Military Brat Wonderings
Posted on October 30th, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

Most of my childhood was spent as a military brat. Actually, it was a pretty stable brat life.  I lived in Augusta, GA for 8 years.  I lived at Ft. Bragg, NC for 4.5 years.  I lived a pretty civilian life in Augusta.  Ft. Bragg was a little different.  We lived on post and most of my social life was on post.  However, because of the life style of that post, 4.5 years was a long time there.

But, because I am still a military brat, lots of people came in and out of my life at Bragg.  Pictured with me are 2 girls that lived on my street: Becky Bird and Amanda Nelson.  Becky was my age; Amanda was about 4 years younger than us.  Amanda had 2 older sisters – Genevieve, who we called Jenny, and Jacqueline, who was known as Jackie.  Jenny was a year younger than me; Nicki’s peer.  Jackie was 2 years younger than me.  She was the Nelson sister I was closest to.  She also shared a birthday with my mother.

Because we lived on the same street, we hung out together all the time.  We would listen to New Kids on the Block all the time – and each girl had their favorite.  Nicki was a Joe girl.  Becky and I fought over Jon.  Amanda was a Jordan girl.  Jenny identified with Donnie the most.  Jackie was a Danny girl.  Many of our weekends were spent just talking about the band.  Hey, we were 8-12 years old – that’s what we were to do at that age, yet still could be little girls playing with dolls and other toys.

Well, over time, the other girls all moved away.  Becky moved to her hometown of Clinton, IA.  The Nelson girls moved to Pensacola, FL.  That’s the last I ever heard of them.  And in this day and age, I haven’t been able to find them on Facebook.

That’s not to say I haven’t found others I knew at Bragg on Facebook.  In fact, several have found me. I was so happy when they did. With some deep Google searching, I found one of Nicki’s best friends from Bragg.  Nicki was happy when I found her – Nicki had been wondering about her.  Another friend of Nicki was actually found via the friend’s sister and our brother.  The friend’s sister was in Kindergarten with our brother and one day, she added my brother on Facebook.  My brother couldn’t remember the girl, so he asked me about her.  Once I explained they were in Kindergarten and sisters were best friends, he understood and Nicki got back in touch with her friend.

I also have found friends from my days in Augusta.  I was glad to find them.  I just wonder about them and want to know they are ok.

But for these Spear Dr. girls, I still wonder about them.

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Sergeant Zipper Bulbasaur also known as Black Christopher Robin
Posted on October 20th, 2010 @ 7:28 pm

Playful Kitten
Playful Kitten by peachy92

So, I went home to Savannah this past weekend.  I promised Lindsey that I would attend the Steven Curtis Chapman concert down there.  It was the first thing that Lindsey, Chris, and I have done as an outing since her baby was born.  The concert was a family affair between Steven, his sons, and his wife, Mary Beth. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her struggles with depression and faith and trying to tie them together while striving to live life to its fullest.  I am glad I went.

The next night, I went to the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival in neighboring Richmond Hill.  I was craving some local jumbo shrimp.  Also, I found out that the Little River Band would be performing there.  So, I grabbed my friend, Melinda, and we went down there for dinner and a concert.  She met a guy for the first time while we were out.  In a way, it was a blind date for her in the fact that this was the first time she met this guy that she’s known for a while in person.  He met us at the concert and then we went to a bar across the street after the concert.  He was a cool guy.  It was like old times, but without all the jealousy and alpha male ego.

And as for my picture with this entry?  This is Sergeant Zipper Bulbasaur also known as Black Christopher Robin.  Jessica found him in the middle of Skidaway Rd last week.  She brought him home.  My brother just told me his new nickname is Skunky, not only because of his coloring, but that he leaves a smelly mess in the catbox.  😆  He’s a sweet cat; he was very personable with me and everyone one else at home.  Matthew wasn’t too excited about a new cat, but Jessica just loves him.  My father was all meh (not Meh) about it.  I know a new cat is the last thing he wants, but he also knows we can’t turn a cat in need down.  It’s how we got most of the family cats.

As for me, well, mentally, I’ve had better weeks.  I feel burned out, even after having a small mini-vacation.  Most of the pressure is pressure I have added to myself.  As I was telling a co-worker yesterday, mentally, I can know the truth, but yet, the other side of me has yet to reconcile with it.  As a result, I get stressed.  I wish I didn’t feel that way.

Listening to: Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”

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My Weekend
Posted on October 10th, 2010 @ 6:19 pm

Halloween in the Square
Halloween in the Square by peachy92

Ever since I got my new car, I have felt free.  My old car was a manual transmission.  My new one is an automatic.  With the manual, I was always plotting when and where I had to shift gears.  It made driving a pain.  With the auto, my mind is free to think of other things.Powd

I spent yesterday out in West Cobb and East Paulding counties.  I spent most of my time in Powder Springs and New Hope.  The Battle of New Hope Church was the Civil War battle ground I visited on this trip.  If I keep this up, I could write a book about the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea.

I was awoken this morning at 4:30 by Nicki.  She has abdominal pains and wanted to go to the ER. Stayed with her long enough that I knew she was with a doctor and was on an IV before I headed home.  I felt like I cheated her family support, but I had only gotten in 2 hours sleep when she woke me up.  I wouldn’t have been able to help her with no sleep at the ER.  So, as soon as she was able to be discharged, I went and got her.  She has pancreatitis. 🙁  She’s sleeping and is on pain killers at the moment.  I ended up having to go get her medications.

I know she’s not too bad in the fact that she’s not in the hospital at the moment.  If it had been worse than it is, she wouldn’t be in her bed at the moment.  However, based the fact she had her gallbladder removed last year, it really worries me.

On the way home today, I drove through downtown Marietta and stopped at the square.  They have Halloween scarecrows up that were designed by schools and associations in the city.  I took a few photos for the October 10, 2010 Flickr group and other groups celebrating 10/10/10.  I needed a photo for the Project 365 photo of the day, so the Square was perfect. A few online friends also inspired me to participate. I suggest looking at these groups to see how this day of 42 went.

Listening to: “All I Need” – Jack Wagner

October 10, 2010 image link:
October 10th, A most auspicious day

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