SSU’s education school was moved over to Armstrong. I figured with this all history, and the facts the schools are only 10 miles apart, this would be the merger.

Well, to go on record, I think a merger before Georgia Southern and Armstrong is stupid. Armstrong’s environment is not the same as Southern. Southern is a known party school. I heard a few stories about Southern from a guy that attended Armstrong  the same time as me.

A contemporary of mine from those college days has started a petition about it.  As I write this post, 487 persons have signed it. I don’t know how much this petition has been pushed about. However, the comments are very telling of how the atmosphere of Armstrong means to others.

And yet, according to one poster on Reddit, the merger is a done deal.  All they need is the official approval. If true, the Board of Regents are going to screw this up and screw over the Armstrong family.  Just research the fiasco known as Georgia Regents University.

Disgusting. Just overall disgusting. Shame on all the actors involved in killing my school.


*As an aside here, I thought adding Atlantic to the school’s name was lame when Armstrong went from college to university. I thought it should have been Armstrong State University from the get go. However, as I was attending the school, I came to realize AASU was unique. You say ASU to someone, you could be meaning Arizona State or Augusta State (RIP) or Alcorn State, to name a few other ASUs. However, with AASU, you meant Armstrong. It was then that I loved Atlantic in the name.  It was okay to call it Armstrong as well. Armstrong was always a part of the history.

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