Biscuit Kitchen Closed
Posted on October 13th, 2015 @ 9:48 pm

I woke up this morning to see that Fayetteville, NC’s own Biscuit Kitchen has been closed due to tax issues.  For the most part, I have good memories of the place.

When we moved to NC all those years ago, there was also a location in Spring Lake.  We loved it, but there there was a health scare at the location.  It was the big story at the time.  It took a while for my family to return.

However, when we had it, it was good.  Those square biscuits were fluffy and buttery.  The wrappers were was and I think it helps with sealing in the flavor.

My last memory of the place was at the now closed Grove St. location.  My grandmother has a stroke, and my mother was taking her to the VA clinic for follow-up tests. I was old enough to visit the VA clinic, so my mother had me assist her with my grandmother. After the appointment, my mother took us to Biscuit Kitchen since it was cheap and had plenty of menu items my grandmother would eat.  I don’t remember much about that, expect where we ate.

So yes, seeing a place like this close does hurt.  I hope they can recover in time to open up again.

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Always learning in life
Posted on May 17th, 2015 @ 11:33 am

View of Kansas City

I went on vacation to Kansas City at the end of April. I did a lot of stuff while there:

Basically, had fun and saw a lot of stuff. I also learned a lot of stuff, too.

It’s always great to hang out with Liz.  She’s like a sister in many ways.  Her humor would fit in right with my family.

Kauffman Stadium is a beautiful ballpark.  I had a lot of fun with Liz and her daughter, Alex.  We also got a pair of Zubaz pants as part of Zubazpalooza Night.  Yes, I have a pair of Zubaz.  No, they are house lounge pants.   Nicki saw them and refuses to let me leave the house in them.

I spent time in Kansas while out there.  Ate a a wonder restaurant called Cinzitti’s.  I ate there with my aunt, uncle, and extend family out there.  I also got to visit the Amelia Earhart Birthplace.  It was suggested to me that while I was out there to visit the Frontier Army Museum.  Liz went with me on this day to both Kansas tourist attractions.  She got a small dose of the military life.  She went through the background check and learned there is a Burger King on Fort Leavenworth.  She was tickled to see the Burger King after I had remarked we could always stop there to get a drink.

Yes, for those that grew up in the Army, served in the Army, or worked on a Army post,  you know that there is Burger King on post.  It’s a matter of fact in your life.  However, it’s a weird concept to those that are civilians not expose to this life.

My uncle, aunt, and Liz were gracious hosts.  I think I do like Kansas City.  Even as a large city, the region was cozier to me than Atlanta.  However, I still enjoy Savannah and only wish Southwest Airlines flew out of Savannah.

Since I got home, I’ve been working and getting back into my routines.  That includes trivia.  When I blow an answer, I learn from it.  I’ve also been hanging out with my friend, Shannon.  Trying to swim while visiting her.  Yesterday, I went to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum again.  Again, learned a few things I didn’t know.  Always learning.

The next event to look forward to?  Seeing the Braves in June.

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“You better watch out, there’s a stranger in town.”
Posted on February 21st, 2015 @ 11:28 pm

My finished artwork

Last night, I went to Painting with a Twist with a few friends. We painted the Tybee lighthouse. Or in my case, tried to. My painting didn’t come out like the sample, but it came out as a lighthouse. Now that I know how to paint one, I can paint a few others I have seen.

After the painting, we had dinner.  We were talking about how time flies by.  I mentioned I had a time capsule from my junior year of high school that I need to open this year.

I got my time capsule from my dad’s home and brought it over, along with a few other things.  One of the things I found was my 5th grade yearbook.  At the time, we lived on Ft. Bragg.  I scanned a few pages to share with a former fellow student. He had been wanting to see the yearbook.

My have times changed since then!  That yearbook itself is a capsule in a way. I flashed back to being a military brat again.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.  If you aren’t the stranger in your class, someone else is bound to be.  I think, as part of being a military brat, I have struggles with being close to people, even my best of friends.  I guess, in the back of my mind, I’m wondering when they will leave me, too.  Back then, we didn’t have the Internet like we did.

Maybe this is why I am still single?  I thought about it today as I listened to “To the Moon and Back” by Savage Garden.  While I know my parents loved me, and loved me a lot, the rest of that song describes me in a way.

Yet, no matter what happened to me in the past, I have to keep going and become more social.  That’s why I did the painting and attended a friend’s child’s birthday party.  It’s why I go to trivia on Thursdays.  It’s why I’m going to trivia on Tuesday.  I need to realize that I am loved and people like me.

