Cart Before The Horse
Posted on January 9th, 2017 @ 6:36 pm

I’ve been reading the stories about the Georgia Southern takeover of Armstrong, because let’s face it, it’s not a merger, it is one school absorbing the other.  There was a Facebook entry on the protests today on WTOC’s site.  One of the comments was as follows:

Omg the snowflakes….

I have to support the students protesting in this.  I may not agree with ever single student protest there is, but I think the Armstrong community can smell some manure when it’s being plated in front of them. They aren’t snowflakes all the time, and in this case, I’m not going to call them snowflakes.  They are asking deep questions that deserve some answers.

The Armstrong community is keeping each other in the loop when we can.

Well, there was a post on the Reddit stating that Armstrong would cease to exist on 1/1/18.

The comment:

Well, a friend sent me a letter from a professor of her. I trust the letter as I had the same professor. I’m not going to post it for now, because it’s not my place to share the whole thing. However, there are 2 lines in the letter that are very interesting. I think they should be shared.

The most interesting line in the letter is:

We will remain Armstrong throughout 2017.

Does that NOT line up with the Reddit comment or what? As another friend of mine as said, who knows the true story and who hasn’t been in the loop in get go?!  The Reddit comment at this point is not a rumor, but a fact.

The other line in the letter is:

The main point of this document is to ensure that you understand what is known, and can differentiate that from rumors.

Well, I’m sorry, but that point of the letter doesn’t help.

“Rumors” are going around because the Board of Regents has placed the cart before the horse. They are so HELLBENT on this merger, it has been done behind the community’s back without an input or questions about why this is going to happen, besides “it we better both communities.” To me, all that is  talk and buzz worthiness. It doesn’t give me answers and it doesn’t make me feel better.  Due to the time ratio between announcement and the vote, yes, it bothers me as it bothers others.  That should bother everyone.

The community has no answers. Our source of answers to our questions is that from those that post on Facebook and the petition on THEIR viewpoints. Students crying fowl because of the bait and switch tactics of the commitments and scholarships of student athletes.

Also mentioned in the letter is that basically, no one knows how the merger is going to take place. I think a former state legislature and local newsman has said it well:

Some have messaged me with questions or concerns about the status of the Armstrong “merger” proposal. As previously…

Posted by Sonny Dixon on Monday, January 9, 2017

So yes, there are questions that need to be asked and answered:

  1. Who suggested this merger?
  2. When was it decided it was to be Georgia Southern and Armstrong to merge?
  3. How long has this merger been in the works without public input?
  4. When did the faculty and staff of both school find out about this merger?
  5. What will happen to the student athletes of Armstrong?
  6. Why are we waiting until AFTER the official vote to perform town halls and meetings to perform the merger with a deadline of 1/1/18 for the merge?
  7. What are the benefits for Savannah?
  8. How will tuition costs be handled?  

I know there are more specific questions and answers to be had, but for now, these are the big ones for me. These should have been answered before this process started, not after the fact.

The friend that sent me the letter thinks it will be a good thing. She shared the numbers about Armstrong having a low rate of graduation being “on-time.” Who or what defines “on-time?” As for Armstrong, it is not a “traditional” college. Yes, it does have a lot of transfers to Georgia Southern, but mainly of these transfers are kids that aren’t ready to move away from home. An environment like Armstrong allows these kids that extra growth they need before moving to another school. A lot of the students are non-traditional to begin with. Life is going to dictate when they can graduate, not a per-determined “on-time” schedule. A majority of my classmates were non-traditional. Very few were traditional. As for some of the traditional students, they came to Armstrong for reason they have stated in the petition. Basically, Armstrong provided them the environment they needed, not Georgia Southern. Some came for a smaller campus. Some came for the athletics. Some came for a school that wasn’t known as a party school. I do not like that push to increase “on-time” graduations when not everyone can be full time students.

Why am I and others having to have to ask if this environment will preserved BEFORE the vote? Again, this should have been resolved before the vote! Many of these questions should have been asked and answered.  If they were asked and answered, why doesn’t the public know?

Yes, I am probably beating a dead horse at this point. To me, it’s not about the merger in many concepts. To me, it’s about how this whole “merger” takeover came about. It’s the lack of transparency and communication.

By the way, rumors aren’t rumors if they are true.

I have e-mailed the BOR.  I called them today, only to be told to leave a message.  They probably took my information and placed it directly into the garbage can. I really think they have turned into the Vancome Lady plugging her ears.

Overall, as far as I can tell, this process is just a turd sandwich with a nice shiny wrapper. That’s my opinion for now.

