I’m a Published Photographer
Posted on March 30th, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

Homer the Brave
Homer the Brave by peachy92

I am officially a published photographer.  Last week, I received my copy of  The Underground Baseball Encyclopedia: Baseball Stuff You Never Needed to Know and Can Certainly Live Without.  This picture of Homer the Brave is on page 132 under Homer’s entry.  The book is a full of snark, but I enjoyed what I have browsed so far.

I went ahead and got tickets for one of the Atlanta Braves preseason games this weekend.  Nicki and I will be going.  We also have tickets for a game later in the month for a game against the Phillies.  Also, I have ordered the tickets for the baseball games we plan to see on our Missouri trip.

I had a good day at work today.  I had to partake in culture diversity training.  It was quite fun and interesting.  It also reminded me of my English 1102 class and how I felt that Professor Soto didn’t take in mind that personal experiences influence a piece of literature for people.  Being a military child raised in the South, I have been exposed to many things that other people have not have been to exposed to. There are things many people have been exposed to that I have not.  Even in my own family, Beth and I have different experiences.  She’s grown up in the same town since she was 6.  If it wasn’t me moving one day, it was a good friend.  As a result, Beth and I see things differently just because of how we grew up.  That was part of the lesson today. 🙂

And now, off to upload some new quotes to my quotes database.  They were some good ones from today’s class.

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Fun Weekend
Posted on March 28th, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

Mickie and Nicki
Mickie and Nicki by peachy92

This weekend, my father and Beth came.  My father is back in Savannah, but he had to come back for his stuff and bring Nicki some of her stuff.  As of tomorrow, she is officially living here with me.

Also this weekend, Nicki’s long time Internet friend, Mickie, came to town.  Nicki spent the weekend with her.  Today, I joined them and we, along with Beth, went to the World of Coca-Cola.  I renewed my annual pass, as well and Beth’s and Nicki’s.    For a local that takes her family there quite a bit, the pass is worth the cost.  We had a lot of fun.

And now, to prepare for the work week tomorrow.  It should only be a 40 week.  I need a 40 week. 🙂

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Missouri Bound
Posted on March 21st, 2010 @ 6:46 pm

This summer, I am planning a trip with my sister, Nicki, to Missouri.  I want to see the Arch, and it just exploded from there.

So far, I have the OK for a week off this summer, as well as tickets to a Royals baseball game and tickets to a Cardinals game. Other stuff will have to wait.

The plan at the moment is to go to Kansas City, first.  I have an online friend, Liz, out there.  She, her husband, and daughter will be attending the Royals game with us.  I’m still trying to find out what more to do out there.

We’re hitting St. Louis on the way back to Atlanta.  Nicki has a friend out there. She’ll be going with us to a Cardinals game.  I want to go to the Arch.  I want to go up in the Arch.  Never got to do that the last time I went to Missouri, 23 years ago.  I was lucky to see the Arch from the Interstate. I want to go to the zoo, and the friend wants us to visit Grant’s Farm.

This trip is going to cost a pretty penny.  So, if you have tips and know of free places to visit in both those areas, let me know.

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Spring in the air
Posted on March 15th, 2010 @ 7:33 pm

Forsyth Park Fountain
Forsyth Park Fountain by peachy92

I went home to Savannah this past weekend.  Usually at this time of year, Savannah is full of color between St. Patrick’s Day green and the different colors of azaleas.  I needed a taste of spring.  Due to the cold winter this year, the azaleas still haven’t bloomed. That was disappointing, but it didn’t ruin my weekend.

I spent time with family and friends.  My sisters and I spent all day touring Laurel Grove Cemetery, Effingham County, and Old Fort Jackson.  Saturday night was spent having dinner with Lindsey and Chris.  Sunday, I had lunch with Melinda out on Tybee Island, as well as had a short visit with a family friend that lives on Tybee that has known me since I was 5.

It was also nice to be home and get to hug and love on Gizmo.  I was missing him, and the other cats.  Cozy even let me love and hold him Saturday night.  Another wonderful thing about being home was having the windows open and letting in the spring air.  Around this time of year, it practically is spring in Savannah.

I wish I could make enough money to own a home in Atlanta AND Savannah.

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Why I Will Not Become a Professional Photographer
Posted on March 4th, 2010 @ 6:05 pm

Once Upon a Time…
Once Upon a Time… by peachy92

I know many people that have become photographers professionally, as their main or side business. My father keeps asking me when will I do the same.

I tell him never.

I do not want to become a professional photographer. Never have had the passion. I enjoy photography as a hobby. At the moment, I feel shackled by committing myself to Project 365. I can’t stand feeling shackled. I’m shackled enough as is. Why turn something I enjoy into something I hate?

