I Found a Letter
Posted on July 25th, 2012 @ 10:06 pm

Over this weekend, I was going through a box I was sending home to Savannah. I some mail from my mother she sent me in 2001. One was a postcard. The postcard was simply one with a picture of John F. Kennedy hugging his young daughter, Caroline. It’s postmarked Brockton, MA. My father was working up north in Massachusetts that summer. My mother went up north with my brother to visit my dad. At the time, I had a full time job. If I wasn’t working, I probably would have gone with her.Her note was that I would love it up there for the history alone. Also in the box was another letter, written and sent earlier in the same year, that she wrote me from that time telling me about an encounter she had with my dad about driving. In the letter, she admitted that she had some fears and told me to be true to myself and my beliefs.

As I write this, I’m listening to some 98°.  For some reason, 98° was her favorite boyband.

On the radio on the car on my way home, I heard the song “If” by Bread.  I cry when I hear that song now.  I had Joey tell me the one time he saw me cry at the song to not to listen to song if I made me cry.  He didn’t like to see me unhappy, but at that moment, I wasn’t unhappy. I was crying because I was thinking of my mother.  I recall her playing the song on her piano when I was a child.  I hadn’t heard that in song in years until that day I cried in front of him.

But prior to “If” coming on the radio, I heard a few songs that reminded me of my life 5 years ago.  I was thinking about how some things don’t change.  I’m doing the same thing I was doing 5 years ago – working on data content management, listing to “Love Me Tomorrow” by Chicago, and driving a red Ford Focus.  But at the same time, things are different.  “Love Me Tomorrow” is still the same song, but instead of it being on a Cd or my iPod, it was on the SiriusXM radio in my car.  And yes, my car is a red Ford Focus, but the one I drove 5 years ago was cherry red and had a manual transmission.  The one I drive today has an automatic transmission with a deeper shade of red for the paint job.  And the data content management was for my college Capstone project.  The one I work one today is a system used by a Fortune 500 company.  So different yet so much the same.

I’ve just been thinking about my life.  I need to start working on the next chapter.  In a way, my life will still be the same, but be so much different.  My going through that box to send back to Savannah was part of the work on that next chapter.

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More La Sardina Fun
Posted on July 13th, 2012 @ 12:30 am

Taliaferro Angel
Taliaferro Angel by peachy92

Here is another photo taken with the La Sardina camera. It’s a double exposure of the Taliaferro angle grave at Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery.  I took a shot of the angel first; I then zoomed in on the hand.  I like how it looked.

I wish film didn’t cost so much.  And it wasn’t so hot in Savannah when I was there. There is so much in Savannah I want to shoot with this camera. I think some shots of downtown and Tybee would be awesome.

Not much else for me at the moment.  Actually, this will be the first weekend in a month that I have not been in Savannah.  I will be in Peachtree City this Saturday.  And artist I fell in love with when I was 13 will be there, too!  Richard Marx will be performing at the same venue I saw Amy Grant at nearly 3 years ago. I haven’t seen Richard in over 10 years.  And the best part?  When the show is over and I say goodbye to my friends, I get to drive home to sleep in my own bed!  I also slept in my own bed after the last Richard concert I went to, but that 3 hour drive between Macon and Savannah is tiresome at 2 AM in the morning.  Now, it only we can get him to play in Savannah, GA next….

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“You gave me your word, but words for you are lies”
Posted on July 3rd, 2012 @ 9:44 pm

As a child, a really young child, “Harden My Heart” was one of favorite songs.  I think my mother loved the song, too.  She always sang along with it when it came on the radio.  And it was one of the first songs I downloaded when I got iTunes.

To me, it’s just always been an empowering song.  No matter ho many times my heart has been broken by idiots and their lies, I can and have moved on.

This week, I am on a vacation – sort of.  I still have to work some this week, but I don’t have to be in the office to work. Sunday, I spent the day with my sister, Beth.  It was a scorcher of a day outside.  We did some errands and were talking.  At one point, a Journey song came on the radio.  We both started talking about it.  Next thing I know, I offered to take her to go see Rock of Ages. I heard it had bad reviews, but I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to go.  I wanted to see something fun and fluffy.  It couldn’t be any worse than Hollywood Homicide, the worst film I have ever seen at the movie theater. She agreed.  She wanted to go see how 1987 looked like.  That’s the year she was born.

We got to the theater.  Only 3 theaters in town had it and 2 had already shown their only showing for the day.  For a movie being out for only 16 days, that’s not a good sign.  We attended the theater that still had a showing. It was 15 minutes after starting time before we finally saw our first commercial; by the way, only 8 people attended this feature.  Beth had to prod them to start the movie since the assigned projectionist had left the building.

However, once the movie started, it was a fun escape from the real world.  As soon as the first song started, Beth was happy.  She wished there were more musicals out there.  We were both singing along and laughing.  I think we laughed the hardest out of the 8 of us.  I was probably the only one to full appreciate the boy band scenes because I was young in 1987 and just old enough to be madly in love with the boy band they were mocking.  I loved seeing the baboon dressed in a Gaddafi/Maurice Starr style outfit. I don’t think my sister fully understood the monkey at all. She never grew up with Bubbles jokes.

Right now, I know Tom Cruise is in the news for his divorce and people are going to make lots of jokes about him, but I actually liked him in this film.  He played his character well and didn’t have a bad voice. I never had a crush on Tom Cruise like a lot of people did, but looking at him then and now, he does remind me so much of my high school crush, facially.  But, that’s another topic for another day.

I will have to get it when it comes on DVD.

“Harden My Heart,” the song I mentioned earlier, was in the film as well. Even Beth was singing along with it. The kid has grown up with an appreciation of the ’80s since her 2 older sisters were children of the ’80s. Beth’s only disappointment with the film is that they cut out “Oh Sherrie.” As soon as we got out of the theater, she asked to hear that song in the car. She said she waited the whole film to hear it.

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