Sometimes the captions write themselves…
Posted on May 24th, 2010 @ 9:27 pm

Kate + 8
Kate + 8 by peachy92

There are 8 goslings in that photo.

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I Feel Like I Will Never Be A Home Owner.
Posted on May 18th, 2010 @ 12:10 am

Right now, living in an apartment, I live a comfortable life.  However, if I want to ever get my own home, I feel like I will never get there.

Half the problem is figuring out where I want to live.  After living here nearly 2 years, I still debate on staying in Atlanta or moving home to Savannah.  Everyone wants me to stay here in Atlanta.  They feel it’s for the best.  However, part of me wants to go home.

I miss Savannah.  I miss my friends and family there.  I miss being able to go to South Carolina and Florida whenever I want to.

However, Atlanta’s a nice place, too. It’s close to Alabama and Tennessee.  There’s plenty here that Savannah does not offer.

Maybe if I had friends in the Atlanta area, I wouldn’t feel this way.  Half my problem is I don’t have the energy to meet people.  Besides, at my age,  it’s hard to make friends.  Most people my age have kids or a significant other –  things I lack.  Kind of hard to relate to that.

I need to go to bed is what I need to do. Things will work out when they are ready.  They always do.

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Posted on May 10th, 2010 @ 8:48 pm

Augusta State University
Augusta State University by peachy92

I went to Augusta this weekend for the Augusta State University Commencement ceremony.  Nancy, a long time family friend, graduated from college.  Compared to all the ones I’ve attended to at Armstrong, this one was different.

It’s funny how your closest friends think just like you.  During the ceremony, the Commencement Speech, delivered by a graduating student, rubbed me the wrong way.  Not to totally picked on the girl who gave the speech, because I understand completely what a big deal it is to get your life how you want it and then getting a degree, it was a big moment for her.  I’m sure she gave her heart in that speech.  But the members of the faculty that chose that speech must not have been thinking.

It was a not an inspirational speech.  It was a giant ad for ASU.  I took nothing away from it.  Neither did anyone one else I knew.  None of us liked it.   After the ceremony, the bad speech was the first thing we talked about.  I really think those that chose the speech chose it to boot their own egos.

Just before I left Augusta for the weekend, I made a quick stop over by Regency Mall.  Regency is where we did most of the mall shopping when I was a kid.  Today, is a dead mall.  It is shuttered up and nature has taken over the land.  Actually, most of the parts of South Augusta that I saw were quite sad.  It seems people have been moving out of it and abandoning a lot of buildings.  That which has survived don’t offer much. It looks quite poor and tired. Banks have been replaced with title loans.  Shopping centers empty.  Shuttered car dealerships.  And then the pièce de résistance: Regency Mall. I wonder if there is any way to revive South Augusta.

Also on my trip, I stopped in the towns of Thomson, Crawfordville, and Madison. I want to tour some antebellum part of middle and southwest Georgia now. I also want to visit Augusta again, mainly downtown.

As usual, pictures on Flickr.

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