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School Memories
Posted on January 8th, 2017 @ 9:46 am

Additional information on the Armstrong Atlantic State University situation:

  • The Board of Regents has a contact form and an Instagram account (@borusg). Contact them there was as well as the other ways I’ve mentioned.
  • On Facebook, people are using the tag #NoMerger
  • Share information with one another! I know the Armstrong Alumni has an extensive network, even if we’ve not members of the official group.
  • Attend the rallies other people have scheduled. I would love to go if my job gave me more than 30 minutes for lunch. Information as below:

Merger Protest at Armstrong in front of President Bleicken’s office Monday AND Tuesday starting at noon. We need to…

Posted by Sonny Dixon on Sunday, January 8, 2017

Here is an example of one of my Instagram posts for Armstrong, highlighting some of my time there:

Just some memories from my time at @armstrong_u #nomerger #armstrongstateuniversity #AASUforever

A photo posted by Shawn Latta (@peachy92) on

I urge others to do the same! The petition has 2059 signatures on it. Believe me, it was only at 47 when I signed it on Friday. I know it doesn’t represent the full amount of people angered by this.

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Armstrong-Georgia Southern Merger stories
Posted on January 7th, 2017 @ 3:27 pm

For people that aren’t in the Savannah, GA area, but did attend Armstrong, links to news articles on this matter.

Original posting date: Jan 7, 2017 at 2:27 PM
Updated: Jan 12, 2017 at 6:09 PM





Savannah Morning News: (may require paid login)

Connect Savannah:

If you know of any other links I’m missing on this subject, please link to them in the comments section.

There is also the Reddit discussions: Discussion #1 Discussion #2, and the petition which shares a lot of comments from alumni and students alike.

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Posted on January 7th, 2017 @ 10:18 am

Bits of my diploma from @armstrong_u. Nice to know the Board of Regents killed you.

A photo posted by Shawn Latta (@peachy92) on

This is a fact that the Board of Regents can never take away from me. AASU FOREVER.

Since my post yesterday, I have tweeted a couple of our local news stations that they should look into the fact that the merger is a done deal. Sent them a link to a comment in the Reddit post about the whole deal.  From the /r/Savannah thread, it’s these ones that really have my blood boiling:

No discussion from the public and the community whatsoever. As for the posts, I have screenshots of them in case they disappear.

I have left a comment on the Board of Regents Facebook page AND tweeted them.

At the moment, the petition has 1354 signatures on it.  As I was reading the posts, I see that they are telling the kids they already promised scholarships to start looking for another school as they can’t honor them.  How rude! Really, it’s such a wrong thing to get the coaches to recruit, and then basically tell the coach and his team members that they aren’t wanted or needed. That has to do damage to one’s psyche.  Those kids may not be the the type of player to play in Division I sports, but they work hard in their sport and are winners in Division II.

As I type this, I just got an e-mail stating I got a person to sign the petition. So far, at least 4 people have signed the petition from a link I shared.  I hope more sign it.  Even if we can’t save the school, we can at least tell the BOR how we really feel.

Also, my dad I and I were discussing the merger last night.  He hated the thought of people commuting to Statesboro for classes if they move them from Armstrong to Georgia Southern. The people that enrolled in Armstrong didn’t enroll to make that commute.  If they wanted to make the commute, then they would have enrolled at Georgia Southern.  That third Reddit post above alludes to such an idea. That post mentions that the death of 5 nursing students may have played a role. And while I am sadden and disgusted about that tragedy (making sure I do a sign of the cross passing the scene of the accident every time I’m on I-16 East), moving classes like that opens more students to an opportunity for such an accident. How can they do that?  Many kids and adults go to Armstrong because it is here in Savannah, not Statesboro.

I also started beaming when I read on the petition that a lot of people chose Armstrong for the sense of family and the high standards of academics.  I never thought much about such a standard as I went there, because I have always had a high standard of academics for myself. (I only took the C in Microeconomics because my mother died that semester; the professor telling me to take it and go is exactly what my mother would have told me to do, too, in that situation. I don’t think Dr. McGrath knows how much that little talk means to me.)

I’m also wondering about the chapters of Omicron Delta Kappa (OΔK) and Phi Kappa Phi (ΦKΦ). I was a member of them (I really need to go back and pay my ΦKΦ dues) both. What can we members say now?  And what about the other kids that have chosen Greek life that isn’t academic at all?  Are they booted out or forced into Georgia Southern’s groups.  Will GSU’s members resent ASU’s members.

