I Must Confess
Posted on January 27th, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

Noting this for nearly 8 years now, whenever I’m at religious functions and try to sing, I yawn instead.  I hate and I wish I knew what cause it.

So, in case anyone is still reading, 😆 does anyone else yawn consistently when doing something they know they shouldn’t yawn through.  Or am I just weird?

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Unconscious Mutterings Week 522
Posted on January 27th, 2013 @ 6:42 pm

Unconscious Mutterings time:

  1. Sophisticated :: Lady
  2. Pelicans :: Myrtle Beach – Used to be a Braves farm team.
  3. Flat :: Land
  4. Cheekbones :: High
  5. Possible :: Dreams
  6. England :: Scotland
  7. Jacket :: Required
  8. Sunflower :: Oil
  9. Hungry :: Kitten
  10. Accent :: Mark

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Unconscious Mutterings: Week 521
Posted on January 22nd, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

Unconscious Mutterings time:

  1. Offered :: Accepted
  2. Center :: Field
  3. Benefit :: Center – Benefits administration is my way of life.
  4. Yay! :: Boo
  5. Wonderful :: Time of the year!
  6. Currently :: The time is 11:24 PM
  7. Resignation :: Quit
  8. Testing :: Plan – Another code phrase from work.
  9. Strangely :: Addicted
  10. Clinic :: Dental

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Unconscious Mutterings: Week 520
Posted on January 18th, 2013 @ 7:40 pm

Don’t ask me how this meme I did YEARS ago popped into my mind, but it did. I was surprised to see it was still happening. So I have decided to play it today.

Basically, Unconscious Mutterings is word association with the first thing you can think of, at least for me.  Sometimes, I would have the craziest stuff some to mind.

And away we go:

  1. Lizard :: Thicket. Lizard’s Thicket is a chain in Columbia, SC. The last time I had a meal alone with my mother was here to celebrate my birthday a bit early. We were there while Beth was at a concert.
  2. Swimming pool :: I don’t want one at my place! i have turned down a few homes because they have a pool or a lagoon next door.
  3. Tank :: Rainbow Dash’s pet tortoise.
  4. Horrible :: acne, which I had a teen.
  5. Cabbage :: Patch Kid.
  6. Pet :: Rock
  7. Photography :: Project 365 – My current photography project
  8. 1970 :: “1983”. It’s a song by John Mayer and I don’t know why it’s the first thing I thought of.
  9. Ornate :: Object.
  10. Turkey :: TV. An old TV show I saw on Nickelodeon as a kid. It where I first saw “Fish Heads.”

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Removing Notes From Facebook
Posted on January 18th, 2013 @ 7:21 pm

Have some old notes on Facebook you want removed?  Of course, Facebook makes it hard to delete those old notes.  You have to delete them one at a time?

Thankfully, there’s a way you can automate that process.  Or at least I did.

I used Firefox and downloaded the iMacros Add-On.  You can create scripts with this add-on to automate common clicks.  I’m sure there is more, but for now, I just wanted to delete notes.  I then followed the directions at Softpedia.

But I know not everyone can use simple text directions.  So, I have laid them out and will provide the script I wrote.  The script I recorded:

URL GOTO=https://www.facebook.com/YOUR USERNAME HERE?sk=notes

And yes, it looks like a bunch of gibberish, but it’s not. Here are the important parts you need to know:

URL GOTO=https://www.facebook.com/YOUR USERNAME HERE?sk=notes

This part will require customization by you. Where I have YOUR USERNAME HERE, you need to replace that with the username your developed for your Facebook account.

Now for the most important part of the script!  The code and a breakdown of what it does:


This will open the note.  As I may, a screenshot:

Delete Notes 1


This will open the edit screen for your note:

Delete Notes 2


This will delete the note:

Delete Notes 3


This confirms the delete.

Delete Notes 5

So where is this functionality stored in iMacro:

Delete Notes 6

iMacro is an add on. When activated, it was on the left side of my browser.  I gave the script a name of Remove Notes.iim.   To execute it once, you just click the Play button on the Play tab. But if you want to delete ALL your notes, use the Play (Loop) function. You can open a new browser window, run the script in the background as you surf in the old browser window.

I did this this morning and removed about 700 old notes on my Facebook account.  The past was gone!

I wish I could tell you more about iMacro, but I am just learning to use it myself.

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Thank Goodness I’ve Not Been Catfished.
Posted on January 18th, 2013 @ 12:42 am

It’s been all over the news.  Manti Te’o girlfriend was a hoax. Been the top story all days. Reminds me of one of the first stories I cam across when I started blogging: the Kaycee Nicole hoax. It occured 12 years ago, and ever since it happened, I take most online people with a grain of salt.  Yes, there a few online people I have never met, but have interacted enough with after all these years that I do believe they exist.  A few I met through blogging. A majority of them through an *NSYNC IRC chat room or the Richard Marx message board.

