“I’ll be someone standing by your side / Every day of your life.”
Posted on October 27th, 2014 @ 11:24 pm

I promise you, Richard Marx month is almost over for me. I have been fortunate to see him twice this month. I saw him over the weekend in Nashville, TN.  This show was a solo show.  It was just him, a guitar, and a piano.  I heard a few songs I didn’t get to hear in Florida.  I also didn’t hear a few songs I got to hear in Florida.  Florida was a band show.  Overall, I am glad I did both shows.

Ok, Florida made sense for me to do, but why Nashville?  Why not?  It’s my hometown.  I had a place to stay for free.  It also gave me an excuse to do something with my dad that he has been wanting to do for years.

He wanted to inspect some property in Bumpus Mills, TN, only a few miles from Kentucky.  My grandmother owned it.  We need to take care of it, but first, he wanted to see what it looked like.  Each lot of the property is larger than my own lot in its own right.   So now, we had a clue as to what we need to do.

Since I work remotely, it was easier for me to drive up there and fly my father into Nashville.  From there, we could drive to the property and drive home after the concert.

Prior to concert night, I spent time with family and dearest family friends.  My cousin Melissa and I went to dinner and movie.  We saw “The Judge.” I had lunch and dinner with Alice’s family.

But Saturday, it was time spent with the Repeat Offenders.  It had been a while since I had seen the ones I hung out.  We’re spanning a time from 3 weeks to 17 years.  We went to Margaritaville before the show and Rock Bottom after the show.  We hung at the  The Mall at Green Hills, which we lucked out for having an Apple store and were able to have a dead iPhone fixed.   We saw a great concert.

The trip home was long, but at least I got to dine at a Culver’s again.  I brought home some hours old cheese curds, but Nicki loved them. I really wished we had one near us.

The sad thing about being in Nashville is that I miss it when I leave.  It is my second home.

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The Status Quo
Posted on October 27th, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

Do we stay put with the status quo because we don’t want to get hurt? Do we stay put with the status quo because we don’t want to hurt others? Do we stay with the status quo because we feel comfortable in our ways? Do we risk losing happiness because we don’t want to risk the relationships we have now?

Just random thoughts that prompted me to write this. Now to do a post more related to my past week.

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Feels Like Old Times
Posted on October 24th, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

My dad is in Nashville at the moment.  He flew up last night; we went to Stewart County, TN to look into some property owned by my grandmother.  The property is in limbo as to who owns the property.  Tonight, when we made it back to Nashville, we went out and had dinner with my cousin and uncle.  We also had an enjoyable night last night, once my father was in, talking about family issues.  The majority of this trips has been mainly bee about family time.

That’s not to say I haven’t gotten some time with friends, too.  I will spend time with some friends tomorrow before a concert.  I also spent time with my oldest family friends yesterday, too.  I spent some time walking around downtown and had lunch my oldest friend, ever.  Oldest as in I have known him since he was born.  I figured since he works downtown and I’d be there, to have lunch with him.  He took me to a local favorite.

While the food was good, it took forever to get our lunch.  They wanted to serve him my meal and vice versa.   I almost had the grease from his hamburger steak splashed all over me.  When it was time to leave, because my friend only had an hour for lunch and had to walk back to work, I went ahead and got the rest of the meal to go.  Our waiter dumped my entire plate into the to-go box.  That includes the table spoon of rice I have left.  It wasn’t even worth placing in my box.  My friend said services wasn’t like that and was afraid I wouldn’t give it another chance.  I probably will, but this encounter will be in my mind for a while.

I was invited to have dinner with the family that night.  I had spent some of my time with his mother when I came in August.  I did want to see her while I was here, but I wasn’t sure.  I did end up having dinner with the entire family before I had to get my father.  I glad I did.  We talked a bit my mother and the past.  I impressed them with the truck I drove up here.  Not with the truck itself, but the fact I drove it up here.   And while I would have loved to stay longer, I had to go get my dad.

I may live in Savannah and love it there, since my dad and siblings are there, along with my friends, Nashville is the only other city I feel at home in.

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“The Judge”
Posted on October 22nd, 2014 @ 6:58 pm

Last night, my cousin and I went to see “The Judge.” It’s been iffy on reviews, but I guess you’ve been exposed to a life depicted in it, then it can be a bore.

First off, it has Robert Downey, Jr. in it. He can capture my attention most of the time. I remember going to see Only You at the theater in high school.  I can watch Chances Are over and over again.  And don’t forget the Marvel movies with Iron Man.  I guess if you said I have a favorite actor, it would be him.

So yeah, I was interested in the movie because it’s my kind of fare and RDJ.  It was a really sad, but encouraging movie to me.

I felt sad for the brothers in the film.  I kept wonder what would happen with Dale during the movie.  Dale was the mentally challenged, but not defeated brother.  I felt for Glenn, but at the same time, realized he could have been just as successful as Hank if he wanted to.  Felt bad for Carla that she didn’t get to know her family, except for maybe her grandmother. I just wanted to give Hank a hug.

At the part where Hank and the Judge are in the bathroom, I could not look.  It hit too close to home, knowing my invalid grandmother living with us and we having to take care of he as Hank took care of his father.

But, it’s been nice spending the past few days with my cousin and uncle.  Tomorrow, I am planning on having launch with an old friend.  Like my first friend ever whom I have known longer than my oldest sister.  Yeah, that old.  However, before I do that, I have a phone to fix or get a new one for.

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I Haven’t Posted In A Month?
Posted on October 10th, 2014 @ 9:33 pm

Where does the time fly?

Well, my cat has been sick. Scooter drank something he shouldn’t have it has caused him to be dehydrated and backed up. I have taken him to the vet and he is recovering. He is in my arms as I write this.

I’ve been busy with family and work.

I’ll post more later. I just want to say I NEVER want to do another 24+ hour day. I did one yesterday between work, getting a rental car, traveling to a concert and hanging out with friends, to a sick sister in Kingsland, GA having to stop at an emergency room on her way back from the same concert because her chest muscles decided to lock up at midnight, and then staying up to make sure they got home safely, as well as a friend. Let’s just say AFTER I got home from the vet visit this morning, I came home and crashed.

I tell you, my life at times is a comedy of errors.

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