So, if you are like me and upset about the merger, all I can tell you is to do the following:

  • Sign the Opposition of merging Armstrong State University with Georgia Southern University petition. Speak out on your feelings about the matter.
  • Comment on any of the social media articles from about the matter.  Let the media know how you feel. If you are a kid impacted by the athletics situation, definitely speak out about what happened. If feel the public NEEDS to know about this.
  • Leave a comment on the BOR’s Facebook page and tweet them.
  • Instagram and Tweet your memories of attending Armstrong.  Pictures tell a thousand words. Let others know what the school means to you. Tag @Armstrong_U in all your posts. Show off that Pirate Pride.

We may not be able to save the school, but don’t go down without a fight!

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The Death of Armstrong?!
Posted on January 6th, 2017 @ 6:48 pm

A bit back history for me. When I was a young kid, my best friend and I would sometimes play cheerleader. Our school of choice? Georgia Tech. In high school, I applied to Georgia Tech. Why did I apply? I applied because it was always part of my life, I was smart enough to go, and I pulled a Felicity. I did get accepted to Tech, but I didn’t go. I did go to the orientation for Tech, thankfully hanging out with a few high school classmates, but the closer it was time for me to go, the less I wanted to go. I had a huge panic attack that made my parents realize I wasn’t ready at age 18 to move to Atlanta. I didn’t go.

A year later, when I was 19, I attempted a semester at Armstrong Atlantic State University. The school was in Savannah, so I could live at home. I had another panic attack at the end of the semester and dropped out.

Finally, when I was 22, I realized I was ready to return to school. I went back to AASU. I was able to recover my GPA from the crap it was to a respectable 3.6 at graduation. I worked a few campus jobs and got involved in campus events. I had some disastrous relationships, but also gained some life long friends. Overall, AASU was the perfect school for me.

However, it’s no longer AASU.  The president, from what I understand, got a burr up her butt and decided that AASU was no longer a good name for the college.  I kid you not.  They end up scrapping the Atlantic name* from the school title.  Why? From the school’s own press release:

However, to prospective students and others less familiar with the university, the word “Atlantic” in our name is confusing. Many people mistakenly think Armstrong’s name is Armstrong Atlanta State University. This confusion limits our ability to clearly brand Armstrong as a successful part of the University System of Georgia, with thriving campuses in Savannah and Hinesville.

If people are too stupid to figure out Atlanta and Atlantic are not the same thing, then you really don’t need them to attend the school.  We have other colleges for people seeking a higher education, but they cannot comprehend such differences. And prior to the official name change, the president basically did away with Atlantic in everything else. She wanted to stress Armstrong.

But now?  The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents just gave Armstrong the ultimate insult. Georgia Southern, Armstrong merger vote could come next week. Basically, they want to merge Armstrong into Georgia Southern.  Armstrong would cease to be in name and legacy.  The buildings, students, and faculty will belong to Georgia Southern.

I knew there was a chance Armstrong would be forced to merge with another school, but I always thought it would be Savannah State.  Savannah, SSU, is a historically black college, but Armstrong and SSU have a common history and intertwine classes with one another. Based on the stories I was told, back when they were doing integration in the state colleges, Armstrong’s business school was moved over to SSU and SSU’s education school was moved over to Armstrong. I figured with this all history, and the facts the schools are only 10 miles apart, this would be the merger.

Well, to go on record, I think a merger before Georgia Southern and Armstrong is stupid. Armstrong’s environment is not the same as Southern. Southern is a known party school. I heard a few stories about Southern from a guy that attended Armstrong  the same time as me.

A contemporary of mine from those college days has started a petition about it.  As I write this post, 487 persons have signed it. I don’t know how much this petition has been pushed about. However, the comments are very telling of how the atmosphere of Armstrong means to others.

And yet, according to one poster on Reddit, the merger is a done deal.  All they need is the official approval. If true, the Board of Regents are going to screw this up and screw over the Armstrong family.  Just research the fiasco known as Georgia Regents University.

Disgusting. Just overall disgusting. Shame on all the actors involved in killing my school.


*As an aside here, I thought adding Atlantic to the school’s name was lame when Armstrong went from college to university. I thought it should have been Armstrong State University from the get go. However, as I was attending the school, I came to realize AASU was unique. You say ASU to someone, you could be meaning Arizona State or Augusta State (RIP) or Alcorn State, to name a few other ASUs. However, with AASU, you meant Armstrong. It was then that I loved Atlantic in the name.  It was okay to call it Armstrong as well. Armstrong was always a part of the history.

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“I hate the world today”
Posted on July 18th, 2016 @ 5:26 pm


I will keep my last post private, but this is my overall view of the world at the moment.

