Oh Christmas Tree
Posted on November 29th, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

My Christmas Tree
My Christmas Tree by peachy92

Thanksgiving was cool.  Prior to going to Nashville, the sisters and I went to Zoo Atlanta.  We spent time with the extended family.  My only regret was not getting a group photos of the family.  In fact, some of my younger 2nd cousins ended up annoying me.  I don’t know if it’s the Gen X/Gen Y difference.  Some of us are Gen X, but most of them are Gen Y.   After dinner was over, my clan went back to the family home and spent the rest of the evening playing games like Cranium.

We came home Friday.  We took our time getting back to Atlanta.  Prior to leaving Nashville, we visited the graves of my grandparents buried there and my father’s maternal grandparents.  We stopped at White Castle so Beth could try it.  My dad and I passed on going home to Savannah for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, I took Beth and my father to the World of Coca-Cola.  Drove by the Varsity and it looked like Athens had invaded.  Of course, Tech lost to UGA. After we got home, we put up my Christmas tree.  We even had Christmas music playing.

In other sad news, looks like my nice Fujifilm S5200 camera has died.  Thankfully, my birthday is close enough that I can justify a new camera.  I’m also going to look into getting the 5200 fixed.

Tomorrow, I must return to a busy work week.

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Posted on November 22nd, 2009 @ 8:23 pm

Ruby Falls Cave
Ruby Falls Cave by peachy92

I have had a busy past 2 weeks. Since my last post, thanks have been busy here at Inicio Latta del norte. On the 12th, Beth came up with some friends and Nicki. She dropped Nicki off at my place and then went to a concert. On the way home to Savannah, they hit a deer. The van is now in the shop until sometime after my birthday.

On the 14th, Daddy and Nicki went home to Savannah for a few days. I stayed behind and drove around Troup County before enjoying the rest of my quiet weekend.

When Daddy returned to Atlanta, Nicki came back with him and has been here ever since.  She’s been using her time here to recover from surgery.  During this time, I have been busy with work.  However, I was woken around midnight last Thursday to give Jessica directions to my apartment.  No one told me that she was coming to town, nor that Matthew was with her.  She ended up dropping Matthew off to sleep here while she stayed with a friend before they did what they came to North Georgia to do.

Beth came, this time with Ben, on Friday.  She planned on spending her birthday weekend up here. While waiting for Beth to arrive, since I got off work early on Friday, Nicki and I went to the World of Coca-Cola again.  Beth finally got to my apartment a few minutes after Nicki and I got home.  She wanted Steak ‘N’ Shake for dinner, so I took her and Ben there.

Yesterday, to celebrate Beth’s birthday, we went to Chattanooga, TN for the day. We went to the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls.  We had a blast.  I took both my cameras, letting Beth hold the Polaroid i1037.  At first, she didn’t want to use it, but once we got to the penguin exhibit, she whipped out the camera  from her pocket and went crazy with snapping photos.  The rest of the day, she kept saying, “Wanna look at my penguin photos?”  She used the camera the rest of the day.  Between the aquariums and the falls, I stopped to get her new batteries and a new memory card for the camera.

Ruby Falls Cave got got to a few members of our party.  They had panic attacks about being in a cave.  However, it was worth the adventure when we got to the waterfall in the cave.  Beth took video of the falls with the camera she used.  I will admit it takes better video than my Fujifilm camera.  After we got back to the Marietta are, we went and tried Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q.  My father saw it the other night when we went somewhere else for dinner and thought it would be a good place to take Beth for ribs.  The girl was very pleased with her rib order.  She considered this her best birthday ever.

Now, I’m getting ready for a 2 day work week prior to Thanksgiving festivities.  My sisters and Ben are staying one more night before having to go back to Savannah for their pre-Thanksgiving obligations.

Listening to Backstreet Boys – “It’s Gotta Be You”

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Get On Your Snuggie
Posted on November 10th, 2009 @ 7:08 pm

I broke down and bought a Snuggie today.

My cubicle has been moved at work. As a result, I am sitting straight under an A/C vent. Being that I work with computers, we need the A/C. So guess what? I’m getting cold.

This morning, I was freezing. I found it hard to get some work done. So, for lunch, I went a got a Snuggie at the nearby Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I ended up getting the Breast Cancer Pink Snuggie.

What prompted me to get a Snuggie? The sleeves part. I mainly got it to cover my upper chest area. My jacket yesterday wasn’t cutting it. Also, I don’t like my arms feeling constricted.

I fell for the Snuggie gimmick!

Actually, I’m not upset at myself for getting a Snuggie. I see it as a way to combat a problem preventing me from being productive. Now, I can be warm and still do my work.

