Change of plans
Posted on March 29th, 2017 @ 8:23 am

At the Darien River

I had a vacation planned for next week, but life happened and now I can’t go on it. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’ve been in a funk at the moment and this didn’t help.

At the moment, I wish I had the money to go on vacation to Europe. I would love to take my Holga, La Sardina, and Diana F+ and just shoot with film.

This picture has nothing to do with my post, other than it was taken with a $8.00 film camera with a plastic lens.  I’d take that camera, too.

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The Train Goes To Plains
Posted on December 3rd, 2016 @ 3:49 pm

Less than a month left in 2016.  I don’t know to be relieved or sad.

Years ago, my mother and Nancy were talking and the next thing I know, they have planned a trip to Alabama along with Nancy’s friend, Patsy. Being the time that Nancy wanted to go on it was after her birthday, but it fell on mine, my mother said the only condition she had for the trip was that I went, too.

Nancy decided that she wanted to do another birthday trip. This time, it was going to be a trip to Southwestern Georgia to ride the SAM Shortline. The particular route she wanted was the Presidential Flyer Train Ride to Plains and Archery, GA. I’ve been to Plains before. Added into this trip was a visit to the Andersonville National Historic Site and the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village, with staying the night at the Shalom House Bed and Breakfast. She tried to replicate the good parts of the last trip. Richard went on this trip as well as their married daughter’s mother-in-law, Joyce.

I need to return to Andersonville again. I had a great-grandfather so many greats back that I don’t know died at Camp Sumter or Camp Lawton or in between the 2. He was a union solider that didn’t want to fight at all, according to the family story. At Andersonville, they have the cemetery, the remains and replication of Camp Sumter, the POW camp in the Civil War, and the National Prisoner of War museum. I want to go again to visit the library there.

After the trip to Andersonville, we went down to Tifton, GA to visit the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village. We didn’t have the best visit.  It was not the best visit.  Seems all the local and regional schools decided to visit the museum the same day we did.

My problem with the museum, as I posted in my Trip Advisor review, it was not fun.  Growing up, I was active in Girl Scouts and when I’d off in school or Scout trips, we ALWAYS had to use a buddy system and we had to be well behaved kids. The chaperones for all these school trips just didn’t care.  The kids were brats.  They were running around; some of them nearly his poor Nancy, who has a walker due to her leg health.  As Nancy was trying to get into the drug store, kids were running over her going in an out as well.  I might want to go again, but they really need to close the museum to the public on days like the day we went.

We ended up going to our B&B next.  Patsy made a nice spaghetti dinner.  We enjoy the peace and quiet away from the suburban and urban life we come from. The B&B owners have cat that aren’t allowed in the cabin we stayed in, but we got to enjoy Pogo’s company on the porch.

The second day was spent on the SAM and visiting Plains and Archery.   It was fun being on the train, looking out the window at rural Georgia.  I was barren and in-the-middle-of-being-plucked cotton fields.

Once we were in Plains, we walked around.  At one point, we had stopped at a corner; while I was taking a picture for a mural, and Nancy was deciding where we go next, we ended up next to the Secret Service vehicle that President Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, use to come into town for business. To me, it wasn’t out of ordinary seeing this kind of vehicle, but when the agent driving is standing outside the SUV has a mic on his neck, it was obvious what was going on.

We never met the president, but I was able to get a photo of him shaking a man’s hand in Archery.  There were having a special event out there and the Presidential Couple made an appearance.  While we were in Archery, Joyce and I toured the boyhood home together.

It was a nice trip.  I was glad I went on it.  It was nice to take a trip that I didn’t have to worry about anything. No driving was nice.

I made a special Flickr album for the trip:

Nancy's Birthday 2016

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Classic Post: How I Spent My 24th Birthday by Shawn Allison
Posted on November 30th, 2016 @ 11:25 pm

This post is missing some of the entry, but I have reposted the important parts. From December 9, 2002:

Okay, as I was writing the topic for this piece, I felt I was back in school again writing an essay. And as with some essays, you place a by-line on it. I just had to do it.

