“The Judge”
October 22nd, 2014 @ 6:58 pm

Last night, my cousin and I went to see “The Judge.” It’s been iffy on reviews, but I guess you’ve been exposed to a life depicted in it, then it can be a bore.

First off, it has Robert Downey, Jr. in it. He can capture my attention most of the time. I remember going to see Only You at the theater in high school.  I can watch Chances Are over and over again.  And don’t forget the Marvel movies with Iron Man.  I guess if you said I have a favorite actor, it would be him.

So yeah, I was interested in the movie because it’s my kind of fare and RDJ.  It was a really sad, but encouraging movie to me.

I felt sad for the brothers in the film.  I kept wonder what would happen with Dale during the movie.  Dale was the mentally challenged, but not defeated brother.  I felt for Glenn, but at the same time, realized he could have been just as successful as Hank if he wanted to.  Felt bad for Carla that she didn’t get to know her family, except for maybe her grandmother. I just wanted to give Hank a hug.

At the part where Hank and the Judge are in the bathroom, I could not look.  It hit too close to home, knowing my invalid grandmother living with us and we having to take care of he as Hank took care of his father.

But, it’s been nice spending the past few days with my cousin and uncle.  Tomorrow, I am planning on having launch with an old friend.  Like my first friend ever whom I have known longer than my oldest sister.  Yeah, that old.  However, before I do that, I have a phone to fix or get a new one for.

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