When I go back to work, one of my co-workers saw I got the Snuggie. She wanted to see what it looked like and watched as I opened the box. A few other people noticed I had a Snuggie, too.

So what do I think of it? Well, the fleece is keeping my upper chest area warm. That’s the main function and it’s doing it well. I don’t really need it at full length. The full length has been getting caught in my chair wheels. To stop that, I have had to bunch the Snuggie up on my lap. Also, I don’t like the feeling of it falling off my shoulders. That’s the problem with any front loading piece of clothing. I wish there was a latch in the back to keep it stable. Notice how you never see the backs of anyone in a Snuggie ad?  Also, the fleece seems to be a lower quality fleece.

Hey, as long as it does it’s job in keeping me warm and free to do my work, I will keep it.  I just need it to function.

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Back in Atlanta
Posted on November 8th, 2009 @ 11:26 pm

Wormsloe Historic Site
Wormsloe Historic Site by peachy92

I have made it safely home to Atlanta.  Nicki seemed to get better as days progressed.  She’s still in pain, but she’s going to get better.

I did work while in Savannah, remotely.  And when I wasn’t working, I was visiting friends and places that are home.  I stopped at my pre-college place of employment and said hello to the only co-worker left there from my days. Caught up with her a bit with both my life, her life, and the life of the office.  She introduced me to all her co-workers, and had to show me quickly to the boss. The boss said it looked like I hadn’t aged a bit in the 7 years I last worked there.  However, I sure do feel it!  Seeing the co-worker did me good.  She reminded me of a tale of something my mother did for her family and how she always remember it.  She said my mother would be proud of where I’m at.

That’s the thing with me.  I always feel like I’ve let me mother down.  I wish I knew why.

I also had dinner with Chris and Lindsey. It’s always great to see them. The are some of the best friends I have ever had.  I’m so glad to have them in my life.  I also had lunch with Melinda.  I owed her a few minutes of my time while in Savannah.

I also spent time out at Wormsloe.  I had never been out there while living in Savannah, because I had always heard it was a couple of rocks in the ground.  However, I decided to finally check it out.  When I stopped to pay my entry fee, I noticed there was a sign about a photography fee. Because I only had my Polaroid i1037, I was not charged a fee.  Had I had my Fujifilm S5200 (which I left in Atlanta), I may have been charged it.  I sent a message to Gennie about the fee, and she did some research.  As a person who only uses her camera as a hobby, such a fee is discouraging.

On my way home today, I stopped briefly in Statesboro and Barnesville to take a few photos. I would like to go back to Barnesville to use my better camera.  The town had a great photography feel to it.

Now that I am home, I have one little Graysie wanting me to hold her.  She missed me while I was gone.  I missed her, too, along with Scooter.

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I Don’t Know Much…
Posted on November 4th, 2009 @ 10:47 pm

Other than I feel lost.

Nicki is home now.  She was discharged today.  She’s now on her computer playing her WOW and back to normal, except for the post-surgery pain.

I did work today;  remotely.  Actually worked about 9 hours today.

Being home has made me want to come home.  And before I get into that, right now, I’m going through the process of trying to define hate.  So what is hate?  The definition is:

  1. a. To feel hostility or animosity toward.
    b. To detest.
  2. To feel dislike or distaste for

And right now, I guess I hate someone in my past for being so right about me.  Why did he have to be right about me most of the time?  He told me if I worked from home, I would whither away and it wouldn’t be good for me.  I would just become a recluse.  And yet at the same time. while I know working in Atlanta is good for me, at the same time, I still feel lonely.  And yet here, working from home, I felt happy.  I felt happy knowing my family is right here if I need them, and so are my friends, and I didn’t feel lonely.

What I’m saying is, I wish I could come home.  I enjoy my job, but I miss Savannah.  If only I could get them to balance out.

Even half a world away, he still gets at me.  At least I’ll admit that fact.

Listening to: Michelle Branch – “Sooner Or Later”

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Out of Surgery
Posted on November 4th, 2009 @ 12:02 am

Shawn and Nicki
Shawn and Nicki by peachy92

That’s me and Nicki in 1984 when we went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

Thank you everyone that watched my Twitter account and Facebook for updates and sent messages of encouragement.  And for those not in the know,  Nicki was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She was very ill and required surgery today.  Thankfully, it was laparoscopic surgery.  As soon as I was off work yesterday, I rushed home to Savannah and spent the night with her in the hospital.  She had the surgery today, spending most of the time on pain medication.  In her poor mind, she thinks I was at lunch all day.  Truth be told, I was waiting on here or sitting with her most of that time.  She made it out of surgery OK and is in a room for the night.  Jessica is with Nicki for the night.  I would have stayed, but Jessica told me to get some rest.

I am off to bed for now.  If all is right, she should be home tomorrow.

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