Plus one more thing before I start the super long (you have been warned!) entry you are about to get: I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes in my blog and the real birthday cards I got. magsmile Now to breakdown tonight and do my Christmas and Thank You cards. I’ve got quite a few to do. magsmile

As I stated before I left, this trip this past weekend was to Alabama to visit the Ave Maria Grotto and Helen Keller Birthplace. The Grotto is in Cullman, AL and the birthplace, known as Ivy Green, is in Tuscumbia, AL. Also, we stayed the night in Florence, AL at the Wood Avenue Inn.

Friday night, my mother and I spent time traveling to our starting point of Augusta, GA. My mother’s friend Nancy lives there. Going along with us was Nancy’s friend, Patsy. As everyone joked to me this weekend, I spent time with three menopausal women and survived it. Really, it was no problem for me. After all, this was really a trip to celebrate Nancy’s birthday, and I was the tagalong since it was actually my birthday. So, we got to Nancy’s home and crashed for the night. Before I crashed, Nancy gave me a birthday gift of some nice Avon jewelry. It was a silver bracelet in one box. The other box had a matching clip-on earrings and necklace set. Both are beautiful. I’ve yet to take the necklace off.

The next morning, the four of us packed the car and ate at the Waffle House at 7 AM before leaving town. Nice cozy breakfast we had. Then it was time to head to the I-20 and go on our way to Alabama. I slept half the way to Atlanta from Augusta so I didn’t get to see much of the growth this corridor has has. Atlanta via I-20 is not as bad as I-75. Usually, we come into Atlanta from that road and I fear driving it. I don’t think I would have had a problem driving I-20. It was about late in the 9 AM hour when we went through Atlanta and then the Alabama border isn’t that far. Birmingham, here we come.

The trip to Birmingham wasn’t bad, either. In Alabama, they require trucks to stay in the left lanes of the Interstates. I was dumbfounded by this since in Georgia, trucks are required to be in the right lanes of the Interstates. Just confuse me, why don’t you! maglol My mother was still driving at this point. She did all the driving this day. She probably would have let me drive but I don’t like her car I didn’t feel I could do it. And on this section of the trip, I spotted from the Interstate, the Talladega Superspeedway, which I laughed about. I’ve never been to a NASCAR event, but I’ve seen two of the racetracks now, being the second is Daytona every time I travel to Orlando. Finally, around noon, we get into the Birmingham area and go through it.

We made a restroom break at McDonald’s/gas station in Warrior, AL. My mother got me some rabbit figurines there. magsmile That’s one thing if I ever get married, my husband will have to deal with a room in a rabbit motif. maglol We got back on the road and finally got to Cullman around 1 PM. We stopped at Cracker Barrel and had lunch. And shopped. This was a shopping weekend. My mother got a few Beanie Babies items. Two ornaments and a Beanie cat that had a date special to her as its birthday.

Finally, around two, we got to the Ave Maria Grotto. It was interesting. It felt like my party spent more time in the gift shop instead of the actual Grotto. But, it was cool. The Grotto is nothing more than the art work of a Brother Joseph that made miniatures of famous sites and building, using photos as the source, with the miniatures made of cement, rocks, marbles, broken glass, and other items he found or donated to him, place outside to view. My mother was the person that really wanted to see this. And they shopped. Nancy ended up getting me another gift here. magsmile She saw in the gift shop a rabbit figurine made out of real Alabama clay and thought of me. I didn’t even know there was one in the gift shop. While they did the shopping, I went outside and sat in the peaceful, cool Alabama air, meditating.

I’m 24 and like I’ve doing since my 20th birthday, wondered about my life. What its purpose? That type of thought. I don’t know if I thought God would answer me at the Grotto. But then, I realized how my life is compared to others and that I am lucky. I’ll land back on my feet in regards to my job. I’m in school and will one day get a degree. In what, I’ll figure out later. maglol And as for love, I’m not going to rush it. It will happen when it happens. I just have to remember what John Mayer says at the beginning of a live version of “Love Song For No One.” So in a way, I guess God did answer me.

