How did my dad get on a Ted Cruz mailing list?
Posted on April 30th, 2016 @ 8:48 am

No, really.

In my spam folder, I keep getting e-mail addressed to my father for supporting Ted Cruz.  The thing is, it’s MY e-mail address.

It’s one thing if I got the mail.  But my dad?

He doesn’t get mail for any other candidate BUT Ted Cruz.

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Cowards in Business
Posted on April 14th, 2016 @ 7:41 am

I think people that don’t give a follow-up answer are cowards.

I’m not talking about dating profiles.  I ignore messages from people I’m not interested in all the time.  I ignore them because  in the dating game, I don’t know who will take it the correct way and who will be one of those jerks you see ending up on sites like Distractify.

However, I DO think people not giving a yes or no reply in the business world ARE cowards.

I remember one of the job interviews I had before I got my job. I was just out of college with my degree.  After not hearing from them for a week, I called the recruiter handling my case to get the confirmation I got the job.  I remember crying after he told me no.  Damn, it hurt.

But looking back now, the only thing that hurt the most about NOT getting that job was NOT getting the reply of no.  That’s all I needed.  A call, a letter, an e-mail.  Something that was clear and concise with the rejection.

I won’t get into details, but my father just has such a thing occur.  He was actually expecting a rejection.  However, NOT ONE “man” took the time to give that answer of no to my father.  The cowards left my father hanging in the dust.  My father had to hunt down the answer.  This issue just brought back that memories of that job interview.

Yes, the no is going to hurt.  However, these business can be courteous and just send the simple NO letter.  I think business has forgotten that it’s all built upon the little guy.

Just don’t get me started on unions.

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“Talk is Cheap on Satellite” – Calling Sweden
Posted on April 12th, 2016 @ 5:29 pm


If you are in the US, call that number and you get a random Swede! Just remember, that Sweden is 6 hours ahead of the East Coast.

As part of the celebration of the Freedom of the Press Act of 1766, the Swedish Tourist Association has set up The Swedish Number for the world to talk to a random Swede.

So, this morning, before work, I called the American Swedish Number, 1-301-276-0600. At 8:20 AM in Savannah, GA, it is 2:20 PM in Sweden. I was connected to a nice lady, Malin. In speaking with her, I found out I was her third call, but first American.

Malin was in Stockholm. We compared the weather in Stockholm and Savannah. She has the nice weather we had yesterday. She was happy it was spring and she didn’t need a jacket. I told her it was wet here.

I asked her are can she see the aurora borealis/northern lights there. She said you can’t see them in Stockholm, but if you do further north in Sweden, you can. From her talking, Sweden sounds like Bryan County down here. It’s not too wide, but’s it’s a long county. Going back to the weather, she said the northern part of the county is cold and she goes there for skiing. Sweden may be smaller than the US, but they have there regions like we do. Malin isn’t fond of the cold, which sounds like my grandfathers that were from the Buffalo, NY region, but both settled in Nashville, TN later in life.

We talked about bilingualism. She said they learn English very young. They are now teaching it before Kindergarten. She also learned it from watching a lot of American and British TV. I was lucky to take 7 weeks of French and Spanish each in 7th grade, the earliest I was taught. I have trouble speaking anything except “C’est la vie” and “Si ce n’est pas l’amour qu’est-ce que c’est?” in French. That there shows the difference in foreign language skills in our schools.

As the bilingualism conversation was ending, we moved over to IKEA. I told her I probably would learn a few more Swedish words since my sister is about to start working for their distribution center here. We don’t have an IKEA here in Savannah, and the one in Jacksonville isn’t open, yet, but a distribution center is in Savannah.

The call was only 7 minutes, but it was interesting.

I decided to call in the Swedish evening at my lunch time. Calling again, I was connected to Sharawan in Göteborg (Gothenburg). He’s about 6 hrs from Stockholm. 19 year old kid in the midst of studying. He had just finished at the gym. Mainly talked about how far his city is from Stockholm. Wished him luck in his studies. I asked him what his name meant, but he said he didn’t know. I explained that on paper, I look like a male, but as he could hear, I was a female. This call only lasted for 5 minutes.

The interesting thing when calling, is the start of the call goes “Calling Sweden,” complete with the accent. It reminds me of the old Eurovision reels I’ve seen on YouTube when they are calling the nations for their points. Interesting that the Eurovision contest this year will be in Stockholm.

Third person – a nice lady didn’t catch name due to reception. From the sounds of it, it also started with an S. She was traveling home to Stockholm from Oslo, Norway. We spoke about the trains. She’s said it’s cheaper to fly than to use the train. She also visited the USA in November to visit Key Largo and the rest of the Florida Keys. I told her it can be cost prohibited for me fly to the to West Coast, but I can afford to drive up and down the East Coast. She had spoken to many Americans and had signed up for this as soon as she heard about it. I’d do it if we had one for Georgia, USA.

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My Ingenious Dog
Posted on April 9th, 2016 @ 10:18 am

On Mount Desk

This morning, I took PupPup to the vet. She needed a shot and nails clipped. She was a good dog. It was what she did on the way home that caught my eye.

Last week, I went to a restaurant and placed some butter packets in my purse. I forgot about them. After PupPup ate the bone treat from the vet’s office, she started digging into my open purse. I thought there was nothing in it she could disturb. However, I was wrong.

As I was in the drive-thru ordering my breakfast, I saw her chewing on what I thought was her paw. Nope. She was eating the butter! When I got home, I was informed that she ate not one, but both butter packets.  Not only did she cleaned them both out, she chewed one up trying to find any remaining butter.

I’ve got a name for her for the rest of the weekend. 😆

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What I miss about living in Atlanta #282
Posted on April 4th, 2016 @ 7:03 pm

Going to a Braves game ad hoc. Can’t do it while living in Savannah.

Baseball season has started. I know the Braves are expected to do poorly this year. I can still root for them, however.


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