The Attack of Laura’s Blog
Posted on December 12th, 2017 @ 7:26 pm

Before there was Robert’); DROP TABLE Students;–, there was Laura’s blog.

A little background. Staying with me as a temporary roommate is my friend, Laura. We’ve known each other for 20 years. We met online. We were 2 girls in Georgia with similar likes and issues.

We were going down memory lane last night online. We found our old web pages we made from the early Aughts. We were just talking about the good times, when Laura mentioned her blog.

Oh Laura’s Blog, you still live on in the deep archives of the Internet. And, I still miss you.

What happened was, in the early Aughts, before Twitter, Facebook, and yes, MySpace, people had blogs like this one I have. There was this service, called It was a website people used to have a centralized list of other blogs they recommended.

November 17, 2003 was the date the entire world using was hit by a bug. A critical bug that I happened to be the poor person to find. However, Laura took the brunt of the abuse.

I was editing my Blogroll that morning. I was modifying a link. At the time, you could embed some HTML into a link on Blogrolling. I was modifying the HTML on a link and Blogrolling went nuts on me. All of my Blogroll was of this  one link. I went back to fix it, and I modified Laura’s link to her blog. It did the same thing. So, I sent in a request to Blogrolling help explaining what happened.

And then Laura left me a message saying she was getting a lot of e-mails and comments on her blog from other people for hacking Blogrolling. It was the main topic of the day. There was a MetaFilter discussion: Did Laura hack WordPress wrote an entry about it: Blogrolling Hack Illustrates Need for Decentralization.

Here are some samples of what people were saying on that day:

Either is having serious technical difficulties, or it’s been hacked. Either would explain not being able to get to its homepage, and, instead, getting endless entries for “Laura’s Blog” in the blogroll. Not surprisingly, Laura’s Blog is slow to respond …

Dave Does The Blog

It seems as tho Blogrolling got hacked. Everyone who has a blog roll using the service has had their roll(s) replaced with repetitive instances of “Laura’s Blog.” I am not even going to link to the site. This is pathetic. Now I have to recreate my blogroll. I know I won’t remember all of them. Maybe I should just forgo the service all together and go back to the old way of writing the HTML myself for my links list. After today it makes me think I should.

Breaking Windows

It looks like Blogrolling has been hacked. Every entry in my blogroll is for some site called Laura’s Blog. Update: If you go to that site it looks like Laura herself is an innocent victim here. She hardly seems like some super hacker.

Right-Thinking from the Left Coast

And our favorite one:

And then a funny thing happened; Blogrolling got hacked. All of their blogrolls pointed to Laura’s blog. Laura happens to be the sister of Dave, a friend of mine already listed in MY blogroll.

Mostly Muppet

If only I could look up just “Laura’s Blog Blogrolling” on the Internet Archive at the moment. I’m sure there are some doozies there.

Laura ended up the most hate person in the blogosphere that day. People kept calling it a hack and wanted to harm the hacker. They wanted to harm Laura!

I was mortified. I was doing everything I could to let people know this was an honest mistake.

Finally, Jason, the owner of the site, left a comment on my blog at the time exonerating me:

You folks wanna yell at someone yell at me. There was a 1 in a million bug that Shawn found and screwed up the system. It was my fault for not plugging the hole and I apologize.

-Jason D.

He had my e-mails, in the midst of 3,000 other angry e-mails, about the issue. I had explained to him what happened and the logs and back-end code backed my story. I had inadvertently found a defect in the Blogrolling system. Just happened to be a HUGE one. One all of the Internet saw that day.

In the 14 years since, I’ve gone on to get a degree in IT and work with SQL code all the time. Did so just today.  Now, I don’t know what the issue was in original back-end code, but I remember my issue dealt with forgetting a \ when coding that HTML. Looking back on it now, what I have must have done was akin to a SQL injection. Basically, I had Robert’); DROP TABLE Students;– This time, it just happened to change all links to Laura’s Blog. It was finally when I was in college learning about SQL did I realize what had happened.