So, as we left the Grotto to head to Florence, Nancy gave me the rabbit. Florence is about 2 hours away from Cullman but it’s on the other side of the Tennessee River from Tuscumbia. Nancy got us a couple of rooms at the beautiful Wood Avenue Inn. My mother and I shared a room and Nancy had a room with Patsy. I had one of the best nights of sleep there. The bed was nice and cozy, and soft. I didn’t want to leave the bed. But we had to so we could visit Ivy Green.

Now, for those that have never been to this part of the country, it’s an interesting place for a Geography buff like me. magsmile Florence is in Lauderdale County, north of the Tennessee River. Across the river, is Colbert County, home of the towns of Tuscumbia, Sheffield, and Muscles Shoals. They call the area the Shoals area. All four towns/cities are on top of each other. You don’t know which town you’re in unless you know what side of the river you are on and if there is a sign near you telling you where you are. We killed time at a Rite-Aid and McDonald’s in Sheffield. At the Rite-Aid, you looked down the street and could see into Tuscumbia. maglol

Nancy was working on postcards to send her friends and remarked how people she grew up with lived in Decatur, AL. We drove by Decatur on our way from the Grotto to Inn the night before. My mother found this out and made Nancy call her friends to let them know she was in Alabama and maybe they would like to get together at Ivy Green to see Nancy. Well, they where thrilled about this and drove to the Rite-Aid to meet us. So, our party grew by two more ladies to visit Ivy Green.

Ivy Green is small but it was, for lack of another word, interesting and educational. However, we all felt our tour guide was annoyed by us. She didn’t show us the kitchen building, the side cottage, and the carriage house outside the home on the grounds. She didn’t go upstairs to tell us about the history of the rooms there. Someone suggested she may have been ill, which could have been true. Yet, we just didn’t like the tour. She never said anything about Helen attending Radcliffe! That was probably the sticking point for me. But, we did see and learn a bit more about Helen Keller. And, we saw the famous pump! magsmile

So, after the Ivy Green tour, either Nancy or her friends suggested we head to Decatur and have coffee with them. My mother agreed to it, knowing seeing these life long friends of Nancy meant something to her. Nancy joined her friends and Patsy stayed with us to get rest on the way to Decatur. Two things I observed on this trip. One, the side of the road was littered. It wasn’t your paper cups and hamburger wrappers you usually see. The litter was cotton. Cotton plants were all over the side of the road, with cotton in them. It was a site and my mother joked about stopping and taking some cotton. And in Town Creek, I believe or just outside of it, we saw a swarm of birds in a field. It may have been a quarter acre of birds there. My mother remarked it was a scene from The Birds.

It was nearing dark when we got to Decatur. While at Jimmy Nell’s home (Jimmy Nell being the mother friend of Nancy’s), all the “adults” sat talking and listening to my mother and Jimmy Nell playing piano. I did sit and talk for a bit but I saw a globe and road atlas in the home and spent most of the time there looking at them. My quark, yes, but I do enjoy staring at a map and just seeing the layout of a state and spotting cities and towns I’ve heard of before and remembering where they are. We also had a Pizza Hut dinner while in Decatur. One pizza was sausage and pepperoni for me and the other pizza was Hawaiian pizza. I told them I wouldn’t have minded if they got both pizzas in Hawaiian.