Sorry to have gone all Stuart Smalley on this post.  I will say it was nice to reflect on those I have forgotten since middle school. I also found a note from my 5th grade teacher.  Mrs. Hyatt left a note telling me to put my mind to it and I could accomplish anything.  Advice that you don’t pay attention to at age 10, but perfect advice for me at this stage in life.

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“In debentures of quality and dubious integrity”
Posted on February 3rd, 2015 @ 6:33 pm

Before I went to bed last night (which was really earlier this morning), I heard “Runaway Train” on the radio.  I thought back to when I was 14 and made a post on Facebook basically thanking my friend Nina. Back when I was 14, felt awkward & alone. I had braces and wasn’t into most things girls my age back then were interested in.  She made things easier for me and accepted me as I was. Everyone needs a friend like that.

Also popped into my head was the bully I had.  I don’t know if you could call her a bully, but in a way, she was.  She didn’t physically taunt me.  Her bullying came in the form of  snide remarks.

We were in classes in 8th and 9th grade.  One of the things I remember her doing was being livid and having the eyes of a killer when I missed a question for a our team in an 8th grade review group session.  Our history teacher broke us in groups and had a trivia game the day prior to our test.  Winning team got a few bonus points.  Back then, usually, the team that had either me, or my classmate Elizabeth, my equal in all things history and geography, would win.  At the time I missed the question, Elizabeth’s team was in the lead.  At the end of class, my team came from behind and won.  I also remember another time she complained that the randomness of who teams were assigned was unfair because Elizabeth and I ended up on the same team.  There was no way another team would be able to beat us.

These are just the few examples I will bring up.  Overall, she made school hell for me. Instead of singing “At Seventeen,” it would be more like “At Fourteen.”

Nina asked me who she was in the Facebook post, and I answered that she was an officer’s kid. Outside of school, we had no other interaction. This conversation made me thing of the haves and the have nots in junior high.  My junior high was on Ft. Bragg, so your haves in this case were mainly the kids who fathers and mothers were officers.  Most of the kids, or the have nots, were enlisted kids.  Nina and I were enlisted kids.

In the military brat world I grew up in, most of the enlisted kids were cool.  A majority of us did not wear our parents’ ranks on our shoulders.  We were just kids that loved early ’90s hip hop, the Fox network, ice skating, and other teen items.  If our parents could afford something, we’d get it.  Sometimes, you couldn’t because you’d be from a large family and family essentials were more important than a Starter jacket.

The same can apply to many officers’ kids as well.  Some of them never let on that their military sponsor was an officer.  However, a lot of the kids from officers’ homes did.  They were the rich kids of Ft. Bragg.  They could get the latest Starter jacket or whatever the hot item of the week was.  They thought Daddy’s rank meant they could do whatever they could in school.  They could be some of the rudest, meanest kids in class.   My bully fell into this group.

All these later, however, I just look back and pity my bully.  I don’t know what made her mean.  I don’t know if she was raise to wear her father’s rank or what.  I just know she was mean.  She was mean to me.  She was mean to a few other kids.  And even if she’s married and has kids or what, and is the sweetest thing ever now, in 1993, she was mean.  Something led to her being that way.  Whatever it was, it was detrimental to her in some capacity.

However, if she was to come back into my life again, I doubt I would have anything to do with her except for a few polite exchanges.

I will admit, in first grade, I was a bully.  I was the second lowest rung on the totem pole in Catholic school.  Picking on the lowest run girl in class helped me feel better in a way. At age 6/7, you don’t see it as the insecurity that it was. I know that was wrong of me and I’m sorry. I would apologize if I could.  I can’t remember her name. After that year, I think karma caught back to me and I was never the popular girl at the Catholic school.  I wasn’t the popular girl at Ft. Bragg, either.

I would like to give credit where credit is due.  Most people complain about high school, but my classmates in high school were great and nice.  I am contact with many of them still to this day.  They could have been snots as well, but never were.  I was just shy, and based on my history prior to moving to Savannah, between school and my home life, I had trouble being open and allowing them into my life. I wish I could have been more open in high school.

As for the purpose of this post, it’s just a reflection of my life.  It’s an understanding of military brat life.  It’s coming to terms to being bullied and being insecure.

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“Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should”
Posted on September 26th, 2013 @ 6:58 pm

I am torn on this song and the reasoning of how it came about. I understand the sentiment of what it’s saying, but at the same time, it makes me sad.

Growing up, and even to this day, I have a defiant streak. With things I feel passionate about, I try not to back down. It’s cost me a few things, but in the long run, I needed to be defiant. It has made me a bigger person. And for that, I love this song.

But Natalie Maines’ actions since that outburst have made me sad. And I think that’s because of my background.

