I Forgot the Sunscreen
Posted on March 18th, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

My first look at the fountain this year.

In case you didn’t know, it was St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend. I had the big parade day off.  So, I called upon Gennie, also known as Dizzy Girl, and asked did she want to go to the parade.  She agreed, so we went.

We ended up getting on a shuttle that was going to charge $20. It was a private shuttle we mistook for the CAT shuttle. We did NOT take it. It was going to charge $15 for one way.  Oh yeah, there were plenty of organizations out there trying to make a killing off the day.  If you can charge for it, they will! We ended up finding the $5.00 CAT shuttle and took that.  Thankfully, it wasn’t much different than taking a MARTA shuttle to a Braves game.

We got downtown about half an hour before the parade begin.  We went looking for a place, but the streets were crowded.  Fate was on our side. I looked down the street we were on and saw my brother-in-law. My sister, his wife, had to work.  He had the day off, so he went to the parade with his family as is there tradition.  My family’s tradition was to watch the parade at home. Gennie and I ended up hanging out at their cornered off spot.  It was the tail end of the parade route, but we got some good shots.  The only bad part was that I forgot sunscreen and my right upper arm burned. I got a little burn on the right side of my face, but my hat minimized that.

After the parade, we went to the Savannah History Museum in hope that the CAT shuttle return line died down.  It did not. Took us an hour to get on a bus.

On the ride home, she and I were talking about how long we’ve known each other.  We found each other through our blogs.  We both happened to be in the Savannah area and be about the same age. One of the first times I went to meet her was at our college.  It was funny.  She was volunteering at for the College Republicans club event. (Newsflash – being aligned to the Republican party does not mean we’re hateful people. We’re both moderate persons that are center-right minded.) I came out to visit her. A state senator came out to the event.  So did WTOC, the local CBS affiliate. As I was talking to her, the state senator came up to me, started talking to me, all right in front of the news crew.  Later that night, my face was plastered across local TV as being a College Republican.

She and I like to think in terms of Savannah social media, we’re old hat.  We were doing it all before doing it all was cool.  We tried to set up some social media get togethers, but the big attempt we made was a bust. In this day and age, we’re just one of many fish in the pond.  I wish our attempts had worked. One of the things I wish I could find is just a social photography club in Savannah. Nothing competitive.  Just a learning experience.  There’s lots I want to learn.

But back to the holiday at hand: The entire set for my photos from St. Patrick’s Day 2013 is on Flickr. At least we have Flickr!  And I’m blogging this and will follow with a Tweet.

Just a note about the photo.  This is my photo.  I have seen it circulate in a few places without my credit. While I am honored and really don’t mind it being used in social media, I just wish credit had been given. If you like it, I have more on my Flickr account we might like to look at.

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Little Tweaks Here and There
Posted on March 4th, 2013 @ 9:29 pm

Last week, I was in Orlando for some training.  Part of that training dealt with Internet coding.  It made me miss the days when I tweaked and configured this site.

Today, I logged into MySpace.  And I found my Imood indicator.  I forgot all about it! When you are depressed all the time, it makes no sense to update it.

So, today, I have tweaked the sidebar.  I added me Imood indicator and added a Twitter panel. I wish the old Twitter php code I had still worked.

And speaking of Twitter, looks like it’s going to kill Tweet Deck. 🙁 I really like Tweet Deck. I don’t like to use everything in a browser.

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Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Posted on March 3rd, 2013 @ 1:18 pm

Stained Glass Window

The other day, I mentioned the need to runaway that I had.  For one of those runaway moments, I got in my car and drove and drove until I found a place I had never been before.  The place was called The Smallest Church in America.  I had my camera on with me and spent about an hour at the church.  That hour was one of the most most peaceful ones ever.

It’s a road side attraction everyone should visit. Christians can feel closer to God.  Non-Christians can take a break and feel one with a peaceful feeling. Or if you want to observe how people express their faith, this place is a good place to make those observation.  People leave all sorts of reminders and trinkets at the church. In the back of the church is a stained glass window of Jesus. And I chose to make that my day 58 photo of my 2013 Project 365.

When I am on I-95 and I have a chance and energy, I always make a stop here. If I have cash on hand, I leave it to help pay for the cost of running the place. Some days, I think I want to marry in this church.

As for nearly 5 years after that first moment I stepped into that church, I can see I am really a different person.  Just this past week, I made a business trip on my own.  I had to do some training for work and went to the Orlando office.  I never thought I could do something like that 5 years ago, even after I had already made two solo trips to Atlanta for job interviews.  The different between then and now is that thankfully, back them, I had a loving couple in Atlanta helping me, allowing me to stay with them, and cheering me on.  I didn’t have any one in Orlando other than a hotel room.  Doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, it is.

I guess I should get off this thing now and go live life a bit more.

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Unconscious Mutterings Week 527
Posted on March 3rd, 2013 @ 12:42 pm

Unconscious Mutterings time:

  1. Schedule :: Classes
  2. Guest :: Pass – which I needed for work this week.
  3. Stall :: Bathroom – saw plenty of rest ares this week.
  4. Cold :: Bundles in blanket all morning. I did this.
  5. Editorial :: Page
  6. Striped :: Zebra
  7. Curtains :: Pull
  8. Cramping :: Bloating
  9. March :: April
  10. Folder :: Trapper Keeper

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