Be careful who you insult.
August 7th, 2015 @ 8:53 pm

A dear friend of mine shared this with me today. She was shocked to know she recognized these people. It was posted in a group called Opryland USA Memories. And after all, I recognize it as a meme that is fondly reflecting on Opryland.

However, what ANGERS me is one comment from a chick that had a nerve to call my mother Mama June. Well, I can’t really say nerve. I would say she’s more of a gutless coward that thinks calling a woman like my mother Mama June because she’s just an overweight woman.

My mother may be dead, but all my life, hearing people call my mother and my friend insults like Mama June in our lexicon anger me. You don’t think these people know they are heavy? You don’t think they like it? You don’t think they have feelings?

They have feelings. And they are the sweetest, nicest people I know. The impact they have made on my life is more powerful than you lowlifes could ever image having in your life.

So next time you insult a heavy set person, just remember all you’re are doing is proving to the world have a loser you are.

As for those people on that thread that insulted my mother, bless your hearts. You really are small.

10:35 pm The offending post has been removed. I don’t know who removed it. Maybe the original poster removed it after my sister ripped into her on the thread. I did message the Facebook group and complained as well.

However, my message is still the same. Don’t make fun of people. Making fun of people may make you seem big, but is it really worth feeling big at the expense of someone else’s feeling? No, it’s not.

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