Flickr Coders Anger Me
December 6th, 2015 @ 7:07 pm

Warning, angry post ahead.

Yesterday, I was going to look at my Flickr archives to look at some photos for a certain day. Flickr at least hadn’t fucked that up yet.

Well guess what, the coders did!

They decided to FORCE everyone to use the Camera Roll for looking at their archives. Personally, I think this is a dumb as fuck move.

First off, the Camera Roll is in Beta. It still has bugs. That’s cool. It’s in Beta. I didn’t have to use Camera Roll unless I want to. KEY WORDS THERE PEOPLE! IF I WANTED TO. If I didn’t want to use it, but use another interface instead, I could do it.

This is what the Camera Roll looks like:

My new archives
(Click to enlarge)

This is the interface I wanted to use:
Other People's Archives
(Click to enlarge)

Now don’t get me wrong, Camera Roll has is good points. I like I can take a batch of photos and see if they all have the tag I want them to have, and if not, add the tag.

However, I don’t want to use it to see my archives. I want it to look like the calendar above.

Seems I wasn’t the only one that wanted this look. There is a thread about it: Clicking Archives Takes Me To My Camera Roll.

However, one of their “genius” developers (or customer service reps) said of the old code that some of the users asked about:

Ahh, the Archive pages! A brilliant piece of code from the early dawn of civilization. First Prometheus gave fire to man and then shortly thereafter, he gave us the Archive pages. That being said, we are going to be deprecating them in favor of the Camera Roll for date-based photo navigation.

Lest we forget the Camera Roll is STILL IN BETA!

I get paid to customize and quality test software as a living. However, using beta software in my personal life should be a choice, not something forced onto me.  My using the Camera Roll to edit photos and look at archives should be my choice.  However, if I want to use the calendar, until that Camera Roll is out of beta, then let me use the calendar.

Also, most website applications are made of AJAX-like code and can be processed on-the-fly.   Why can’t Flickr do the same for the calendar? I rather use old code that functions as it should than new code that doesn’t work.

Oh year, and the Camera Roll didn’t work for me last night.  I went to open a photo using the icon for photo opening.  For EVERY photos posted that specific day, the opening the photo in a new page did not work.  Now, again, I can accept that in beta code.  However, all I wanted was an alternative view where I could open that photo properly.

I think that got me the most angry about this is how Flicrk staff responds to all the concerns and questions when people ask about their new and improved! code that doesn’t work. Instead of listening to feedback, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and try to find a compromise to improve the functionality of Flickr, without alienating users, these developers do  something else.  They blame the users for not being receptive to the changes.  It’s like we’re dumb for not having the ability to to envision that the crap they provide us is wonderful.  A shiny turd is still a turd. I feel they harbor contempt for the end user.

Oh, and just because I CAN and WILL revisit this entry: Remember this quote of a #FlickrFail

They were saying we didn’t need Flickr Pro anymore 2 years ago? Well, guess what’s back: FLICKR PRO! They raised the prices for new users, but it’s funny how the CEO of Yahoo! said they didn’t need it.  For being such a smart and savvy businesswoman, clearly Marissa Meyer didn’t understand what made Flickr Flickr.

I laughed my head off when they brought Pro back.  Clearly someone somewhere realized they needed to bring it back and the service they provided when they terminated Pro wasn’t getting people to bite.

Also, in looking back at that post and the screenshots I provided, I am laughing at the fact that they had to go back and redo the design.  That crap they offered in 2013 is not what it offered now.  Again, they had to go back and clean it up.  Back in 2013 they removed the maps.  In 2015, the maps are back.  Personally, I think the 2015 design is better.  Maybe someone back there does have a clue, after all.

I can only hope that the people that realized some features should have never been removed and brought them back in a cleaner, just as intuitive version, will read the complaints and bring back the calendar.  No need to reinvent the wheels here, Flickr. When you’ve tweaked the wheel enough that it’s become a square block, then you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

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