In trying to move on from my past, I revisited my past.
September 6th, 2015 @ 2:45 pm

“Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try”

I’ve been having this song on repeat since Friday.

HVJ Homecoming button

This weekend, I’ve found some items from high school and shared them with my high school classmates.  It’s been cathartic in nature.  I’ve got picture one said button from school.  I like to think my classmates are enjoying the photos.

While finding these trinkets from school, I found a birthday card from an ex-friend.  At first, I thought it was a card from my father.  Then, I saw the return address from another card stored with it and realized who gave me the card.  I gave it an smirk, read it, and then placed the cards back in the box it was stored in.

The other night, I went out to meet up with a friend and sang at karaoke.   She talked me into singing.  I sang “Just Like a Pill” by Pink.  Can’t you tell I’m on a Pink kick?  I had fun singing it.  The DJs had a little fun at me singing the word “bitch.”  I guess I got some bottled up emotions out with that one.

I’ve also been working on trying to recover old files on old hard drives again.  Anything I can recover, photo wise, from 2003-2005, prior to my mother’s death, will mean the world to me. That’s my project for the rest of the day.

I did take a photo on my parents, places it in a cheap IKEA frame, and decorated with a photo mat and some cupid stickers and gave it to my dad.  Also, worked on a simple fake flower project to see if I could do it.  Figured the next time my sister drinks, I’d acquire the empty liquor bottle and use it.

Oh yes je t’aime encore.

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