Feels Like Old Times
October 24th, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

My dad is in Nashville at the moment.  He flew up last night; we went to Stewart County, TN to look into some property owned by my grandmother.  The property is in limbo as to who owns the property.  Tonight, when we made it back to Nashville, we went out and had dinner with my cousin and uncle.  We also had an enjoyable night last night, once my father was in, talking about family issues.  The majority of this trips has been mainly bee about family time.

That’s not to say I haven’t gotten some time with friends, too.  I will spend time with some friends tomorrow before a concert.  I also spent time with my oldest family friends yesterday, too.  I spent some time walking around downtown and had lunch my oldest friend, ever.  Oldest as in I have known him since he was born.  I figured since he works downtown and I’d be there, to have lunch with him.  He took me to a local favorite.

While the food was good, it took forever to get our lunch.  They wanted to serve him my meal and vice versa.   I almost had the grease from his hamburger steak splashed all over me.  When it was time to leave, because my friend only had an hour for lunch and had to walk back to work, I went ahead and got the rest of the meal to go.  Our waiter dumped my entire plate into the to-go box.  That includes the table spoon of rice I have left.  It wasn’t even worth placing in my box.  My friend said services wasn’t like that and was afraid I wouldn’t give it another chance.  I probably will, but this encounter will be in my mind for a while.

I was invited to have dinner with the family that night.  I had spent some of my time with his mother when I came in August.  I did want to see her while I was here, but I wasn’t sure.  I did end up having dinner with the entire family before I had to get my father.  I glad I did.  We talked a bit my mother and the past.  I impressed them with the truck I drove up here.  Not with the truck itself, but the fact I drove it up here.   And while I would have loved to stay longer, I had to go get my dad.

I may live in Savannah and love it there, since my dad and siblings are there, along with my friends, Nashville is the only other city I feel at home in.

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