“Cherokee People / Cherokee Tribe / So Proud To Live / So Proud To Die”
Posted on September 26th, 2010 @ 5:08 pm

Cherokee Dolls
Cherokee Dolls by peachy92

Yesterday was National Public Lands Day.  As a celebration, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources opened the parks for free. I took advantage of this free day by going to both the New Echota Historic Site and the Chief Vann House Historic Site.  New Echota is in Gordon County.  The Vann House is in Murray County.  Both are related to the history of the Cherokee peoples, and are within driving distance of each other.  So I spent my day at both.  And yes, I took pictures.

The pictured dolls above are examples of the ones used by little Cherokee girls.  The doll on the left is made of corn husks.  I’m not sure what the other two dolls are made from.

Thinking about the removal of the Cherokees from North Georgia and surrounding land irritates me.  I guess you can say all Indian removals do.  But for some reason, the Cherokees get me the most.  The tribe, in a way, show the quintessential America spirit we are inspired to have as children. The Cherokees didn’t change who they were in entirety.  However, they weren’t resistant to change, either.  They blended the elements of their culture and the white man’s culture and strived to succeed and prosper.

And yet, they were chased by their lands by a few misguided members of their own tribe, as well the American government, headed by Andrew Jackson. Worcester v. Georgia was a ruling by our Supreme Court in favor of the tribe.  However, President Jackson, which must have been one S.O.B. based on everything I’ve read about him, refused to enforce the ruling.

The plaintiff of the case, used in the naming of the ruling, was Samuel Worcester. He and his family lived at New Echota.  It was sad to read that he lost his home when someone that won his home in a land lottery came in and confiscated the land. 🙁  Love the greed on the part of government.  Oh wait, it is STILL full of greed.

If you have a chance, I definitely recommend reading about the Cherokee tribe.

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My peers are sick, twisted, and such children of the 1980s.
Posted on September 14th, 2010 @ 10:52 pm

I find this clip funny. Robot Chicken has been good medicine for this ill person. I was so cold early today, I had the heat on in my car. Nicki said I must not be feeling well to have done that.

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“It Ain’t Nothing But Another Day”
Posted on September 12th, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

16 by peachy92

Last weekend, I spent it in Savannah. I was missing Savannah, and wanted to see my friends still down there. I was glad I did go. I saw my friends, my brother, and the kitties still at home. It was just what I needed after working plenty of overtime.

So, imagine my surprise to be in Savannah only 5 days later, again. I got a new car back in July. My old car felt like it was about to break down. The old car is a manual transmission. Driving a manual transmission in Atlanta is too much work. I think too much while driving it. I have been wanting a new car with an auto transmission for a while. So, when the need came about, I got a new car with an auto transmission. The old car is a red 2002 Ford Focus. The new car is a 2010 red Ford Focus. Since the 2002 is paid for, I kept it. I did not need a trade-in for the 2010.

Well, Nicki’s Internet boyfriend (IB) is in town (another story for another day :roll:). She planned on taking him to Savannah on Friday. Well, she was going to take the Jeep down there. Well, she was unable to take the Jeep, so she took the 2002 Focus. She was in Jeffersonville, GA when it broke down on the Interstate around noon. My father and I were planning on taking it back home to get the repairs that are needed to be done as soon as we can afford the work. We were just going to tow it down to Savannah. So, for the car to break down, it just caused us to get it down there sooner.

Since I was at work when the breakdown happened, I had to take the afternoon off and drive down to Jeffersonville. That took just over an hour to get there. We had to have Matthew come up from Savannah with a rented car dolly. So, as we were waiting for him, I took Nicki and the IB down to Warner Robins to tour the Museum of Aviation. We still had time to kill, so we drove over and toured Hawkinsville, GA and Perry, GA. Finally, Matthew and Beth were in Jeffersonville while we were in Perry, so we drove back and had dinner with them before getting the car hooked on the dolly. It just before midnight before we all got to Savannah.

I woke up the next morning and drove back to Atlanta. I had plans for yesterday. I had a ticket to the Braves game against the St. Louis Cardinals and the Montgomery Gentry concert after the game. So, another 4 hours on I-16 and I-75 before I got home. Then, after getting ready for my afternoon/evening plans, I was back off to Turner Field.

The game was a nail biter. It finally ended in the 12th on a walk-off home run. The concert was delayed due to rain. They did get it under way. I spend extra on the on-field pass to be near the stage. I think I got some good shots from the field. I only knew 3 songs: “Gone,” “If You Ever Stop Loving Me”, and the Kiss song “Rock and Roll All Nite.” Other songs they performed were “Lucky Man,” “My Town,” “Back When I Knew It All,” “While You’re Still Young,” “One In Every Crowd,” “What Do Ya Think About That,” and “Something To Be Proud Of” that I know for certain they played. I think they did “Hell Yeah,” too. I’m not a huge country fan, but I thought it would be nice to go to a concert.

It’s going to be a while before I’m back on I-16 again. Well, maybe just a month.

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“Memories, moments you recall”
Posted on September 9th, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

Nicki and me with our Mother on River Street in 1992.
Nicki and me with our Mother on River Street in 1992. by peachy92

I went home to Savanna this past holiday weekend to spend time with my friends down there.  While down there, I found a box of photo albums.  Every time I’m down there, I get all the photos I can and bring them back to Atlanta to scan when I can.

I found the photos from our Girl Scout trip to Savannah in October 1992.  That trip was my mother’s idea and she did all the planning. While we were down there, we visited the Juliette Gordon Low home, the Mrs Wilkes’ Boarding House, the Pirates’ House, and took a night carriage tour around the town.

It seems like the Savannah we toured then is not the same Savannah I moved to.  We ended up moving to Savannah in December 1993. My mother had remarked what a nice this it was; my father took that to mean that she wanted to move there when he returned from his tour of duty in Egypt.

My mother specifically took this photo for the reason I post it today.  It was so when she was gone, and I missed her, I could look back and see all the things we did while she was alive. She hated her photos being taken, like I do now, but she knew at times photos needed to be taken. I am still finding photos of her today I didn’t know we had.

And since this photo was taken while I was a Girl Scout, here are more photos from my scouting days: Girl Scouting. I did a lot of things when I was active.

Listening to: “Second Chance” – .38 Special

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