Dear Keaton,
Posted on December 11th, 2017 @ 7:14 pm

I don’t know.  I will probably never meet you.  You will probably never read this entry.  However, this is something I had to get off my chest.

I’m not picking on you with this letter.  I am looking at it from a neutral side. Don’t take it personally.

If you were the original bully, shame on you.  However, that shame should really be placed upon your parents, if the stories of them being racist is true.  They are the adult; you are a child.  They should be teaching you positive life lessons, not negative ones. You should not be calling other children slurs. They are like you; they are being taught lessons in negativity and hatred.  They are not learning about turning the other cheek and walk away.  You need to learn that lesson, too.

If the original story I heard was true, I’m sorry you are being bullied.  I had one in 8th grade. Again, turn the cheek, for they know not what they do.  I was taught as a kid going through these troubles that most bullies suffer from inferiority complexes. They don’t like who they are, so in order to improve there esteem, they pick on someone “lesser” than them.  I heard your speech. That could be a reason, but I don’t know.  Kids are cruel and make fun of anything. These bullies have their own issues and insecurities and are trying to compensate for that.

Again, I don’t know the whole story.  It hurt to hear you cry. You resonate with many of us because we have been that picked on child.

As for the adults in this story, they are the shameful ones.  Shameful that you are being taught horrible lessons in life.  Just as you can’t help your speech, those kids can’t help what color they were born or other problems they have in this whole story.  However, the adults in your life and their lives are failing you.  You should get along with one another.  Be friends over stuff like wrestling and Ninja Turtles.  I’m sure you have something in common.

I think you are a poor victim in all of this.  Either you’re a victim of your upbringing or a victim of some other kids’ lack of an upbringing. Now that the world knows what is happening, people are ganging up on you.

I hope and pray you find peace.  I hope and pray the other kids find peace. But now, it’s time for me to address the grown-ups.

To all the parents of the kids in this story: YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY! You have no class. You aren’t teaching your children how to be decent people.  I don’t know which persons in this story are the aggressors and which ones are the sitting ducks.  No matter who is starting the problem, you are teaching these kids to bully back.  They already feel like crap. You are encouraging them to take on more crap. Be the bigger person and put a stop to this madness.

And this letter doesn’t just end with Keaton, the other boys, and the parents. It’s about ALL of us as a whole. I have seen some vile and rude people taking out the anger on his mother’s rumored racists action out on the poor child. He is a child.  Like balloon boy before him, he’s just a pawn in the game played by the adults.  And we, society, are wrong to take that anger out on him directly. You are no better than the other adults in this drama.  You have an inferiority complex as well.  It’s so sad and pathetic that you actually think you’re in the right and justified and dignified to attack a poor child. A poor child that can’t help when and where he was born, the family life gave him, and the people that life has placed around him. Even if he wasn’t a victim of the original story, he is now. You are bullies.  Bullies hiding behind a keyboard. I pity you because of that. I pity the fact you are so insecure, you have to justify your ego by insulting an 11-year-old boy. I pity you for being so dark and unkind. I pity the fact you aren’t trying to improve the world. Actually, that last sentence shouldn’t be about pity, but disgust. It’s disgusting that you rather destroy this young boy than to help him up.

As for those that have seen that the kids involved are suffering and don’t deserve to be bullied, thank you.  I wish our fellow humans would take note.  We need to quit tearing our society down and starting helping one another.

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Some days, I just want to say screw it all to hell!
Posted on October 7th, 2017 @ 9:29 am

(People tell me that I feel too much)
Oh no, ’cause I don’t care; no, I just don’t care anymore
As I ride this train

It’s been a while since I last posted. So, what’s happened to me since then:

  • Went on a cruise.
  • Returned to work.
  • My aunt died.
  • I went to Missouri to help my uncle.
  • My sister adopted a kitten.
  • My sister totaled one of my cars.
  • I had to evacuate my home for the threat of Hurricane Irma.
  • We went to Nashville, TN, because it was the closest city we could get an RV park space.
  • Came home. Waiting for the next piece of shit to hit the fan.

I swear, each time I post, I’m becoming more and more cynical.