And while I get sad I am still single to this age, at least I haven’t been catfished online in terms of love.  My disasters were with real people.  I think Kaycee Nicole and the catfish phenomenon is the reason I hesitate finding love on the Web.  Heck, I know in real life people will lie about their past as well.

I fear people just aren’t honest anymore. Is it wrong or sad or both that I’m skeptical about nearly everyone?

On a message board years ago I used, we had a catfish. Every week was a sad sob story with this person.  Premature baby that died. Lover killed in a car crash.  They also pretended they were a baseball player.  I can’t even figure out why they said they were this particular ball player.  I didn’t really believe that the baseball player was posting on this board, so I kept in “contact” with this baseball player, including e-mail.  But, I figured out it was a fraud when it was Spring Training and the e-mail’s IP address traced back to Canada and not Arizona, where the player would have been.  I kind of squashed that “relationship.”  After enough people compared the stories this catfish told, they kind of quit using our message board as this person’s outlet for seeking approval or love.  I think we would have loved the person if they had been honest.

And yes, that’s really me pictured, if you are wondering.  I try to be true to myself.  I try to be true to others. I won’t go around telling you a whopper for sympathy.  I’ve got enough real life anecdotes for that!

I can hold off my issues with online dating sites for another blog entry. 😆

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So Far So Good 2013.
Posted on January 12th, 2013 @ 10:14 pm

Not quite 2 weeks into 2013.  So far, so good.  I am still looking for a house.  I am still living with my father.  I have an agent.  We know what I want.  Financing has been secured. It’s just playing the waiting game for that perfect house.  It will cost a bit more than what I was paying for my apartment in Atlanta, but it will be twice as big and 100% mine.  No annoying neighbor upstairs blasting movies.  Room to earn how to cook.  Plenty of room to horde toilet paper.

Yes, I said horde toilet paper.  I don’t mean to horde it, but have enough purchased and stored that it will be a while before I run out.  Sounds like such a stupid thing, but I think it’s something I need.

Once I get a house, I will truly be an “independent woman.” “All the women who are independent / Throw your hands up at me.”  Definitely something I didn’t feel I’d achieve 10 years ago. 10 years ago, I was jobless and lucky to have afforded the one trig class I was taking in college.

5 years ago, I had just graduated college.  I haven’t found a job.  The economy was going into the crapper.  I was at one of my lowest points then.

But now, I’m still trying to be humble.  I know at any moment, my life could see it all snatched away.  I work hard to keep what I have. I must say, however, I am in a good spot.

Well, for the most part.  Today was a beautiful day.  I went out to Tybee.  Took a few photos. Drove down oak covered Johnny Mercer Blvd. with my window open and the wind blowing.  But, I was alone.  It made me think of some times in the past when I wasn’t alone.  I shouldn’t be visiting some of those memories, but some of the others were fine to revisit. I just wish I had been with someone. Not necessarily a significant other, but just someone enjoying the moment, too.

Another thing it made me think of is that I need to start enjoying the outdoors more.  I have, so far.  Last week, I went to Ft. Pulaski.  This week to the beach.  Who knows what I’ll do next week.  And come the 1st of February, I will be volunteering for the Tybee Run.  I did that 6 years ago.

Basically, I’m trying to return back to the person I was 7 years ago.  Happy with who she was. Active in enjoying life.  Just this time, with a better pay scale. 🙂

As for that significant other, maybe one day…


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Another Project 365
Posted on January 3rd, 2013 @ 5:59 pm

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! by peachy92

After taking a year hiatus, I have decided to do a Project 365 again for 2013. I thought it would be good for me to get into a routine again and something to prompt me into get back into using my camera.  When you take a photo for  730 days straight, after a while, you just need a break.

This time, I decided to have a theme for the project. My theme this year is to take all the photos in the Hipstamatic iPhone app.  I found last year I goofed off a lot with that app.  It does post processing, which you can’t manipulate directly, but it can take the boring into something interesting. So that picture of my dinner at Cracker Barrel that would be boring as a normal cellphone shot may seem a lot more interesting with the Chunky Lens and Tasty Pop flash.

And for those that don’t know Hipstamatic, it’s an app.  It had different settings for processing a photo.  Some setting mimic flashes.  Some mimic films.  And others mimic lens. You can mix them around and get a different shot each time. And when I am bored, I will play with it.

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