Finally, around 6 PM last night, it was dark and we needed to get on the road. I volunteered to drive at this point. Nancy and Patsy couldn’t drive and my mother had done all the other driving. I felt she needed a rest. So, we stopped by the Wal-Mart on the way out of Decatur so Nancy could get yarn. That’s her quark. I drove from Jimmy Nell’s home all the way to the Talladega area. I nearly got into a collision getting back onto I-65 South from a stop at a gas station. My mother’s car has very bad blind spots and the car I could I sideswiped was in a blind spot. Other then that and scaring my mother around some trucks, I think I did well. In the Talladega, passengers needed a potty break, or “tinkle tinkle” as the joke in the car was, so we stopped at a McDonald’s. I handed the car over to my mother to make the rest of the trip. Across a business driveway was a gas station that happened to have a replica of a Sterling Marlin race car. My dad is a NASCAR fan and he happens to like #40. I finished off our film taking photos of this car for my father. I then called him on the phone and he seemed interested in seeing them. magsmile

Except for one last stop in Madison for gas, the trip home was uneventful except for seeing a car turned over on West bound I-20 east of Atlanta. Many cars on that side of the road stopped to help and traffic started to back up. I hold the people in that accident are ok. Once in the Augusta area, we took a shortcut on a new road that starts in Columbia County at I-20 and cuts into Richmond County across the street from Gate #1 at Ft. Gordon. To make it back to Nancy’s as fast as she could, we took that way. The young MP at the gate for some reason, reminded me of Lance Bass of *NSYNC. And then to boot, the three menopausal women were flirting with him. maglol And he was playing back to them!

We got into Nancy’s home around 2:30 and collapsed. Nancy and Patsy had to work today and my mother and I made the trip back home. But all in all, it was a wonderful and memorable trip. I enjoyed it. magsmile And that’s how I spent my 24th birthday! magparty

I do have some photos from the trip between what Patsy had on disc for us and what I scanned from our photos:

Ave Maria Grotto

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Cruise Pictures
Posted on October 27th, 2016 @ 8:28 pm

Earlier this month, my sisters, brother-in-law, and I went on a cruise.  The married sister had a balcony with her husband, since she gets motion sickness. The single sister and I got an upper/lower bunk setup for as cheapest as we could get. Being a cruise, we figured our room was for sleep and down time, only, as well a storage for our stuff.

There are no words to explain how wonderful and needed this vacation was.  I feared we wouldn’t get to make it because of the weather system known as Hurricane Matthew. It was going to Eastern Florida as we were driving to Miami for our trip.  We were originally going to go to Key West, but the storm took that out of the equation.  We ended up driving to Miami via I-75 and US 27, with a night stop in Kissimmee because the only hotel room we could find for the night was in that city.

We made it to Miami okay, but I was literally sick with worry about Savannah since it was on the list of cities to be hit by the storm.  Savannah got hit; my dad suffered damage on his property, but for the grace of God my house escaped damage from the storm.  My concern was about my house as it’s the central cleaning house for the family and my dad left a few cats there when he evacuated town and these cats refused to be caught. I just wanted to make sure they survived.  It wasn’t until the first night of the cruise that I knew for certain my dad  and the animals were ok.

My brother and his girlfriend were OK because they were out of town making arrangements to move to, of all places, Nashville, the family’s original hometown.  My brother wasn’t even born in the state.  After driving up to TN for my cousin’s funeral, he complained a lot about the road system up there.  And now, he lives there.

Sorry to have digressed there.  Once I could enjoy my cruise, I sure did.  We had 3 full cruise days.  I won a Ship on a Stick.  I did four excursions on port days:

  • Snorkeling and hanging out with sting rays in Grand Turk.
  • Visiting a rain forest in Puerto Rico.
  • Visiting a rain forest and taking a 4 x 4 tour on St. Kitts.
  • Snorkeling and seeing planes land in St. Maarten.

And I want to do it all again. I just need money and days off.  Days off shouldn’t be too hard, but finding a companion to go with me.

Well, enough of the talking.  The photos can show you more.

Eastern Caribbean Cruise 2016

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I Haven’t Neglected My Blog
Posted on October 21st, 2016 @ 10:34 pm

St. Maarten Rainbow

A photo posted by Shawn Latta (@peachy92) on


I’ve been living life this past month. Between worries about Hurricane Matthew, getting stuff done for work, and then going on a week+ cruise, the blog was lowest priority.

