Debating on getting my Master’s.
Posted on August 31st, 2013 @ 7:47 pm

I am thinking of going to get a Master’s degree.  I’ve been debating it for the past 6 years, but I think I am finally in a place where I can get afford to get one.

Now, I have to decide should I get one in IT, health care, or one that is a blend of both.  What school should I attend?  Should it be online or a classroom setting?

So many questions and I feel so lost.

I do see one degree that looks reasonable, except for the internship class.  I don’t want to have to take an internship and take a break from my job.  On that, I can’t afford. I guess on this one, I will ask for further information on the program.  If I can avoid the internship and use my job experiences, I could go for the rest of it.

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“I’d like to see the Riviera and slowdance underneath the stars”
Posted on August 30th, 2013 @ 7:32 pm

This month has been a busy month for me.  It started when my work computer had its Ethernet card killed in a storm as I was working on the last day of July.  It sneaked up on me.  Fried out my modem as well.  The router, which was connected between the two, came out fine. Had to wait nearly a week for my Internet provider to replace the modem.  While I had no Internet, I worked at my dad’s house and used his WiFi.  It wasn’t until I had Internet back at home did I realize the Ethernet card was dead.

I had to drive up to Atlanta to drop off the computer for repair.  Since I was heading to Atlanta for work, I decided to get in a Braves game against the Marlins. The computer had to stay behind, so I had to use a loaner for the rest of the week back home in Savannah.

Then this past week, one of the head honchos on our team wanted me in the office for a day. I sent 2 days up there.  I had a short week this week due to taking a few days off for a vacation I had to since abandoned.  So again, I took in a Braves game.  I had a great time in Atlanta for those 2 days. It was nice seeing all my co-workers again and hanging out with them again.

I did the right thing for me in coming home, but I did love certain parts of my life in Atlanta. After work get togethers, impromptu IKEA shopping and last minute Braves games.

If I win the lottery, I’ll have to get a condo in Atlanta so I can have the best of both worlds.

On the way to the Braves game this week, I had a look into the past.  A doppelgänger for my high school crush was on the train.  It probably wasn’t him. This guy got on at the Buckhead station.  He looked as if he was headed to the airport.  He looked weary and had some thinning hair, but wasn’t bald.  He was dressed in business causal attire. The reason I say he was a ringer for my high school crush is this guy had the same type of nose and reminded me of the kid’s father the one time I saw his dad telling him it was time to leave an awards ceremony we had attended in 10th grade.

No, we didn’t talk. We were in the same car, but he was was in the front while I was in the middle.

I really haven’t thought of the crush in years since this encounter on the train.  I am so different than that girl from high school.  And it wouldn’t have worked.  But, that crush did pay off in my life.  It helped shaped me into who I am.  I don’t think I would have gotten into my line of work if I had been interested in a jock than a computer nerd.  “Home” by Sheryl Crow, when I hear it, makes me thing of how I have changed in all that time.

When I wasn’t in Atlanta, I did drive to Beaufort to find a grave.  My great-great-great grandfather was a Union soldier in Civil War.  He died in Georgia as a POW.  Based on my research on this fact, I believe he died at Camp Lawton up in the Millen area. The soldiers that died at Camp Lawton ended up being moved to Beaufort. Georgia Southern is currently having an archeology dig at Camp Lawton and have a few days open to the public.  I am thinking of going to one of them this fall to see the dig.

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Unconscious Mutterings: Week 552
Posted on August 25th, 2013 @ 5:23 pm

Time for another Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. 64 :: Ounces
  2. Dark :: Shadows
  3. Honor :: Rolls
  4. Crystal :: Palace
  5. Postscript :: Subscript
  6. Things :: “Do Your Thing”
  7. Fever :: Blister
  8. Bare :: Naked
  9. Thump :: Thunk
  10. Point of view :: Topical

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Ashley Wilkes is a Douchebag
Posted on August 14th, 2013 @ 9:58 pm

I’ll take my chances and start again
And when I look behind
On all my younger times
I have to thank the wrongs that led me to a love so strong
-John Mayer, “Perfectly Lonely”

Funny listening to this song, by someone famously referred to as the dictionary picture of a douchebag, that I’ve decide to write about another douchebag.

Actually, the reason I write this post is something on Facebook inspired me to write something I was thinking about as I watched Gone With the Wind the weekend before last.

Ashley Wilkes is a Douchebag.

There, I said it.

