Dear Boys,
Posted on February 28th, 2013 @ 8:17 pm

If you are trying to grab my attention, if you send me a message with every word misspelled and can’t bother to capitalize any word in message, I am bound to ignore you.  Same for the lack of punctuation.

And at this point in my life, I want someone with some education.  I have a college degree.  Nearly everyone I work with has a degree.  My father has a degree, my mother had a degree, and most of my friends have degrees.  The loved and dear ones to me that don’t have degrees, act as if they have one.  They do – the degree of life.  My point is my family, friends, and colleagues do not leave me lacking for knowledge. I ask the same from you.

And what has caused this rant?  The online messages I get from guys.  So far, no one them have really shown me anything to offer that I need.

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Say remember when we were driving, driving in my car
Posted on February 26th, 2013 @ 9:06 pm

I love “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. It was on tonight as I was on an errand run.  I opened my windows and turned it up.  I don’t totally relate to the whoa song as I do not have a mother that abandoned the family, nor have a drunk father.  When my mother died, I have helped care for my father, but I haven’t sacrificed my life to do it. I continued with college and moved to Atlanta for 4 years.

But, I understand the need to run away.  Moving away to Atlanta from Savannah was not so much an escape from my family, but an escape from me.  I was running away before I even left Savannah.

And those nights I ran away, I ran away in my car.  I never felt drunk from the speed, but from the air coming into the window.

But, that’s all in the past.  And if things go right in the next few weeks, new exciting things will happen to me next.

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“You, you’re beautiful / On your pedestal / I see you, you don’t see me…”
Posted on February 8th, 2013 @ 9:47 pm

I went to the drug store this morning before logging on for work.  On the way there, traffic was stopped for the police vehicles to make it into Jenkins High School to probably do a drug search today.  I smiled and laughed thinking about how I thought it was the best day ever getting stuck in a drug search during 2nd period.  My crush was in the same class.  And since the teacher was laid back and allowed us to converse as we did classwork, the class just sat around and talked.  I only ever really talked to him in the 2 classes we had that year.

After work, “Head Over Feet” came on my mp3 player and I smiled again.  I just loved that song when it was out and I always thought of him as it played.

But truth be told, it best it never happened.  I don’t think I would have my current job and I don’t think I would have discovered “99” by Toto if he was still a part of my life.

The other night on How I Met Your Mother, we got to see Robin’s dark side in this perfect parody of the mid-nineties:

I love the show because in a way, “Ted” is my peer. I was just hoping to be married before him. 😆  But, the jokes on the show I get because I lived in the same time line. I look back at my time in high school and I laugh. My high school period is defined by guys in flannel shirts, Alanis’s debut, Hootie and the Blow fish, the OJ trial, and the 1996 Olympics to name a few!

In other news, I am another step closer to a dream of mine.  Once it’s finalized, I will share.

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Unconscious Mutterings Week 523
Posted on February 4th, 2013 @ 7:49 am

Unconscious Mutterings time:

  1. Baked :: Beans
  2. Excited :: Jessie Spano hopped up on pills.
  3. Print :: Button
  4. Obstruct :: Justice
  5. Bladder :: I’ve gotta go pee!
  6. Matrimony :: Marriage
  7. Car :: Payment
  8. Reconstruct :: Civil War
  9. Lenses :: Contacts
  10. Best for last :: Chocolate Pie

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