I am currently going through my photos from my cruise.  I must have about 600 to share. I had a great time.  The photo in this post is from as were leaving St. Maarten, there was a rainbow. I only had my cell phone on with me, so this was the lucky shot.

I have plenty to share once the photos are all processed and posted to my Flickr account.

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Dreams of Europe
Posted on June 4th, 2016 @ 9:30 am

Riverboat Dock

One of my college friends is doing something I think is totally awesome. He’s taking the summer off. He’s packed his kids in the car and are taking a road trip to Alaska. From Savannah, GA. Talk about the mileage!

So far on this adventure, they’ve visited Mammoth Cave, Badlands National Park, seen a blue person, camping, and other all sort of fun I’d like to do.

A passion of mine is film photography.  It’s a hobby. I have an account on  I watched the new X-Men film last night and at the beginning, when Moira was taking photos, I was excited about the camera and wondering what it was. A lot of the photos on Lomography are taken overseas.

Between the two, the friend’s trip and the photography, I would love to just spend a few days in Europe with a film camera and take photos.  Maybe one day.  Heck, even the cross-country trip with film cameras sounds awesome.

While I was in Nashville, I took a few shots with my Diana F+ Love Letters and my Holga Fuschia Fusion 120N. I’m looking forward to seeing how those came out.

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The Wanderlust is Back
Posted on May 5th, 2016 @ 5:47 pm

This past weekend, Nicki and I went to our old stomping grounds, the CSRA. We spent our younger childhood there. As we drove through Augusta, my sister said the same as I have the past few years. It’s tired looking. It doesn’t look like anyone cares about the city anymore. It’s quite sad to feel that way.

However, on the east side of the Savannah, the Aiken area looks a lot more alive. It seems like it’s cared for. Did everyone in Augusta that cared for it and could afford to move head to that side of the river? There was a vast difference between Richmond County and Aiken County.

We stayed mostly on the Aiken side of the river. We drove up to see Amy Grant, Ellie Holcomb, and Nichole Nordeman perform together. The show format was the same as the Amy Grant show I saw in Greenville, SC earlier this year.

Live Life Together Tour

Overall, it was a great show. I loved the new music I was introduced to from Nichole and Ellie.  I downloaded their latest when I got home.  I loved the fact I FINALLY got to see “Every Heartbeat” live.  Nicki and I had front row seats, and we were dancing in our seats singing along together.  Between that and the fact that the venue didn’t have that many people appear, we’re certain Amy could see us enjoying the show.

The trip, however, stirred up my wanderlust again.

Before leaving SC to head back into GA, I read up about The Little Boy and we stopped there.

What were you running from?

I don’t recall ever hearing about The Little Boy in my youth. I’m a little curious as to why.  Based on the story of the little boy,  if it was haunted, I’d think my mother would talk about it.

Next month, I have a week off from work.  I have 2 days worth of activities planned.  Now to plan the rest of the week off.

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A Quick Trip to Portland
Posted on November 9th, 2015 @ 7:31 pm

Portland, OR

Last Monday before last, I get woken up by my sister, Nicki, that my other sister, Beth, won a trip to Portland with radio station Y100.  It was to see and meet Charlie Puth.  At the time, I had no clue who he was, and the getting asked to go to Portland at the last minute, while you are sleeping, can be jolting.  Once I was awake, I realized what had happen.

Beth wanted me to go with her.  She has never flown before and wanted her sibling with the most flying experience.  That would be me.  I made a mad scramble to arrange PTO to go out there with her.

Our only hiccups came from and at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The glide slope was down and there was no way to do a visual approach into town. Until the equipment was fixed, we were stuck on the tarmac in Savannah until they got the go ahead. Then, once we got to Charlotte, there was no gate attendant there. Oh, by the way, our layover for Charlotte to the next destination in our flight plan, Dallas, was 35 minutes. Once we got off the plane, Beth and I hoofed it from Terminal E to Terminal B, only to see our flight had closed. So, we had to go to customer service and hop upon a new flight to Portland. We ended up on a direct to Portland from Charlotte.

