Nothing New to Report
Posted on November 26th, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

I have been busy this month working late nights and spent my Thanksgiving break in Savannah.  I got a new iPhone.  I’m still going on in my Project 365 for 2011. Last weekend, I took Beth to Stone Mountain for her birthday.

Maybe one day I’ll get back into this blogging thing.

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The Loss of Thanksgiving
Posted on November 5th, 2011 @ 6:53 pm

So, November is here. Today, I took my car into the shop for regular maintenance. I saw ads for Christmas shopping and nothing really for Thanksgiving.

That reminded me of a conversation my sister and I had earlier this week.  At the moment, she works retail.  Her schedule is up in the air. Her store will be opening at midnight on Thanksgiving this year and there is money to be made.

I think that is sad.  I understand her need for money, but the fact that people are simply sacrificing Thanksgiving for a good deal on a Blu Ray player is even more sad.  What happened to spending time with family?  What happened to taking time to be grateful for what you have? How have we become such a materialistic society that Thanksgiving is becoming a day of naught for a majority of people? How is it that Halloween bleeds right into Christmas?

I finally put up my Halloween decorations that were in my living room today.  I wish I had some Thanksgiving decor to replace it.  Part of me wants my tree up, but then again, putting my tree up now feels like I am forgetting Thanksgiving, too.  I will have to put up my tree prior to my Thanksgiving vacation, since I will be busy then.  My sister Beth’s birthday is that weekend prior to Thanksgiving.  We’re planning on going out for Christmas lights that weekend since it may be the only chance we can see lights together. We might as well put up the tree together, too, while she’s here

Well, since there is no escaping Christmas at this point, I might as well enjoy a bit part of it.  Richard Marx released a Christmas EP this year. 🙂 I think he used to joke he wouldn’t do such a thing, but people grow and live changes us.  If these changes and growth leads to some new Christmas music, I’m for it.  He’s got a You Tube video of one new song, “Christmas Spirit,” he wrote with Fee Waybill, a collaboration that always produces some cool songs.  Check it out:

Listening to: Daughtry – “Home”

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