Some widgets should be more selective.
Posted on February 3rd, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

So, I just checked my referrer log and see I’m getting hits from CNN about my little opinion piece on Savannah’s City Manager Search.  So, I took a browse and found a little widget on the side of the screen.

I pulled up the Local Weather & News tab and plugged in my dad’s zip code.  And low and behold, I see my blog entry as a local news for Savannah, GA.


The first thing is that my blog is not a source of news.  It’s a place for my opinions.  I may reference news articles, but I am not providing the news. Anyone relying on my site as a news source, other than news about me and my thoughts, needs a better filter.

That includes CNN’s widget. I think the programmer of this widget could have been more selective in what to use as a news feed.

And what processing this widget uses, seems WSAV uses the same type processing.  I got a hit from WSAV as well.

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