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Let’s Stop with the Bathroom Crap
Posted on May 13th, 2016 @ 8:41 am

Here’s my take on the bathroom issue.

If a Caitlyn Jenner wants to use the women’s room, that fine with me.   I already used the bathroom with male-to-female transsexuals.  I also used the bathroom with straight and lesbian women.  We have a code in the bathroom.  It’s not about hitting on one another.  We help one another.  If there is a fight in the bathroom, we protect our own. We are all sisters in there.

If a Chaz Bono wants to use the men’s room, power to him.  I don’t know what male bathroom protocol is, so I can’t comment on it.

If you’re someone that wants to kill a Brandon Teena or a Gwen Araujo, then YOU are the one with the problem.  I don’t give a hoot how a trans lives his or her life until it infringes on how I live.  Using the bathroom is something I don’t consider to be an infringement.

However, what I do care about is allowing a male that sexually preys on the women into they bathroom.  Do you REALLY want to allow sexual predator, a Ted Bundy so to say, open access to your sisters, mothers, wives, or daughters?  Just because it may not have happened, yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen with open bathroom policy. This WILL be a unintended consequence of this open bathroom policy.  I’m sure men wouldn’t want an Aileen Wuornos picking up her victims in the bathroom, either.

“Well, what a about a male-to-male predator in the men’s room?”  I really wish we could stop the Dennis Hasterts and Jerry Sanduskys of the world from preying upon young boys in bathroom. There are also female-on-female killers, like the poor case of little Sandra Cantu.  For this problem, there is no one solution to fix it.

That’s where I love the idea of the family bathroom.  My mother would have used them when we were kids.  She never liked my brother going into the men’s room alone.  She always took him into the women’s room.  I know at times my brother hated it. He hated me taking him to the bathroom. I remember my father taking me into the men’s room when I was about 5.  It was just the two of us on a errand run and he needed to use it.  He placed me into a corner.  I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled about that.  A family room would have made life easier for all of us.

So, I see the origins of this issue, the Charlotte, NC bathroom law. was to protect the Caitlyns, Gwens, Brandons, and Chazs of the world, it also opened the bathrooms up to the Teds and Aileens, too.

Let’s go back to men’s rooms and women’s room.  However, when it comes to transgenders, don’t ask, don’t tell while in the room. MTF come into mine, I’m cool. Your privates are your privates.  My privates are my privates. Let’s have that third bathroom known as the open bathroom.  That family stall or unisex and/or handicapped stall like I’ve grown up having.

However, all this fighting about it and the state vs. feds mentally has to stop.  We’re tearing ourselves apart.  And yes, there are more important issues we should be fighting over and discussing over. Where Caitlyn Jenner pees is not one of them.

Apologies to Caitlyn Jenner on this post.  At the time I write this, you are the most famous trans in our county.

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How did my dad get on a Ted Cruz mailing list?
Posted on April 30th, 2016 @ 8:48 am

No, really.

In my spam folder, I keep getting e-mail addressed to my father for supporting Ted Cruz.  The thing is, it’s MY e-mail address.

It’s one thing if I got the mail.  But my dad?

He doesn’t get mail for any other candidate BUT Ted Cruz.

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To All Trump Haters
Posted on March 12th, 2016 @ 11:52 am

I have one little word of advice for you all. Exercise your right to vote! Take advantage of the primaries. If he is the nominee in November, vote for the one of the other persons on the ballot. This is the BEST way to protest him.

Ignore the news. Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s the type of guy that feeds off any energy directed towards him.

Just remember while you think he’s vile and you express your opinions about him, he and his supporters also have a right to express and listen to his opinions. The First Amendment goes both ways.

For those that were peaceful last night with their protests and did not want that rally cancelled, thank you. You had your voice heard, yet respected your opponent’s right to be heard.

For those that were violent and/or wanted the rally cancelled, shame on you. Would you want someone calling for your rally to be cancelled? Would you want someone to hurt you because of what you believed in? If the answer to either question is no, then why is it okay to do the same?

I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter. I just recognize that some times, even the people you don’t like have the same rights as you.

And if you must ask, I did NOT vote for Trump in the Georgia primary. I just believe he has the right to speak out.

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Living West of the Savannah River
Posted on February 17th, 2016 @ 7:39 pm

For a majority of my life, I have lived within miles of the Savannah, west of it. Primary time, like it is now, is always fun.

So far, watching the 7 PM news:

Trump attacking Cruz.

Let’s not forget Cruz attacking Trump:

Because parts of SC is within the viewing areas of Augusta and Savannah, this is why I see a lot of these ads.

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