Dear “Friend,”
Posted on March 22nd, 2016 @ 8:33 pm

I wrote this this morning when I was thinking of something and started crying. I felt it was best to get it off my chest:

I saw several photos of you and the fun times we had together years ago. I started reflecting on the good times together and how we drifted apart. When I think about how we drifted apart, it starts to hurt.

I really liked you. I confided some secrets to you because I thought I could trust you. However, I feel like you betrayed my trust.

If you had just been honest you were friends with that other gal, I probably would have backed off on my secrets, but I would have still been your friend. College isn’t 6th grade where you have to choose one friend or the other. I would have respected your friendship with that other gal.

However, you just didn’t return my calls and always brushed me off. You know, even a decade later, that stuff still hurts. I finally felt I was at a point in my life that I could start trusting people again. I trusted you. It hurt when you didn’t call me back or want to hang out anymore.

However, it’s ok. I’m trying my best to forgive you. I know you were rebelling from your religion as I was trying to find a sense of spirituality for me. After our friendship ended, I found several more friends. Friends I can trust. Friends that love me for me. Friends that I know have some issues with me, but take me for the good and the bad. I love them for that. Friends that are there to hear me cry and allow me to hear their cries.

I wish I knew then what it was that you didn’t like about me.

Yes, I cry now as I write this. I wonder how you are. Did you find your true self? Did you accept who you are? Did you get a divorce? Are you finally happy?

I won’t forget the good times we had, but a bittersweet air will always linger over them.

I’m probably not alone here. As for the friend, it’s ok if I never hear from her. Writing stuff like this help me.

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To All Trump Haters
Posted on March 12th, 2016 @ 11:52 am

I have one little word of advice for you all. Exercise your right to vote! Take advantage of the primaries. If he is the nominee in November, vote for the one of the other persons on the ballot. This is the BEST way to protest him.

Ignore the news. Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s the type of guy that feeds off any energy directed towards him.

Just remember while you think he’s vile and you express your opinions about him, he and his supporters also have a right to express and listen to his opinions. The First Amendment goes both ways.

For those that were peaceful last night with their protests and did not want that rally cancelled, thank you. You had your voice heard, yet respected your opponent’s right to be heard.

For those that were violent and/or wanted the rally cancelled, shame on you. Would you want someone calling for your rally to be cancelled? Would you want someone to hurt you because of what you believed in? If the answer to either question is no, then why is it okay to do the same?

I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter. I just recognize that some times, even the people you don’t like have the same rights as you.

And if you must ask, I did NOT vote for Trump in the Georgia primary. I just believe he has the right to speak out.

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Shame on the Survivor Producers
Posted on March 9th, 2016 @ 10:13 pm

So, I watched tonight’s Survivor. I enjoy the show.  One of the few reality TV shows that doesn’t seem to fake it.  However, I have to call foul on the challenge tonight that ended up with 3 contestants having a heatstroke, with one having to be pulled from the game and evacuated by helicopter.

Those bouts should NEVER have happened.  The medical staff should have taken control when it was obvious it was taking ALL the teams a long time to find the bags in the sand.  To see those contestants sit in the blaring sun for 45 minutes looking for balls in the sand was brutal.  Also, I thought the point of the Hippocratic Oath was “I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.”  The medical staff clearly should have known that the conditions were dangerous to all the players at that 45 minute mark.  They allowed the players to be harmed, both physically (the 3 that went down), and mentally (those that saw it all go down).

I know some people will complain and say it’s what’s the contestants signed up for when they agreed to play.  I remember in the old days of Survivor when it was clear that Barramundi lost all the food supplies, they stepped in and gave an offer to them to replenish food. If production could interfere there, why not in the heat?  Sometimes, you have to say screw it to the game and do the right thing.  The right thing after everyone was still looking for the bags would have been stop the challenge until it was SAFE to play again.

While I am talking about Survivor, I am sad to see Alecia was voted out.  She was stuck with 2 pigs called “men,” or that’s how I saw it.  She may not have been the best contestant, but she never gave up.  I think the episode where she got the fire was going show the different in her and the “men” of her team.  They made fun of her for spending 5 hours trying to make fire while they just bummed off in the shelter.  But who was the one that got the fire going?  Ms. I-Won’t-Quit!  Sure, call that editing, in terms of making the “men” look like bums, but the editors can only edit the footage the teams provided.

We need more Alecias around; we have enough of those bums as it is.

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This is why I love Savannah!
Posted on March 5th, 2016 @ 3:52 pm

This time of the year is the best.  Flowers are blooming.  It’s not too hot.  Bugs aren’t out to eat you, yet.

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“I’m living out the life that I’ve been given / But baby I still wish you were mine”
Posted on March 2nd, 2016 @ 8:31 pm

I found out the other day that someone that helped me after I was out of college had died. I cried. I then pull out “Missing You” by Amy Grant. I play it when I miss my mother, too. In a way, this woman did the same things my mother would have done.

Sunday night, my friend Lindsey, and I were in Greenville, SC. We went and saw Amy Grant AND Steven Curtis Chapman together in concert. In the second half of the show, Amy played the song. I cried then, too. I wasn’t expecting to hear the song.

It was a great show, seeing some songs I’d not seen before. I love the fact I heard “You’re Not Alone” from Heart in Motion.

Yesterday, I also found out Amy will be up in Aiken at the end of April.  I got some tickets and plan on taking my sister to it for her birthday.  I hope “You’re Not Alone” is played there.

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