So, all you SQL coders out there, sanitize your inputs in your system code before it’s put on the tables before you get another Laura’s Blog or Little Bobby Tables!

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Dear Keaton,
Posted on December 11th, 2017 @ 7:14 pm

I don’t know.  I will probably never meet you.  You will probably never read this entry.  However, this is something I had to get off my chest.

I’m not picking on you with this letter.  I am looking at it from a neutral side. Don’t take it personally.

If you were the original bully, shame on you.  However, that shame should really be placed upon your parents, if the stories of them being racist is true.  They are the adult; you are a child.  They should be teaching you positive life lessons, not negative ones. You should not be calling other children slurs. They are like you; they are being taught lessons in negativity and hatred.  They are not learning about turning the other cheek and walk away.  You need to learn that lesson, too.

If the original story I heard was true, I’m sorry you are being bullied.  I had one in 8th grade. Again, turn the cheek, for they know not what they do.  I was taught as a kid going through these troubles that most bullies suffer from inferiority complexes. They don’t like who they are, so in order to improve there esteem, they pick on someone “lesser” than them.  I heard your speech. That could be a reason, but I don’t know.  Kids are cruel and make fun of anything. These bullies have their own issues and insecurities and are trying to compensate for that.

Again, I don’t know the whole story.  It hurt to hear you cry. You resonate with many of us because we have been that picked on child.

As for the adults in this story, they are the shameful ones.  Shameful that you are being taught horrible lessons in life.  Just as you can’t help your speech, those kids can’t help what color they were born or other problems they have in this whole story.  However, the adults in your life and their lives are failing you.  You should get along with one another.  Be friends over stuff like wrestling and Ninja Turtles.  I’m sure you have something in common.

I think you are a poor victim in all of this.  Either you’re a victim of your upbringing or a victim of some other kids’ lack of an upbringing. Now that the world knows what is happening, people are ganging up on you.

I hope and pray you find peace.  I hope and pray the other kids find peace. But now, it’s time for me to address the grown-ups.

To all the parents of the kids in this story: YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY! You have no class. You aren’t teaching your children how to be decent people.  I don’t know which persons in this story are the aggressors and which ones are the sitting ducks.  No matter who is starting the problem, you are teaching these kids to bully back.  They already feel like crap. You are encouraging them to take on more crap. Be the bigger person and put a stop to this madness.

And this letter doesn’t just end with Keaton, the other boys, and the parents. It’s about ALL of us as a whole. I have seen some vile and rude people taking out the anger on his mother’s rumored racists action out on the poor child. He is a child.  Like balloon boy before him, he’s just a pawn in the game played by the adults.  And we, society, are wrong to take that anger out on him directly. You are no better than the other adults in this drama.  You have an inferiority complex as well.  It’s so sad and pathetic that you actually think you’re in the right and justified and dignified to attack a poor child. A poor child that can’t help when and where he was born, the family life gave him, and the people that life has placed around him. Even if he wasn’t a victim of the original story, he is now. You are bullies.  Bullies hiding behind a keyboard. I pity you because of that. I pity the fact you are so insecure, you have to justify your ego by insulting an 11-year-old boy. I pity you for being so dark and unkind. I pity the fact you aren’t trying to improve the world. Actually, that last sentence shouldn’t be about pity, but disgust. It’s disgusting that you rather destroy this young boy than to help him up.

As for those that have seen that the kids involved are suffering and don’t deserve to be bullied, thank you.  I wish our fellow humans would take note.  We need to quit tearing our society down and starting helping one another.

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“I Bless The Rains Down In Africa”
Posted on December 10th, 2017 @ 11:07 am

Last year, my Operation Christmas Child boxes went to Mali.

This year, double the boxes, double the African nations!

First nation: Cameroon.

Flag of Cameroon

Nation of Cameroon

Second nation: Chad

Flag of Chad

Nation of Chad

I don’t know where each box went. I hope the kids in both nations that get my boxes enjoy what is in them. I did pack them with Africa in mind since my boxes went to Mali last year.

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