Pizza Hut BBQ Pizza
Posted on January 14th, 2014 @ 7:13 pm

When my mother died, one of the things I did was order a BBQ pizza from Pizza Hut.  I had never eaten it before, but I knew it was her favorite.  Eating a slice of that pizza was a form of grief expression and a way to keep her near.  I quite enjoyed it.

Not only did I quite enjoy it, so did our cat, Gizmo.  I gave him a tiny piece of meat to try.  Next thing I know, he was sitting next to me, looking for more.  He quickly learned what a Pizza Hut pizza smelled like.  If he smelled Pizza Hut, he hoped BBQ was the pizza.

So, two of us in the family enjoyed it.

When I moved to Atlanta, I ate a few times at the Fayetteville Pizza Hut location.  My older friends, H and ME, enjoyed eating there.  ME loved the BBQ pizza, too, but no one else in the family, save her grandson, enjoyed the pizza.  She was happy to find someone else to share a BBQ with her.  So, when I would be in Fayetteville and wanted a pizza, I would stop there and get one.

Sadly, the Pizza Hut by my apartment and the ones in Savannah don’t have BBQ pizza anymore.

And you know what?  It’s a bummer when you have a craving for such a pizza.

Even a bigger bummer is that Gizmo is quite sad to find no BBQ on the pizza when we order PIzza Hut.

I just want tom Pizza Hut BBQ Pizza!

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The Hopeless Cub
Posted on January 8th, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

If you haven’t figured out by now, I was obsessed with Richard Marx’s music when I was younger and still enjoy him to this day. While I have posted “Take This Heart,” this post is more about some of the players in this video.

Do you know how many Hall of Famers are in this video? Watch it and take a guess.

At 2:59, there is a guy that has just about given up on winning the game.  Today, that man, Greg Maddux, was just elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I saw him a few times with his second team, the Atlanta Braves.

Before I really got into baseball, I recognize him from a cup we got at a gas station.  It was starting he was a Cub and won the 1992 Cy Young award.  I didn’t recognize him from the video.  But, I remembered he was a Cub.

The next time I had a Maddux reference in my life, I caught part of a Braves game.  I want to say it was the start of the season, but I am not going to look at the Baseball Almanac to pinpoint the exact day of the game. I believe it was during spring break.  I just know it was 1993 and it was odd to see him in a Braves uniform.

But the first time I saw him was in person was in 2001.  Nicki and I went to our first Braves game.  During the Braves’ batting practice, we were standing right next to the Braves dugout.  Maddux was out there.  I remember a kid threw him a ball for an autograph and we just watched.  After Maddux batted the ball back to the kid, he looks over at us and just stares at us.  It wasn’t a mean stare. It was more of like “Well, are you going to send over your stuff?” kind of stare as if he was expecting something from us.  My sister and I just shrugged.  We weren’t expecting anything from him.  We knew he had a job to do on the field.  After he left to go back into the dugout, Nicki and I looked at each other to confirmed that Greg Maddux just stared at us.

I never got to see him to pitch a game with an official standing.  The only time I saw him pitch was in 2002 at a Braves spring training game in Kissimmee, FL.  It was a game at the Astros’ home field. I can’t remember if he was the starter or had to come in for extra innings in this game.  But, I remember he did pitch.  My sister, her friend, and I had more fun that day looking at Mark DeRosa.

Now, Greg Maddux, along with Tom Glavine, both were elected to the Hall of Fame today. I’m not in the mood to look up if I saw Glavine pitch for the one Braves game I saw in 2008 or the spring training games.  Normally when I went to Braves game, it was usually a back-of-the rotation guy pitching. I know that they both were great pitchers and glad to see they got in.  I’m pretty certain both will wear a Brave hat.  They will be going in with their fellow manager, Bobby Cox.  In a way, I feel sad because it feel like a close of a great chapter in Braves history.

I know, again, looking at Baseball Almanac or another sports website could give me the name of all the pitchers I’ve seen pitch.

And to bring this back around to the video posted.  I always remembered the hopeless Cub when Strike 2 occurs and then was shocked when Marx wins the game.  Funny, I could name a few of the A’s in the video but none of the Cubs.  A several years ago, after I really got into baseball, I decided to watch the video to see if there was anyone else I could recognize.  I finally recognized Maddux as that hopeless Cub.  So he will always be the hopeless Cub to me.

Back to the question above. Hall of Famers, soon to be Haller Famers, and Ford C. Frick Award winners I recognized in this video:

  1. Bob Uecker
  2. Rickey Henderson
  3. Tony LaRussa
  4. Dennis Eckersley
  5. Greg Maddux

Also, the video was filmed at Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, now known as Coliseum. The A’s should be the home team. Both teams are wearing their home whites. But for the dream to work, the Cubs are the home team.

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Unconscious Mutterings: Week 571
Posted on January 5th, 2014 @ 7:20 pm

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Gravity :: Sandra Bullock
  2. Universe :: Miss
  3. Jewels :: of the Nile
  4. Velour :: Carpet
  5. Bribes :: and Misdemeanors
  6. Pen :: Bull
  7. Presents :: Gifts
  8. Impressions :: Rich Little
  9. Heat :: of the Moment
  10. Pining :: for the fjords

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Happy New Year!
Posted on January 3rd, 2014 @ 9:16 pm

Happy New Year!Grabbing lunchPupPupRoses for saleCockspur Island & LighthouseTime for Mass
C.C. looking out the back door.GizmoHappy Anniversary!The Shed ProjectWorking on the shedTybee Island Lighthouse
A thought for the dayWelcome to Florida!Coming home from Jacksonville.What season is it?My mother's glass piano."The joker ain't the only fool...
Oh how I missed you!Moving DayMundane task of buying toilet paper.Aurora playingLunch Time WalkDinner at the Smokin' Pig.

365 Days – 2013, a set on Flickr.

I hope 2014 is good for you!

First, I completed my Project 365 for 2013. I am happy to have completed my third attempt with this project. However, I am burned out on it.  I will not be doing one for 2014.  The creativity in me is just not there.

My New Year’s Day was great.  I spent it out on Tybee with a mother and daughter I’ve know forever.  Ok, closer to only 30 years.  Jessica, the daughter, was in Kindergarten with me.  Her mother, Alice, became friends with my mother. There were my second family as a child. We’ve drifted over years, but we’ve connected on Facebook and still keep in touch that way.

They did the Tybee Polar Plunge. And had I not been recovering from the flu,  I would have done it, too. It was wet and raining.  I took a few photos out there and bought one of the extra t-shirts.

I need to start preparing for grad school. I’m going to have to my start by 2 months, but that’s only because financial issues from 2013 have flipped over to 2014 for me.  I am not in financial distress, nor was I in 2013.  I’m not going to say more on this subject.

Another reason I’m delaying it is I have a big project at work that is going to take some time. It’s a streamlining project, but the thing about streamlining is that sometimes, you have to destroy the set process to rebuild it.  Since my job provided me everything in my life at the moment, best to make sure it’s my top priority.

I will be going back.  My boss already told me the 2 month delay is all I can take before I must start the program. It’s great to have an encouraging boss.

Until next time…

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