Personally, I’m sick of what’s being flung at me. When does it stop? When the bill collectors start asking for their money, I’m starting to feel like a joke when I tell them the latest on why I can’t pay them. I leave them speechless when they call.

As for the world, I want off it. Seeing good like the people of Texas helping one another while it flooded after Harvey was great. And then the NFL goes and ruins that good will by protesting the National Anthem because President Trump hurt their little feelings. Well, you know what? Screw you NFL. That attitude is what is wrong with the world. Life sucks, get over it. You aren’t the first group of people to get your feelings hurt. To take it out on the American Public like you did disgusts me. I recognize your right to your feelings. I just think you are pansies in how you expressed it.

Prior to this, it was the event in Charlottesville. That was a clusterfuck. Seems like if you stand for the Bill of Rights, you’re racist. Racist people are vile. I don’t care which race you are advocating for. The fact that you will dismiss another population due to the hatred in your heart is the problem. And just like the pansy NFL players, the racist groups like the Skinheads and Neo-Nazis are afforded a right to speak. I have to protect heir rights, because if I don’t, there goes my rights. It’s a shame we even have Skinheads and Neo-Nazis in the first place.

And now there’s the Las Vegas massacre and people thinking gun control would have stopped it. People want to make it about gun control. Newsflash – there is gun control. Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 “it shall be unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a machinegun.” He should have never had one. As for guns, I don’t like them, but I know they are needed, sadly. I always loop back around to the The Monkey’s Paw portion of the “Treehouse of Horror II” episode of The Simpsons. Lisa wishes for world peace, which is all nice and dandy until the aliens invade.

When I was in high school, a kid was murdered on campus. I walked by it, oblivious to it. I was so used to the kids at the bus ramp acting up. The next year, we had to have mesh or clear bookbags. My homeroom was discussing that rational of such bags. We came up with ways to kill people with our books, pens, and pencils. We’re weren’t psychopaths. We were just jaded high school students. We knew at age 17/18 that if you want to kill someone, laws and regulations won’t stop a person. They will find a way to kill.

Examples of massacres & attacks on the public not using guns:

I could list more, but I think those are good examples.

The truth of the matter is evil is taking over the world.  It is corrupting us. It is taking us over and causing us to fight one another.  It’s breaking us out into our inner savage beast.  It’s tearing friendships apart.  I feel like we’re turning into savages. No wonder I’m turning cynical and depressed.  I want to just say sayanora to this world I’m living in.  It’s not a very nice one.

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Handicapped parking abuse – How to tell you are a douchebag:
Posted on May 3rd, 2017 @ 5:06 pm

Handicapped Sign

  1. Your car has no handicapped license plate.
  2. Your car has no handicapped placard.
  3. You are parked in a handicapped space.

Bonus points if you were the persons today that got into the handicapped spot just before I did at the Savannah PetSmart in a yellow SUV with the Ware County license plate asking for a dog stroller. I know I shouldn’t judge you, but you didn’t have the proper handicapped items for your car. I saw you park in that spot. I didn’t see your handicapped tag.  I didn’t see your handicapped placard. I saw you get out of your car and saw you walk into the store. That’s what made you douchebags – what I listed above.  Both of you. However, some will claim the dog stroller alone makes you douchebags.

As to why I was in a handicapped spot? My poor father. Since his surgery, he’s in pain. It hurts to walk. For his surgery, it’s going to be a while until he’s somewhat normal. He had doctors’ appointments today I took him to. Like my mother taking care of my grandmother, I took car of my dad using a walker and a wheelchair. He can’t drive for at least another month, so I asked if we could get him a handicapped placard. If we kids are taking care of him, then the least we can do it use the handicapped spots to help him. The doctors agreed and we got him one after we left the doctors’ offices.

If you, the douchebags, need a handicapped spot, just do what I did today.  Visit a doctor and apply for the placard or plate.  The plate cost $20 and the placard was free. All you need in the State of Georgia is MV-9D.  It took less than 10 minutes for a doctor to get his office to write it up and the visit to the tag office was just as long as any other for me using their services.  In total, today, it took us about 30 minutes to get his tag.