He really was. He didn’t love Scarlett.  He didn’t have to.  He’s not a douchebag for that.  The douchebag factor comes from the fact that he led her along.  He wasn’t man enough to take a stand and keep his distance.  He played Scarlett’s believed loved like a yo-yo.  He took advantage of that affection.

Sure, it was hard to avoid Scarlett with her manipulative ways and the fact she was his sister-in-law.   But the thing that got me was that he knew she loved him, and he encouraged her by using her as his emotional crutch.  When he didn’t entrust or wanted to avoid hurting his wife, Melanie, Scarlett was his confidante.  He basically abused Scarlett.

I am saying that because I can identify with Scarlett in the fact she would do anything for Ashley because she thought she loved him.  Sadly, I’ve been there. There were guys I would have done anything for, even after they told me they weren’t interested in me.  And yet, when they needed something, I was the one they called on.

When you’re dreaming with a broken heart
The waking up is the hardest part
-John Mayer, “Dreaming With A Broken Heart”

And for me, it hurt. I kept wondering why was I good enough for listen to their dreams and their fears. I never felt good enough any other way. It made me depressed.  My parents would try to console me and tell me things would get better. My father would call me his Echo. As I write this, I am crying some cathartic tears, because this is something I do need to get off my chest. To this day, it hurts to think of how I was used.  Cowardliness or compassion, either excuse for as to why they let me linger, doesn’t matter.  In the end, it wasn’t kind.

I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there
-John Mayer, “In Repair”

In some ways, I am still in repair from those relationships. People ask me why I don’t date or have a boyfriend. The truth is I’m scared. I don’t want another Ashley Wilkes. I’ve had enough of them. I want a Rhett Butler – someone that loves me and is NOT afraid of me. He doesn’t need to shower me in gifts.

Sadly, I can be like Scarlett –  self-centered, somewhat spoiled, insecure, but intelligent.  Ashley was somewhat longing to have some of Scarlett’s spirit. I just felt like my Ashleys wish they could have been as smart as me or they were scared by my intelligence.

The thing was, I didn’t care about their intelligence.  I cared for the overall package. They seems like they were could have been decent guys.

If any of those Ashley, yes, I do think some the ways you treated me were douchebag in nature.  But, what’s done is done.  You will always be a part of my life.  I will remember your kindness.  Those little kindnesses do pop-up from time to time in memories and conversations and make me smile.  I wish you the best.

And while I am admonishing those guys, I know I am not a saint.  Like I said above, I am like Scarlett.  I do have my moments of self-centeredness.  I am spoiled.  Lord knows I have always been insecure.  Insecurity is probably a reason I latched onto these guys.  And I do fight passionately for my family.  I do everything I can to make sure myself and my family are secure in many ways.  Thankfully, I have never stolen my sister’s boyfriend.  That was a crappy move on Scarlett’s part.  Scarlett never was a saint.

After all tomorrow is another day
Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind

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Spammers are evil
Posted on August 13th, 2013 @ 6:09 pm

I have been hounded lately by spammer bots registering for a user account on this site.  I installed a CAPTCHA on the registration form that I had no longer linked.  Hopefully that will stop the bots.

I also deleted the majority of the user accounts on the SQL tables.

I did not install it on the comments section, yet, but if the spam bots get worse, I will.

Not that anyone reads this.

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Posted on August 9th, 2013 @ 9:34 pm

Randomness #1:

I was off the other day with my friend, Melinda.  She was asking me how I was doing.  I explained a lot of crap has been hitting me, lately.  I was talking figuratively.  Just as I finished saying this, a huge wad of bird poop hit my car windshield. At first, I was stunned, but Melinda and I started laughing about the time of the bird’s need to expel its excrement.

Randomness  #2:

I was trying to find a sock in the dryer today.  It was caught up in my bra.  I didn’t see it in my bra, so I was wondering where it went.  As I was looking for it in the dryer, all I could think was Two socks enter, one sock leaves! Welcome to the Thunderdryer!

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Unconcious Mutterings Week 549
Posted on August 4th, 2013 @ 8:22 pm

Another Sunday night with Atlanta Braves playing.

Time for another Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Weird :: Science
  2. Balance :: Beam
  3. Personal :: Ad
  4. Reproduction :: Assistance
  5. Distraction :: The Internet
  6. Articulate :: Speech
  7. Shovel :: Ready
  8. Column :: Row
  9. Drastic :: Measures
  10. Bombastic :: Britney Spears

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