“Talent on Loan From God”
Posted on August 22nd, 2015 @ 1:08 pm

This is a common saying you’re probably heard Rush Limbaugh saying a few times.  The other day, I overheard him discussing it.

Maybe photography is my talent on loan.  However, I wish I could make wonderful shots.  I’m hoping a film (gaps!) shot I took of a rainbow the other day comes out.  I love shooting with film, I just hate the expense.  Also, I keep forgetting to take a film camera with me when I travel.

Maybe it’s history? Along with the photography taking, I have been collecting old photos of my family.  My parents’ cousins have been using me as a resource for our branch.

Maybe it’s being the glue to help my family.  Since I was 13 or so, my family has had issue after issues.  In some ways, I’ve had to grow up faster than the others. Right now, we’re going through a rough patch.

Sometimes, I wish I knew what it was or what God really wants from me.  Like just this week, I see a beautiful rainbow only to get horrible news the next day.  I wish I knew if it was a sign, or as many other believe, just the randomness of scattered white light.

Over all, I’m scared.

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We’re a Chickenshit Nation and the National Parks Service is Leading the Way.
Posted on August 20th, 2015 @ 10:15 am

A shameful site.
My father and I, when we can, go and explore Civil War sites. Monday, in Virginia, before we came back to Georgia, we stopped at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Within the park, is the Groveton Confederate Cemetery. That’s when I got PISSED.

I was already angry being there. In case you missed it, I think the whole debacle of refusing to sell the CSA battleflag is a bunch of bull. Really people, a 4 inch by 6 inch desktop flag is REALLY going to kill someone? Evil is found within the heart, not a flag.

However, while in the gift shop, I noticed that they were selling the desktop version of the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag. So a CSA battleflag is evil, but the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag is not. Never the mind that slavery and hate flew under BOTH flags. History lesson everyone – the so-called “Border States” of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware had slavery EVEN after the The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. So yes, I do see the refusal for selling the CSA battle flag as a form of erasing and censoring history.

Forgive me if I once believed that we here in the USA was beyond the capabilities to be like those in 1984 and Joseph Stalin. We recognized the truth and history were ugly.  We tried to make amends for what was wrong, and yet exposed the bad because we left it as a reminder of where we were to get to where we are now. Sadly, we’re now a chickenshit nation. And yes, I do see in terms of the banning the CSA battleflag that the National Parks Service is leading the way.

But back to the photo and my real anger. The cemetery is a Confederate cemetery. Except for one headstone, the monument in the center is really what is known about the dead – which is NOTHING. It’s just a sentiment respecting the dead. And yet, there is NO flag at the cemetery flying. NO FLAG. Not even a U.S. flag! No respect.

Here’s my take on it. All I know is those buried at the cemetery died in Civil War. Should not a flag be waiving over them as a sign of respect? We don’t have to agree what they fought for, but those buried there were our brothers, our sons, our uncles, our nephews, our loved ones. Don’t we owe them their dignity in death as they seemed to have in life fighting this war?

I doubt this will get much further than a few eyeballs, but if it does, I have a challenge for you Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Parks Service. When are you going to swallow your pride, grow a pair of balls, and stop this insanity that YOU personally have contributed to? Allow a desktop version of the flag to return. Place a flag at the cemetery to respect these dead AMERICANS. Show the compassion that even Lincoln was willing to give these people. Lincoln was no saint, but even he realize that the War between the States was a war between one giant family.

So yes, forgive me if I saw that lack of a flag as a sign of disrespect and I got pissed.  I’m from the south.  We don’t have to agree with our ancestors down here, and Lord knows we don’t, but we try to respect them.  We know they weren’t saints, but they’re family and family is a big deal here.

Every day, it seems, I lose a little of my love for my nation and its people because we’re just allowing ourselves to destroy what made us great.

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Let Trump Speak
Posted on August 8th, 2015 @ 1:44 pm

And now for a political post.

I watched the Republican debate the other night.  I wanted to get to know the candidates better.  I am undecided as to where my support will be thrown.  I only heard the first parts of the debate on my radio on the way home to watch the rest.

Yes, I believe the third-party question was aimed at Trump and not the others.

The question about misogynistic quotes from Trump was something that was I did not like.  The problem with the question is that it lacked supporting context.  Again, for me, context is EVERYTHING.  It’s the problem I have with the media and bloggers today.  People take quotes out of context to sensationalize everything.  Leaving out one word can and does change the meaning of a sentence.

Now, don’t think I’m for Trump.  The only thing I want Trump to do for now is speak.  What he says isn’t politically correct.  He admitted that in the debate.  Sometimes, we need the politically incorrect said to see the big picture.  If none of the others running are going to call something for what it truly is, then let Trump say it.  Trump is saying what many of the “little folks” are thinking but too afraid to say.