I have always felt this way about handicapped spot abuse.  I was 14 when my grandmother had a stroke.  We had to get a handicapped placard for her. She had to use a walker. It would suck when we would see people that didn’t need the spot using it as their own personal spot.  No, it’s not your personal spot.  It’s for those that really are immobile or do suffer from chronic pain.  If you have the tag, then I can’t begrudge you. Denying my grandmother the ability to enjoy life because you are a selfish pork-faced pig does anger me.

Mary Ellen had a tag due to her COPD. When I would hang out with her and Harold, we’d park in the handicapped spot so she go enjoy life. She did all she could do, even drive, but had to have oxygen.  However, if she wasn’t with us, Harold and I didn’t park in those spots. We weren’t going to abuse them, even if Harold looked as if could use the tag, too.

So yeah, if you park handicapped spot and aren’t cleared to use it, you are a douchebag.

As for my father, at the moment, the tag is temporary one.  We’ll revisit it in 6 months if he needs another one. He’s suffering nerve pain from his surgery in the leg they had to pull some veins from.  Other than being miserable from that, as well as still weak, everyone says he’s looking good for just having the surgery he had. People don’t believe he’s as old as he is.  He would rather be healthy and not need the tag. Until then, he’ll use it.

Sadly, there will be douchebags like the ones I’ve encountered.

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Tim Gunn, did you hear me?
Posted on September 9th, 2016 @ 5:53 pm

I saw this article circulating on Facebook this morning: Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It’s a disgrace. As I read it, I was mentally giving Tim Gunn a high five.

I made this same tirade 4 years ago after seeing this crap:

My 2 comments at the time were from men wondering the same thing.

2 weeks ago, I went shopping with my sister and later met up with a friend. That day was a disaster:

Mall induced depression.

The TR;DR of the photo caption: Shopping made me depressed because I couldn’t find my size, nor saw something I wanted in my size.

Now, I know I need to lose weight. I need to get to the gym this weekend. I am trying to do what I can with the time and energy provided to me when I’m not working 50+ hours weeks. However, the weight isn’t going to magically fall off me. My friends that have a significant amount of weight can attest to that. Weight loss takes time. In fact, I am going to take a walk after this posts.

Yet, I do want to enjoy cute clothes when I can.  Maybe I do want to splurge on myself and buy The Mayfair Tee-jama set from Victoria’s Secret.  But when you don’t have it in store, in my size, you’ve lost a sale. And you’ve broken my heart.

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Why can’t inhalers have flavors?
Posted on August 2nd, 2016 @ 9:28 pm

No, really.

I have asthma.  It’s not severe as it could be.  It only becomes a problem if I try to run.  I can swim with no problem, but running has me huffing and puffing.  This is why I walk when I’m at the gym.

I was placed on two inhalers for asthma.  One is Symbacort.  It’s gag me with a spoon horrible.  Maybe I’m taking it incorrectly.  I just know when I took the breathing treatment to determine how and when I would need medication, it was in the mist.  I could taste it and it was not pleasant.  It is this that I wish was flavored to mask the horrible taste.

The second medication, ProAir, is a much better one.  I can’t taste it.  It’s just albuterol,  which I know is nasty from trying it in the past. I don’t know how they did it, but I’d be happy if the Symbacort was the same.

Just griping for now.

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Flickr Coders Anger Me
Posted on December 6th, 2015 @ 7:07 pm

Warning, angry post ahead.

Yesterday, I was going to look at my Flickr archives to look at some photos for a certain day. Flickr at least hadn’t fucked that up yet.

Well guess what, the coders did!

They decided to FORCE everyone to use the Camera Roll for looking at their archives. Personally, I think this is a dumb as fuck move.

First off, the Camera Roll is in Beta. It still has bugs. That’s cool. It’s in Beta. I didn’t have to use Camera Roll unless I want to. KEY WORDS THERE PEOPLE! IF I WANTED TO. If I didn’t want to use it, but use another interface instead, I could do it.

This is what the Camera Roll looks like:

My new archives
(Click to enlarge)

This is the interface I wanted to use:
Other People's Archives
(Click to enlarge)

Now don’t get me wrong, Camera Roll has is good points. I like I can take a batch of photos and see if they all have the tag I want them to have, and if not, add the tag.

However, I don’t want to use it to see my archives. I want it to look like the calendar above.

