We’re a Chickenshit Nation and the National Parks Service is Leading the Way.
August 20th, 2015 @ 10:15 am

A shameful site.
My father and I, when we can, go and explore Civil War sites. Monday, in Virginia, before we came back to Georgia, we stopped at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Within the park, is the Groveton Confederate Cemetery. That’s when I got PISSED.

I was already angry being there. In case you missed it, I think the whole debacle of refusing to sell the CSA battleflag is a bunch of bull. Really people, a 4 inch by 6 inch desktop flag is REALLY going to kill someone? Evil is found within the heart, not a flag.

However, while in the gift shop, I noticed that they were selling the desktop version of the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag. So a CSA battleflag is evil, but the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag is not. Never the mind that slavery and hate flew under BOTH flags. History lesson everyone – the so-called “Border States” of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware had slavery EVEN after the The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. So yes, I do see the refusal for selling the CSA battle flag as a form of erasing and censoring history.

Forgive me if I once believed that we here in the USA was beyond the capabilities to be like those in 1984 and Joseph Stalin. We recognized the truth and history were ugly.  We tried to make amends for what was wrong, and yet exposed the bad because we left it as a reminder of where we were to get to where we are now. Sadly, we’re now a chickenshit nation. And yes, I do see in terms of the banning the CSA battleflag that the National Parks Service is leading the way.

But back to the photo and my real anger. The cemetery is a Confederate cemetery. Except for one headstone, the monument in the center is really what is known about the dead – which is NOTHING. It’s just a sentiment respecting the dead. And yet, there is NO flag at the cemetery flying. NO FLAG. Not even a U.S. flag! No respect.

Here’s my take on it. All I know is those buried at the cemetery died in Civil War. Should not a flag be waiving over them as a sign of respect? We don’t have to agree what they fought for, but those buried there were our brothers, our sons, our uncles, our nephews, our loved ones. Don’t we owe them their dignity in death as they seemed to have in life fighting this war?

I doubt this will get much further than a few eyeballs, but if it does, I have a challenge for you Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Parks Service. When are you going to swallow your pride, grow a pair of balls, and stop this insanity that YOU personally have contributed to? Allow a desktop version of the flag to return. Place a flag at the cemetery to respect these dead AMERICANS. Show the compassion that even Lincoln was willing to give these people. Lincoln was no saint, but even he realize that the War between the States was a war between one giant family.

So yes, forgive me if I saw that lack of a flag as a sign of disrespect and I got pissed.  I’m from the south.  We don’t have to agree with our ancestors down here, and Lord knows we don’t, but we try to respect them.  We know they weren’t saints, but they’re family and family is a big deal here.

Every day, it seems, I lose a little of my love for my nation and its people because we’re just allowing ourselves to destroy what made us great.

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