Once we got to Portland, we ate at the airport and then took the MAX to the stop nearest our hotel. We got into our room, decompressed, and then went to bed. For us East Cost girls, 10 PM PST is LATE for us.

The next day, we walked around for a bit and met up with my friend, Riika. She lives in Portland. She took us the Portland City Grill to see the city. We also hit up Voodoo Doughnut. I think the shop overwhelmed Beth.

Later that night, we went to the Skype Live Studio and saw Charlie Puth and got a (horrible!) photo with him. Beth was given standing room only tickets, first, but then the distributor realized that she hasn’t given out our true tickets. She starts calling Beth by her true first name. Beth had actually gotten front row seats. Oh, if looks could kill, the baby teenagers would have killed us. Yes, we were older than most of the girls, there. That I couldn’t not help.

As well as I can’t help but go on a tangent. I am at the point in my life that I can honestly say I was old enough to be their mothers. I still feel like a teen at times. Beth was busy asking me if she was the same at their age. I just looked at her and said “Otown.” Even nearly 13-14 years later, she STILL won’t let me get rid of my Nokia phone cover that Dan Miller touched when he talked to her on my phone. Nicki arranged that call, by the way.

Back to the show, we have front row. This concert was live on Skype. Riika, and Gennie, my good friend in Savannah I met Riika through, are watching it. They are messaging me during this show, wishing they could be there. Yes, they can see our heads. Great! At least it was just our heads. Other all, it was a short, fun show. When we finally met Charlie, The first thing he asks us is if we are sisters. The kids wasn’t the only one that could tell. The flight attendant on the CLT-PDX flight gave me the answer to a question my sister asked her. I know she felt bad, but I was cool with it. Charlie, however, even asked with we were twins, which upset Beth a wee bit.

In other observations, the kid, Brady, from Live 95.5, was had an enjoyable conversation with us. All the other teens were anxious for him to talk and hang out with him, but he talked to us a bit for of all things, Waffle House. Being a Southern boy himself, he was missing them in Portland. You do get used to them and IHOP just can’t compete at times.

Beth didn’t like the smell of Portland. To her, it seems like wherever we walked, smelled of pee and crap. She called Port-A-Potty by the time we left.

I finally got to visit Texas, if even for a 2 hour delay in DFW. We enjoyed some Cousins BBQ pulled pork. Beth didn’t want any at first, but we ended up splitting the sandwich. She also liked the Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen in PDX. I wish I had a chance to have tried Brunch Box, but I didn’t see the sandwich came with egg, so I gave it to Beth. She was in Breakfast Heaven with their food.

Over all, I do want to return to Portland one more time. I want to take in the things I couldn’t do in the 1.5 days we were there.

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We’re a Chickenshit Nation and the National Parks Service is Leading the Way.
Posted on August 20th, 2015 @ 10:15 am

A shameful site.
My father and I, when we can, go and explore Civil War sites. Monday, in Virginia, before we came back to Georgia, we stopped at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. Within the park, is the Groveton Confederate Cemetery. That’s when I got PISSED.

I was already angry being there. In case you missed it, I think the whole debacle of refusing to sell the CSA battleflag is a bunch of bull. Really people, a 4 inch by 6 inch desktop flag is REALLY going to kill someone? Evil is found within the heart, not a flag.

However, while in the gift shop, I noticed that they were selling the desktop version of the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag. So a CSA battleflag is evil, but the 34 stars version of the U.S. Flag is not. Never the mind that slavery and hate flew under BOTH flags. History lesson everyone – the so-called “Border States” of Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware had slavery EVEN after the The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. So yes, I do see the refusal for selling the CSA battle flag as a form of erasing and censoring history.