I have mentioned before that I’m the product of two political ideologies, as well as being a military brat. I was raise to love my country, but allowed to be disappointed in it. I was encouraged to express my disdain, but need to be civil about it.

My father was send to Saudi Arabia just before I started 6th grade. Due to the start of Desert Shield, we were encouraged in one Language Arts assignments to write a letter to the President. I forgot exactly what I wrote. All I know is that I was 11 and expressed my displeasure about Desert Shield. Whatever I wrote for that assignment caught the eye of my teacher and she asked me to strengthen the letter. All I know is that I had to be civil about it.

Civility – I think that is something that is missing these days.

All this talk and hype about the Affordable Care Act is making me sick. I’m tired of seeing everyone wanting to snap and belittle everyone on this law. Why is everyone being so ugly about it? Is it the passion? Passion is not wrong. But when you tell me I am wrong and stupid for my opinions, it makes me made. Don’t tell me I’m stupid. And show me where I am wrong. Convince me, civilly. This is something I’ve had to learn. (And no, I am NOT in the mood to discuss that law here.)

So back to the Dixie Chicks. I don’t mind that the didn’t agree with the war with Iraq. I just hated the way they said it. It just came across as hateful to me.

And as I was reading Wikipedia on this issue, I read the quote by Maines that says “I don’t see why people care about patriotism.” And this one makes me sad and in a way, mad.

I care about patriotism. I’ll criticize my country. I’ll embrace it. Patriotism is not all about “USA! USA! WE RULE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD DROOLS!” It’s about loving my background. It’s about knowing where I came from. It’s about having a home. It’s a connection to people that understand where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s about wanting the best for what I call home. And maybe what I feel as patriotism is something only a person that lived my life can understand. But it’s not something evil as she made it out to be.

So yes, Maines can have her opinions. She’s entitled to them. It’s the harshness in her effort to get them across that get to me. Just as she wants people to accept her right to viewpoint, she needs to accept that their are opposing views.

With my friends, many of them think differently than me. And that’s ok. I’ve learn to accept them and not allow those differences to get in the way. When they get hateful and start wishing me harm, I’ll write them off. Until then, I will accept you as you are. I think we owe each other all that, instead of the hate out there now.

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Military Brat Wonderings
Posted on October 30th, 2010 @ 8:39 pm

Most of my childhood was spent as a military brat. Actually, it was a pretty stable brat life.  I lived in Augusta, GA for 8 years.  I lived at Ft. Bragg, NC for 4.5 years.  I lived a pretty civilian life in Augusta.  Ft. Bragg was a little different.  We lived on post and most of my social life was on post.  However, because of the life style of that post, 4.5 years was a long time there.

But, because I am still a military brat, lots of people came in and out of my life at Bragg.  Pictured with me are 2 girls that lived on my street: Becky Bird and Amanda Nelson.  Becky was my age; Amanda was about 4 years younger than us.  Amanda had 2 older sisters – Genevieve, who we called Jenny, and Jacqueline, who was known as Jackie.  Jenny was a year younger than me; Nicki’s peer.  Jackie was 2 years younger than me.  She was the Nelson sister I was closest to.  She also shared a birthday with my mother.

Because we lived on the same street, we hung out together all the time.  We would listen to New Kids on the Block all the time – and each girl had their favorite.  Nicki was a Joe girl.  Becky and I fought over Jon.  Amanda was a Jordan girl.  Jenny identified with Donnie the most.  Jackie was a Danny girl.  Many of our weekends were spent just talking about the band.  Hey, we were 8-12 years old – that’s what we were to do at that age, yet still could be little girls playing with dolls and other toys.

Well, over time, the other girls all moved away.  Becky moved to her hometown of Clinton, IA.  The Nelson girls moved to Pensacola, FL.  That’s the last I ever heard of them.  And in this day and age, I haven’t been able to find them on Facebook.

That’s not to say I haven’t found others I knew at Bragg on Facebook.  In fact, several have found me. I was so happy when they did. With some deep Google searching, I found one of Nicki’s best friends from Bragg.  Nicki was happy when I found her – Nicki had been wondering about her.  Another friend of Nicki was actually found via the friend’s sister and our brother.  The friend’s sister was in Kindergarten with our brother and one day, she added my brother on Facebook.  My brother couldn’t remember the girl, so he asked me about her.  Once I explained they were in Kindergarten and sisters were best friends, he understood and Nicki got back in touch with her friend.

I also have found friends from my days in Augusta.  I was glad to find them.  I just wonder about them and want to know they are ok.

But for these Spear Dr. girls, I still wonder about them.

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