“Sometimes I think I’m the only cab on the road”
Posted on May 29th, 2011 @ 7:38 pm

“New York snow this time of year / There’s nothing more beautiful to me / Except for you”

The first time I heard “Cab” by Train, it was some time in 2006.  I had some time to run to Taco Bell near my college campus.  I was in between classes.  I’m usually a loner. I have friends; I love them, but I drift about.  Back to the story – I was at Taco Bell.  This song came on over the speakers in the restaurant.  I instantly recognized it was Train. I had seen the band live in 2004 and owned a few of their CDs.  But I think it’s the first line that got me.

The previous winter, my mother had died.  After we handled affairs of her death, my father, brother, and I went to New York to clean  up his business there. My father was working in New York when it happened.  It was the start of winter and where my father was at, there was a ton of snow already on the ground.

All I can say it the couple of days I spent in New York at that time exposed me to enough snow to last my life.

As I listened more to the song, I realized it described my life.  Some days, I feel alone.  Each day I live is a day further away from my mother. I know she’s with me, but I tell you, there are some days I feel like I never feel her.  I just keep plodding my way through life. Like I said above, I’m a loner. I do many things alone.  Many days, I think the loner style fits my life.  However, the past few days or so, I have been questioning it.

Lately, I have been thinking of getting a house.  It’s exciting, but scary.  I think that’s where my latest bout of doubt is coming from.

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I Need To Travel More
Posted on May 14th, 2011 @ 2:00 am

Well, maybe not.  I am up this late with an illness.  I don’t know where I caught it.  I flew home to Georgia on Tuesday night.  By 4 AM Wednesday morning, only about 7 hours after returning to Georgia, I was ill with a fever.  I don’t have a fever at the moment, but I still have the illness.  I went to the doctor Thursday morning; I am currently on medication.  As a result of the illness, I missed a whole week of work. 😕

So, because I am up this late trying to go to sleep, but fighting the sore throat, here is a map of the States I’ve been in:

Visited 23 states (46%) | Create your own visited map of The United States

And when I was last there:

Alabama: 2010 –  Last there last year when my father & I went to Huntsville to the US Space and Rocket Center
Connecticut: 2011 – We visited Mystic while on my trip to Rhode Island
Delaware: 2005 – We were in the state for 45 minutes on I-95 coming home from New York.  We stopped at a service station for Cinnabon.
Florida: 2008 – I was in Jacksonville at the zoo.  I miss the trips to Florida we’d take a lot while my mother was alive and I lived in Savannah.
Georgia: 2011 – I live here.
Illinois: 2010 – Drove through the state on our trip to Missouri.  We did stop in Metropolis for a quick tour.
Indiana: 1987 – My parents forgot to get on I-57 in Illinois on the return trip from Missouri. We ended up in Indiana and having to use US 41 to get back to I-24 in Kentucky.
Missouri: 2010 – My big vacation for 2010 was a road trip out to Kansas City and St. Louis.
Kansas: 2010: – We spent a few hours at a mall in a Kansas City suburb.
Kentucky: 2010 – Drove through it on the Missouri trip.  Did spend a night in the state back in 1987.
Louisiana: 1991 – My aunt was dying.  I went to Louisiana with my mother for her to say goodbye.
Maryland: 2005 – All my travels to this state were in 2005. First trip was an overnighter to help me dad get back to Georgia.  The second time was to visit my dad for a week. The third time was an overnight stop on a return road trip from Watertown, NY.
Massachusetts: 2011 – My father took me to Plymouth Rock while I was visiting him in Rhode Island.  We had been talking about the time he took my brother there and we decided on a whim that I should see it.
Michigan: 2006 – I went there as part of a conference for Methodist college students.  I may not be officially a Methodist, but the denomination was an important part of my life in college.  As a result, I jokingly refer to myself as a Catho-Methodist.  I went to Michigan for a new adventure after my mother’s death.
Mississippi: 1991 – We had to drive through this state on the way to Louisiana. That is one long state from north to south.
Pennsylvania: 2005 – Last time I was there was part of the return trip from New York.  A few months earlier, in the same year, my father, mother, brother, and I went to HersheyPark.
Rhode Island: 2011 – My dad is currently working in this state.  I went to Rhode Island for his birthday.  At this point in our lives, he doesn’t need a long job nowhere near home and not be able to see one family member. I could afford the time and flight to visit him.
New York: 2005 – I had been in NY, once before, in 1999.  When my mother died, my father had been working in Watertown, NY. I flew back to New York, along with my father and brother, after my mother’s affairs were handled, so my father could return to Georgia.
North Carolina: 2005 – I did live in the state for 4 and a half years, but the last time I was there was on the return trip from New York.
South Carolina: 2010 – I took my baby sister to Columbia for her birthday to see the zoo with Christmas lights and penguins.  Can’t forget penguins.
Tennessee: 2010 – I went to Ruby Falls just before Thanksgiving.
Virginia: 2005 – Like several states in this list, the return road trip from New York.  However, I had been in the state several times prior to that trip.
Washington: 2007 – The Methodist college students conference was in Washington for 2007. I attended it for a second year to see some new sights and meet new people.

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Posted on May 7th, 2011 @ 9:14 pm

Today, my father and I went over to Mystic, Ct to visit the Mystic Aquarium and to dine at Mystic Pizza today.  The aquarium had a great beluga whale exhibit, and I wanted to see if Mystic Pizza would be better than the time I went there 12 years ago.  We had an enjoyable time.

However, one asshole placed a damper at it all.  As we were leaving Mystic, we stopped at the scenic lookout between exits 89 and 90 in eastern Connecticut. As I was taking photos of the town from that point, some guy, who I can only assume his a micropenis due to his behavior, screams out from the top of his lungs, from Interstate 95, “BITCH!”  Since there were only 2 cars at the lookout, and I was the only one not in a car, I can only assume he meant me.

At the time, I was wearing one of my Braves shirt.  I had had it on all day, but under a hoodie.  By the time we stopped at the lookout, I had taken the hoodie off because I was hot.  I assumed I had the right to wear my shirt, since this is the United States of America, but I guess up here in Yankee land, I don’t.  My father inspected the back of my shirt and said with the length of my hair, and looking at me from the back, you couldn’t even read the name “Heyward”  on the back of the shirt.  All you could see are the digits in 22.  The numbers are in red; the shirt is navy blue.

How insecure are people these days that you have to yell an insult from the Interstate to someone that isn’t a fan of the local team?  I don’t recall anyone in Atlanta, or in St. Louis, being so hateful towards an opposing fan.  Sure, there is joking and ribbing, but in the end, it’s good fun.  It’s not the hate as I saw today in Mystic.  I can’t say such hate can be attached to a certain fan base.  I never saw the asshole. All I saw was a champagne colored car driving by as this happened.

I wore this same shirt in St. Louis last year.  Actually, I had planned on wearing my Cardinals shirt I had bought that day, but due to my sister having a panic attack just before the Cardinals game, so I didn’t get to wear the shirt.  I had been wearing my Braves shirt all day, so I still wore it.  The guys next to me at the game teased me for being a Braves fan, but told me it was OK so long as it wasn’t a Chipper shirt.  In the end, we talked about baseball and enjoyment of the sport in general.

However, after this reaction today, make me rethink people.  Now I see why Yanks have the reputation they do as being rude beings in the south.  This one moron had to ruin it for a whole region.  I think after this trip is over, I will never return back north.  I’ll stay in my friendly south.

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