Forgive me if I once believed that we here in the USA was beyond the capabilities to be like those in 1984 and Joseph Stalin. We recognized the truth and history were ugly.  We tried to make amends for what was wrong, and yet exposed the bad because we left it as a reminder of where we were to get to where we are now. Sadly, we’re now a chickenshit nation. And yes, I do see in terms of the banning the CSA battleflag that the National Parks Service is leading the way.

But back to the photo and my real anger. The cemetery is a Confederate cemetery. Except for one headstone, the monument in the center is really what is known about the dead – which is NOTHING. It’s just a sentiment respecting the dead. And yet, there is NO flag at the cemetery flying. NO FLAG. Not even a U.S. flag! No respect.

Here’s my take on it. All I know is those buried at the cemetery died in Civil War. Should not a flag be waiving over them as a sign of respect? We don’t have to agree what they fought for, but those buried there were our brothers, our sons, our uncles, our nephews, our loved ones. Don’t we owe them their dignity in death as they seemed to have in life fighting this war?

I doubt this will get much further than a few eyeballs, but if it does, I have a challenge for you Jon Jarvis, Director of the National Parks Service. When are you going to swallow your pride, grow a pair of balls, and stop this insanity that YOU personally have contributed to? Allow a desktop version of the flag to return. Place a flag at the cemetery to respect these dead AMERICANS. Show the compassion that even Lincoln was willing to give these people. Lincoln was no saint, but even he realize that the War between the States was a war between one giant family.

So yes, forgive me if I saw that lack of a flag as a sign of disrespect and I got pissed.  I’m from the south.  We don’t have to agree with our ancestors down here, and Lord knows we don’t, but we try to respect them.  We know they weren’t saints, but they’re family and family is a big deal here.

Every day, it seems, I lose a little of my love for my nation and its people because we’re just allowing ourselves to destroy what made us great.

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Sometimes, I wish I had the job of a travel blogger.
Posted on August 8th, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

Scenic Lookout

Such a job sounds nice at times. Getting paid to travel and take photos. Sadly, I don’t have such a job, so I do it in my spare time.  One day, I would love to go see Europe and Australia. I’d love to take a cruise to Alaska or Mexico.  I’m going to try to aim for the Mexico one, soon.

Until I can afford such luxuries, I will travel in my car around the region or take a cheap flight to somewhere else.

For the month of July, I went to Virginia for a few days.  I met up with an online friend I had never met and met up with some other friends I haven’t seen since the 1980s.  It’s always great to catch up and just talk with friends. Coming back from Staunton to Eastern VA, I stopped a some scenic lookouts, and got some nice photos, including the one in this post.

And yes, I spent time with my dad, who is working in VA at the moment.  Together, we went to see the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center and Arlington Cemetery.  I brought up Arlington, but he really wanted to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.  Since it occurs every hour at the top of the hour, we were able to catch one.  It’s a depressing one, but an important one.  That unknown represents all the unknowns we have out there.  Arlington has so many alone.  That’s why when I see an unknown, no matter if he’s USA or CSA, I stop and respect them.

I did head into D.C. alone on the Metro.  I got myself to the National Museum of American History without getting lost too much.  The only time I got lost was trying to get back to the Federal Triangle station and took the long way.  I was so hot, I just cut through a building after going through security.

If that wasn’t enough travel, the next weekend, I went to Atlanta for the trivia finals.  My friend, Melinda, got us a hotel room for next to nothing, and we drove up.  We had 2 other team members from one rivals and best trivia buddies join us for the game.  We didn’t win, but we weren’t chumps, either.  However, Pizza Hut and Mexico are going to be on my mind for a long time.  And had we been part of the tie breaker, we would have won it for my answer was right on the dot.  Don’t ask me how I remembered David Justice hit 305 home runs in his career, since I don’t like stats like that, but I did.

On the way home the next day, we stopped in Juliette, GA to eat some fried green tomatoes.  Juliette is home to the Whistle Stop Cafe, a restaurant in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  A bulk of the film was filmed in that town.  The city and the restaurant thrives on tourist based around that movie.

I’m broke for now, but it will be interesting where my next trip will be.

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