Seems I wasn’t the only one that wanted this look. There is a thread about it: Clicking Archives Takes Me To My Camera Roll.

However, one of their “genius” developers (or customer service reps) said of the old code that some of the users asked about:

Ahh, the Archive pages! A brilliant piece of code from the early dawn of civilization. First Prometheus gave fire to man and then shortly thereafter, he gave us the Archive pages. That being said, we are going to be deprecating them in favor of the Camera Roll for date-based photo navigation.

Lest we forget the Camera Roll is STILL IN BETA!

I get paid to customize and quality test software as a living. However, using beta software in my personal life should be a choice, not something forced onto me.  My using the Camera Roll to edit photos and look at archives should be my choice.  However, if I want to use the calendar, until that Camera Roll is out of beta, then let me use the calendar.

Also, most website applications are made of AJAX-like code and can be processed on-the-fly.   Why can’t Flickr do the same for the calendar? I rather use old code that functions as it should than new code that doesn’t work.

Oh year, and the Camera Roll didn’t work for me last night.  I went to open a photo using the icon for photo opening.  For EVERY photos posted that specific day, the opening the photo in a new page did not work.  Now, again, I can accept that in beta code.  However, all I wanted was an alternative view where I could open that photo properly.

I think that got me the most angry about this is how Flicrk staff responds to all the concerns and questions when people ask about their new and improved! code that doesn’t work. Instead of listening to feedback, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and try to find a compromise to improve the functionality of Flickr, without alienating users, these developers do  something else.  They blame the users for not being receptive to the changes.  It’s like we’re dumb for not having the ability to to envision that the crap they provide us is wonderful.  A shiny turd is still a turd. I feel they harbor contempt for the end user.

Oh, and just because I CAN and WILL revisit this entry: Remember this quote of a #FlickrFail

They were saying we didn’t need Flickr Pro anymore 2 years ago? Well, guess what’s back: FLICKR PRO! They raised the prices for new users, but it’s funny how the CEO of Yahoo! said they didn’t need it.  For being such a smart and savvy businesswoman, clearly Marissa Meyer didn’t understand what made Flickr Flickr.

I laughed my head off when they brought Pro back.  Clearly someone somewhere realized they needed to bring it back and the service they provided when they terminated Pro wasn’t getting people to bite.

Also, in looking back at that post and the screenshots I provided, I am laughing at the fact that they had to go back and redo the design.  That crap they offered in 2013 is not what it offered now.  Again, they had to go back and clean it up.  Back in 2013 they removed the maps.  In 2015, the maps are back.  Personally, I think the 2015 design is better.  Maybe someone back there does have a clue, after all.

I can only hope that the people that realized some features should have never been removed and brought them back in a cleaner, just as intuitive version, will read the complaints and bring back the calendar.  No need to reinvent the wheels here, Flickr. When you’ve tweaked the wheel enough that it’s become a square block, then you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

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Back to the Future Day
Posted on October 21st, 2015 @ 5:54 pm

Everyone is celebrating it. And yes, I got a taste of it, I guess.

I got the following e-mail today:

An odd e-mail

So today is October 21, 2015. This e-mail was for a product that shipped May 15, 2012.  Let’s do the math.  That’s 3 years, 5 months since this order was shipped.  I was still living in Atlanta.

As I write this post, I just got a letter explaining as to why I got this letter.  Due to this error, I have a 30% coupon for my next purchase.

One thing I learned in college working for my degree is that some times, information packets get lost.  I thought maybe this e-mail was really from 2012 and the packets finally found their way home to each other. 😆

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Another one of those weird dreams.
Posted on March 31st, 2015 @ 8:06 am

I was going to a NASCAR race with a friend from Australia that loves it.  On the way there, we were tying to avoid some idiot in a pick up truck that was as orange as the General Lee.

I get the NASCAR and the orange pick up truck.  Something I like and someone I was trying to avoid.  However, I don’t get the Aussie.

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The Participant Ribbon
Posted on May 25th, 2014 @ 10:41 am

I only caught part of this video the other day, but enough that I did want to make a comment about its core principle. I am not going to talk about the video itself.

