Does anyone read this blog?
Posted on January 23rd, 2010 @ 12:36 am

I could use some comments. I only ask for registration to stop spam. I get comments on my Facebook version, but never the blog itself.

Wayward Shoe
Wayward Shoe by peachy92

At the moment, I am attempting to take a photo a day this year. So far, I’m 22 for 22. 🙂 My Flickr set is called 365 Days – 2010

Today’s photo is of a wayward shoe.  I was leaving work today and saw this shoe as pictured.  Because it was so puzzling, I had to take a photo. How do you lose a shoe?  Anyone want to guess as to how this happened?

So how is my 365 set so far?

  • 3 pictures of Graysie
  • 2 pictures of Harri
  • 1 picture of Scooter
  • 2 pictures of graveyards
  • 1 historical marker
  • 1 photo of Darth Vader
  • 11 various other photos

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Anyone want to go to Alabama with me?
Posted on January 16th, 2010 @ 5:21 pm

Lunar Module
Lunar Module by peachy92

Yesterday, my father and I each were able to take some time off from work. He was told not to return until Tuesday. My boss, knowing the day was going to be slow, let me take the day off as well. After getting a new tire rim for my car, we went to the US Space & Rocket Center.

It was a nice day.  Not only did we get to see many items used in space exploration, we got a nice view of Alabama.  To get to Huntsvile, we drove on I-20 over to Birmingham and then took I-65 and I-565 to Huntsville.  We took a different way home.  We took US 72 east to South Pittsburg, TN to I-24.  From I-24, we took it to I-75 back to my apartment.  We both agreed that the way home felt faster between Hunstville and Atlanta.  There is no direct route between the two cities.

On our way home, I spotted a small cemetery on the side of the road. I took a few photos of it, along with photos from our visit of the US Space & Rocket Center.

I enjoyed the trip.  I would like to go back to North Alabama.  I want to see the Unclaimed Baggage Center, revisit the Helen Keller Birthplace, and revisit Ave Maria Grotto. So, does anyone want to go to Alabama with me?

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Disappointment in the History Channel
Posted on January 4th, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

Remember my rant about cable channels abandoning their roots?

Today on Fark, there was a discussion about an LA Times article about History getting into reality programming.  In the discussion was this gem of a pie chart:

History Channel Programming

It actually prompted me to write the History Channel a letter:

I just read enough of an LA Times article titled “History channel pursues updated look”.  I stopped at the part about an Annie Oakley related reality show.

What has happened to the History Channel?  I am barely watching the channel I used to love because they have removed the element that caused me to watch it: HISTORY!

I do not come to History to watch reality TV.  When I do have Ice Truckers on, it’s usually for background noise to fall asleep to.  I have no interest in it other wise. I don’t watch Pawn Stars, either.

I hardly see Modern Marvels on anymore, which was the show I enjoyed the most.  It showed discoveries and observations of the past that people used to improve things of the present.

And what is up with the UFO stuff?  Not everyone believes in UFOs.  That stuff should belong on Sci-Fi (excuse me, that’s SyFy now, which is another example of a cable channel abandoning its roots).  Same goes with all the Nostradamus and other guessing games of the Bible and physics.  Half of Nostradamus’s predictions haven’t even come true.

If A&E wants a Discovery Channel clone, turning the History Channel to that clone is not the way to go.

And believe it or not, I am a 31 year old female.  I have always enjoyed history. I had a professor in college beg me to become a history major because of my love of history.  I have learned a lot from the OLD History channel, and not this new impostor.  I come to History to watch documentaries.

I may be one viewer with a small voice, but many of your old fans feel like I do.  Abandoning the History may bring you higher ratings now, but who’s to say it will in the long run.  As it is now, your advertisers are loosing one set of eyeballs with me choosing not to watch you any more.

I doubt I’ll get a reply, but at least I got my opinion of my chest. I’m getting sick of all these cable channels becoming clones of each other.

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Off to the Movies
Posted on January 3rd, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

Line for the next Avatar showing.
Line for the next Avatar showing. by peachy92

Today, my father, Beth, Ben, and I went to see Avatar today. In 3-D. At the IMAX. For those in the Atlanta area, seems there is a new IMAX screen at the AMC Barrett Commons 24 in Kennesaw. The screening we went to was sold out. We bought our tickets yesterday for today’s show.

It was a nice movie.  It is one you have to see to understand.  No words I can use to describe the experience of the art in the film.  My family joked that they will never be able to see another movie in the standard way again. I enjoyed the night scenes on Pandora.  Pure eye candy for me.  I wanted to kill Giovanni Ribisi’s character, Parker Selfridge, with a bullet straight in the forehead.  Everytime Colonel Miles Quaritch was on the screen without a mask, I kept waiting for 4 minutes to pass by.  I could recognize CCH Pounder as Mo’at, but I couldn’t remember the actress’s name.  Michelle Rodriguez was actually likable in the film.  I never did care for her in other things I saw her in.  Sam Worthington needs to lose the standard military hair cut. Just not flattering to him.  They also did a good job of making him look like he lost use of his legs.  My dad asked was he really crippled. I had to remind my dad that Terminator Salvation was shot after Avatar.  Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar looked like her.

While not a life altering movie, I am speechless in describing it more without spoiling it.

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