Trump’s comments, I believe, will be good for this Republican primary.  It will make the other candidates to further refine the positions.

Over all, I think politicians on both sides of the aisle forget that We the People, have the vote.  They flood the government with corporate donations and a select group of few decided who our leaders will be.  So, the other night when Trump said  our leaders were stupid, I couldn’t help but laugh. He said something every and anyone has ever said when they see a bill or a treaty that makes no sense.

And here’s another thing about letting Trump speak.  It allows We the People to decide if we want him or not.  It will allow him and him alone to determine if he will fizzle or sizzle. We Americans are creatures that crave that which we are told we can’t have.  Hasn’t the media realized this with all the current CSA Battle Flag rallies that have occurred since that horrible Charleston shooting and Wal-Mart and Amazon chose to remove the flags from sale? (Side note, I have still yet shopped from Wal-Mart and Amazon since they did that.)

All you need to know about my political believes at the moment is this: when it comes down to Primary Day 2016 in the state of Georgia, then, and only then, will have have a candidate to thrown my support behind.  If you know my history, you know have open minded I grew up to be.

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Sometimes, I wish I had the job of a travel blogger.
Posted on August 8th, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

Scenic Lookout

Such a job sounds nice at times. Getting paid to travel and take photos. Sadly, I don’t have such a job, so I do it in my spare time.  One day, I would love to go see Europe and Australia. I’d love to take a cruise to Alaska or Mexico.  I’m going to try to aim for the Mexico one, soon.

Until I can afford such luxuries, I will travel in my car around the region or take a cheap flight to somewhere else.

For the month of July, I went to Virginia for a few days.  I met up with an online friend I had never met and met up with some other friends I haven’t seen since the 1980s.  It’s always great to catch up and just talk with friends. Coming back from Staunton to Eastern VA, I stopped a some scenic lookouts, and got some nice photos, including the one in this post.

And yes, I spent time with my dad, who is working in VA at the moment.  Together, we went to see the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center and Arlington Cemetery.  I brought up Arlington, but he really wanted to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.  Since it occurs every hour at the top of the hour, we were able to catch one.  It’s a depressing one, but an important one.  That unknown represents all the unknowns we have out there.  Arlington has so many alone.  That’s why when I see an unknown, no matter if he’s USA or CSA, I stop and respect them.

I did head into D.C. alone on the Metro.  I got myself to the National Museum of American History without getting lost too much.  The only time I got lost was trying to get back to the Federal Triangle station and took the long way.  I was so hot, I just cut through a building after going through security.

If that wasn’t enough travel, the next weekend, I went to Atlanta for the trivia finals.  My friend, Melinda, got us a hotel room for next to nothing, and we drove up.  We had 2 other team members from one rivals and best trivia buddies join us for the game.  We didn’t win, but we weren’t chumps, either.  However, Pizza Hut and Mexico are going to be on my mind for a long time.  And had we been part of the tie breaker, we would have won it for my answer was right on the dot.  Don’t ask me how I remembered David Justice hit 305 home runs in his career, since I don’t like stats like that, but I did.

On the way home the next day, we stopped in Juliette, GA to eat some fried green tomatoes.  Juliette is home to the Whistle Stop Cafe, a restaurant in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  A bulk of the film was filmed in that town.  The city and the restaurant thrives on tourist based around that movie.

I’m broke for now, but it will be interesting where my next trip will be.

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Be careful who you insult.
Posted on August 7th, 2015 @ 8:53 pm

A dear friend of mine shared this with me today. She was shocked to know she recognized these people. It was posted in a group called Opryland USA Memories. And after all, I recognize it as a meme that is fondly reflecting on Opryland.

However, what ANGERS me is one comment from a chick that had a nerve to call my mother Mama June. Well, I can’t really say nerve. I would say she’s more of a gutless coward that thinks calling a woman like my mother Mama June because she’s just an overweight woman.

My mother may be dead, but all my life, hearing people call my mother and my friend insults like Mama June in our lexicon anger me. You don’t think these people know they are heavy? You don’t think they like it? You don’t think they have feelings?

They have feelings. And they are the sweetest, nicest people I know. The impact they have made on my life is more powerful than you lowlifes could ever image having in your life.

So next time you insult a heavy set person, just remember all you’re are doing is proving to the world have a loser you are.

As for those people on that thread that insulted my mother, bless your hearts. You really are small.

10:35 pm The offending post has been removed. I don’t know who removed it. Maybe the original poster removed it after my sister ripped into her on the thread. I did message the Facebook group and complained as well.

However, my message is still the same. Don’t make fun of people. Making fun of people may make you seem big, but is it really worth feeling big at the expense of someone else’s feeling? No, it’s not.

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