You see, when I was a kid, way back in the late 1980s, my school had a Field Day each year. I loved field day. It meant summer was near and it was an excuse to get out of the class room. Our field day was always held at the affiliated Catholic high school. Mothers would come out and cheer us on.

In first and second grade, I always got 2 ribbons. One was a white third place ribbon and the other was a green participant ribbon. They were jokes to me. Everyone got that green ribbon. The third place ribbon was a way for the volunteer moms could give every one a ribbon for at least the relay race. My class would be broken into teams, usually 4 teams. The first place team got a blue ribbon; second place would get the red ribbon, and all the other teams placed third. And ALL the kids had to run the relay. So yes, I knew that white ribbon was a pity ribbon.

I remember in second grade, I was crying because my sister, Nicki, who was only in first grade, had a red second place ribbon in an event other than relay. I think it was the Potato Race  It sucked knowing you weren’t that great at athletics. My mother consoled me about it, told me I was a winner anyways, and then promptly took us to McDonald’s for the other part of the field day ritual.

The next year, for Field Day, I was not expecting much for ribbons in count.  I knew I was going to get the relay ribbon and the participant ribbon.  This year, I was entered into the Potato Race.  I remember racing my heart out.  I thought I had won second place.  I finally got a ribbon of my own.  When I saw my classmate Melissa get the red ribbon, my heart was broken.  I thought I hadn’t placed.  I felt dejected.  I walked away to cry.  Next thing I know, Vic’s mother came over, asked me my name, and promptly wrote it on a ribbon, and then pinned it to me.  Maybe I had placed third, after all?  A white third place ribbon in something other than relay would be a big deal to me.

I looked down at the ribbon.  It was a blue ribbon.  A BLUE RIBBON! This was better than that red ribbon my sister won the year before.  I also remember my class walking by the bleachers where the parents were sitting to observe.  Next thing I know, I hear my mother clapping and jumping up and down.  She could see I had a blue ribbon on my chest, and she was proud and relieved.  Proud that I earned that ribbon.  Relieved that I wasn’t going to be crying after the end of the day.

As I got older, I cherished only the blue ribbon.  I got the white and green one for merely showing up.  I had to earn that blue one.  So I carried a potato on a spoon across 10 yards.  I did it and I did it before the rest of my classmates.  It was mine!

Yes, the blue ribbon, not the white and green ribbons, taught me about earning things and how earning things are rewarding.  Well that, and all the stuff I earned in school.  In first grade, if were earned the most amount of stars each week, we got a certificate.  Once I learned how to get one, I did everything I can to get one.  I think my mother ran out of wall space in my room at year.  I did the BookIt program because I loved getting free pizza.

Other the years, it has encouraged me. In college, I worked hard in school to keep my grades up.  It kept me on scholarship.  I was able to pay for a majority of my schooling via grants and scholarships.  I got a degree and my parents didn’t have the burden of paying for it.  My parents told me when I was 14 and I toured Fayetteville State University as a part of the National Junior Honor Society field trip that I would have to pay for my college.

And now, at my age, I am going to grad school.  How I am paying for it while paying for a car and a house? Again, the reward system.  My job has a tuition program.  For as long as I’ve been there, my employer will pay for the bulk of my degree, provided the degree is related to my line of work.  As long as I do well at work, I can get this reimbursement if I go well in school.  I have been working my tail off at work, and school.  It’s hard, but it was worth it when I got that A in that class.  However, I know if my work starts suffering, the degree goes on the back burner.  The degree won’t pay for my car and house at the moment.

To loop back to the participant ribbon again.  I know people that took the participant ribbon in their lives.  Those people expect the world to give them everything. They get mad when they don’t get what they think the deserve.  They are miserable.  They don’t appreciate what good they have in there lives.  A lesson in winning, as well as losing, is what field day is about.  It’s not the ribbon in the potato race that matters; it’s the lesson one received in getting the ribbon in the potato race that we all need.


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I’m Not Too Football Smart…
Posted on February 2nd, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

…but I think that the Broncos lost that game as soon as it started. I think they were so fluster at that safety, they couldn’t get it out of their minds.

Commercials were mostly a bust, too. Radio Shack, the Muppets, and the Stud were funny. Nearly everything else bored me.

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