Besides, I have seen so many people turn to photography as a side business. I feel the market is saturated. Why devote all my skills to something anyone can do now when I can use my skills in a business that not everyone can do? That’s why I’m content with my job at the moment.

That’s not to say I don’t like to take photos. I do. I’m also going through my family archives and trying to scan the photos for later. I took a digital photography class as an elective in college to learn more techniques. I have all one camera in the shop and as soon as I can afford it, another one will be in the shop to be repaired. I’m having trouble getting down the Bokeh concept, but I want to learn to do it with different shapes. I also have 2 photos that have been selected to be featured in some books that will be printed this year.  Both photos chosen were ones I took as part of a hobby and not a profession.

I recently had some of my photos printed into 6″ x 4″ for a frame I need to put on the wall in my living room. The photo in this post is one I chose to print. My dad loved it. He feels I should get a bigger print of it. It was one of the photos that spurred this discussion.

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Gotta Love Budget Cuts!
Posted on March 3rd, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

At times, I don’t truly understand the government. They will spent $60 million to clear a 1,500 acre tract of land before a company agrees to moving into a town, but will not spend $3.8 million to keep 5 programs at Armstrong Atlantic in 2011.

I’m talking about the Georgia state government.

Back in 2002/2003, there was talk that DaimlerChrysler wanted to build a plant in the Savannah area. So, what did my state government do? They decided to spend nearly $60 million in infrastructure at a tract of land at the corner of I-16 and I-95 to lure DaimlerChrysler to the site. Now, I know, that would make a huge impact on Savannah? How huge? Well, the state and local governments expected $750 million in investment!

Just one problem with that little plan. The government pushed too hard and demanded a deadline from DaimlerChrysler. They cleared the land before DaimlerChrysler committed to moving to Savannah. Finally, after all was said and done, DaimlerChrysler decided not to build a plant in Savannah.

You know when the land was finally decided upon to be used for a plant? September 2009. Mitsubishi Power Systems will invest $325 million into the site for a new plant.

Now, think of the $60 million spent on the site. $60 million spent to allow a tract of land to lay fallow for about 7 years. Why? Why couldn’t that $60 million be used on something more important at the time? Why not wait until DaimlerChrysler had committed to using the land? I liken how the government wooed DaimlerChrysler to this: spending money on a wedding, setting a date for the wedding, all while the prospective bride is still deciding to date you. When the prospective bride decides she doesn’t want to date you anymore and will not commit to your chosen wedding date, you’re left with a useless wedding that no one will use in your place. Sure, the money was going to be spent on developing the land, but why not wait until you have an agreement in place?

Would any reasonable person do the same in their life as what the government did in the DaimlerChrysler case? No. What’s wrong with expecting our government to do the same?

So, yeah, now that I have the DaimlerChrysler case explained, I use it as reference in bone headed moves by the government. A case study in not spending wisely.

At the moment, the state government is proposing budget cuts in University of Georgia system for fiscal year 2011. I decided to look at the ones affecting my alma mater, Armstrong Atlantic State University. I am proud to be an aluma of Armstrong. The school, for the most part, did me well. Part of the proposed cuts is the elimination of 5 academic programs/departments. The expect savings on this measure is $3.8 million. Surely, I know the Department of Information, Computing, and Engineering will be affected.

To be honest with you, the School of Computing, as it was known in my time at Armstrong, wasn’t the most state of the art. However, the professors did the best they could with what they had. The semester after I graduated, the school decided not to keep its one of its professors in the IT department. That infuriated many of the students in the IT program. The professor was one of the most liked in the program, taught relevant information, and get this, was a graduate of Armstrong’s own Masters Program with a degree in Computer Science. This professor not only understood the technology, but the both sides of the school – the students’ and the faculty. In my eyes, and in the eyes of many of my classmates, this was a plus. However, the school decided they could not keep him financially. After the student outrage, I heard the school offered him his job again, but he decided to leave Armstrong for another college. Armstrong’s loss. Actually, I don’t think Armstrong loss out, but the students of the IT program did. At the moment, the IT department only has 4 professors.

If that happened to one of my professors, surely the IT program at Armstrong is a target for cuts. When I graduated, only 9 of us graduated from the program. The program keeps getting bigger in terms of enrollment, but the technology just wasn’t there. And to be honest, I feel like I didn’t learn half the skills I needed for an IT major. I couldn’t do anything with networking. Figuring out subnetting? HA! I lucked out and understood databases and got a job related to databases.

So here how I link to $60 million DaimlerChrysler case to the $3.8 million in budget cuts to Armstrong. Let’s do some math. $3.8 million/$60 million is about 15.79. Barring inflation, that $60 million used to create a fallow tract of land could fund the Armstrong cuts for about 15 years!

In my view, our government doesn’t know how to spend money. They act like a little Veruca Salts – they want it now and don’t know how to weight the present to the short term future AND the long term future.

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