No More Braves Shuttles
Posted on June 28th, 2010 @ 6:38 pm

Using MARTA by peachy92

So, MARTA has decided that they will cut the Braves shuttle next year.  I think this really sucks for many fans.

I live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. I take the MARTA train most of the times I go to Atlanta Braves game. I don’t mind doing. I don’t have to drive across town, on the Downtown Connector, to Turner Field. I can avoid traffic. And, there is one less car on the road. Sure, fare is $4.00, but that’s $4.00 into MARTA’s pocket and it saves me $8 from parking fees at Turner Field.

Believe it or not, many northern suburbs fans do this.

So guess what? Because there will not be a shuttle, that means less Braves games for me.

This is sad, as a fan of the team, that I won’t get to go as much. I don’t get off work until 5, so I can’t leave early anytime I want to go to a game. Sometimes, I only have so much money. The money I’d save in parking fees, I could spend elsewhere in the ballpark, like on dinner or something small in the gift shop. I’m not rich, but I’m not poor. I’m middle class trying to enjoy life on a budget.

So, instead of me spending money on MARTA fare, game ticket, food, and gift shop, my money is just going to stay home. In the end, no money for MARTA and no money for the Braves.

Now, multiply that by many of the well to do citizens of the northern suburbs like me. Think of the money being lost on the behalf of MARTA and the Braves. Think of the addition of cars being added to the road. Think of the merchants in Underground Atlanta that make money off people using the shuttle.

I think of that one guy that has a record of 1300+ consecutive home games in attendance.  He has his Braves outfit, complete with feathers.  He rides the same train line as me.  He is a dedicated fan.  I wonder how he will get to the games, now.

Then again, maybe I won’t encounter that racist woman again.

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I Feel Like I Have Forgotten This Place.
Posted on June 27th, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

It’s because I user Twitter a lot now.  Are you following me on Twitter?

I am currently listening to music on my new laptop as I watch the Dodgers play the Yankees and the Yankees are not having a good defense inning.

I have just been busy with work and life.

Today, Nicki and I went to IKEA and the World of Coca-Cola.  IKEA was just a quick trip that ended up being a long lunch and some shopping.  We went window shopping and found a cheap bed frame that Nicki would like.

We went to the World of the Coca-Cola to see its World Cup exhibit.  They currently have a 3D movie, as well as Zakumi, the mascot.  Since I was already at IKEA and wasn’t expecting WoCC like we did, I only had the Polaroid i1037 camera on me. Nicki decided to get this photo taken:

Kate + 8
Polar Bear eating Nicki by peachy92

Yes, Polar Bear is eating her head. LOL

Next weekend, I will be going home to Savannah.  I hope to hit up a Savannah Sand Gnats game while in town.  That will probably be on the 4th of July.  I really want to see the animals at home and just tour around, when not helping my dad.

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“Guess I’d Rather Hurt Than Feel Nothing At All”
Posted on June 7th, 2010 @ 6:14 pm

That line from “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum sticks out to me.  Right now, I’m hurting instead of feeling nothing at all. I repeatedly told someone in my past that I wish I was a cold hearted bitch.  My problem is I feel too much.  When I tell people that, they tell me not to change.  Most people tell me they wish there were more people like me in the world.

However, from my end, sometimes, it sucks to me.  It hurts to be the kind and nice person and never get anything in return.  In the end, it turns me into a bitter person. How come I never get what I give?  What’s wrong with wanting a fraction of that?

I’m upset right now due to a dream I have last night.  In the dream, I got to get my feelings off my chest.  I didn’t get the apology I want, but I got to say what I what was on my mind.  I guess, in a way, I got to belittle a person that needed it.  I’m in a bad mood because now that I am awake and in the real world, I won’t have the chance to say what I want to say.

Subconsciously, I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all…

Listening to:  John Mayer – “Half of My Heart” (with Taylor Swift)

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