Sucked in by the Casey Anthony trial.
Posted on June 23rd, 2011 @ 9:17 pm

Sometimes, I think my curiosity to the Casey Anthony trial is in honor of my mother. She was very interested in the Natalee Holloway case. When my mother died, one of the first things my family said was the my mother finally learned the truth.

I think my mother would be interested in the case. I don’t know how Caylee, Casey Anthony’s almost 3-year-old daughter died, but going by Occam’s razor, all things point to Casey being responsible for Caylee’s death, and I don’t think it was a drowning in the pool.  The sick thing is that Casey would have been perfectly fine with no one knowing what happened to Caylee.

Today, Casey’s mother, Cindy, took the stand today.  And I think she lied.  She said in earlier testimony, she needed help to create a MySpace account on July 3,  2008.  She said today that she searched for chloroform on  March 17, 2008.  And that is all fine and dandy except the evidence, as far as I know, said that the chloroform search was within seconds of a visit to MySpace.  Am I to believe she understood MySpace back in March at that time?  Cindy seems to be a peer of my mother – not understanding everything of the computer.  My mother was clueless about MySpace.

I really wish I had time to scan the computer forensic evidence.  My college degree is in the IT field.  I once worked on a research project about web searching.  I wrote up a PowerPoint presentation aimed at the everyday user to better their web searches.  This info is just down my alley.

It’s fun to see on Twitter how people are searching for chloroform and chlorophyll on the Internet now due to this case. Many are saying CHLORO leads them directly to one of those terms. I think many people are failing to realize that many search algorithms adapt over time.  What was #1 item for CHLORO today, June 23, 2011, may or may not have been the #1 item on March 17, 2008.  Heck, the #1 today may not be the #1 tomorrow.

I know technology background bore many people.  I find this interesting.

Maybe I’m wrong or right.  I don’t know.  I just know my gut says what the Anthony family is throwing out there is wrong.

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The Cat Driving
Posted on June 5th, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

I lose it at the cat driving. Mainly because it reminds me so much of Lucky:

Packed Lucky

Lucky was sweet cat. She was my brother’s cat. His friend just down the street had a cat that had 2 kittens. Matthew saw the kittens, and fell in love with the black and white one. My mother heard how much he loved the kitten, so she went to see the kitten. My mother fell in love the kitten and the kitten’s Siamese looking sister.  My mother brought both kittens home.  Lucky was named such because my mother felt my brother was lucky to have her.  Misty got her name because she looked like a ball of mist.

We had the 2 of them for 11 years.  Lucky died in the summer of 2005.  She died of unknown heart condition that she may have contracted as a kitten.  They were never certain.  Misty died of cancer on Christmas Eve, 2005.  It was several days after my mother died.  We believe she died of broken heart as a result of my mother’s death.

I miss hugging them from time to time.

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