Handicapped parking abuse – How to tell you are a douchebag:
Posted on May 3rd, 2017 @ 5:06 pm

Handicapped Sign

  1. Your car has no handicapped license plate.
  2. Your car has no handicapped placard.
  3. You are parked in a handicapped space.

Bonus points if you were the persons today that got into the handicapped spot just before I did at the Savannah PetSmart in a yellow SUV with the Ware County license plate asking for a dog stroller. I know I shouldn’t judge you, but you didn’t have the proper handicapped items for your car. I saw you park in that spot. I didn’t see your handicapped tag.  I didn’t see your handicapped placard. I saw you get out of your car and saw you walk into the store. That’s what made you douchebags – what I listed above.  Both of you. However, some will claim the dog stroller alone makes you douchebags.

As to why I was in a handicapped spot? My poor father. Since his surgery, he’s in pain. It hurts to walk. For his surgery, it’s going to be a while until he’s somewhat normal. He had doctors’ appointments today I took him to. Like my mother taking care of my grandmother, I took car of my dad using a walker and a wheelchair. He can’t drive for at least another month, so I asked if we could get him a handicapped placard. If we kids are taking care of him, then the least we can do it use the handicapped spots to help him. The doctors agreed and we got him one after we left the doctors’ offices.

If you, the douchebags, need a handicapped spot, just do what I did today.  Visit a doctor and apply for the placard or plate.  The plate cost $20 and the placard was free. All you need in the State of Georgia is MV-9D.  It took less than 10 minutes for a doctor to get his office to write it up and the visit to the tag office was just as long as any other for me using their services.  In total, today, it took us about 30 minutes to get his tag.

I have always felt this way about handicapped spot abuse.  I was 14 when my grandmother had a stroke.  We had to get a handicapped placard for her. She had to use a walker. It would suck when we would see people that didn’t need the spot using it as their own personal spot.  No, it’s not your personal spot.  It’s for those that really are immobile or do suffer from chronic pain.  If you have the tag, then I can’t begrudge you. Denying my grandmother the ability to enjoy life because you are a selfish pork-faced pig does anger me.

Mary Ellen had a tag due to her COPD. When I would hang out with her and Harold, we’d park in the handicapped spot so she go enjoy life. She did all she could do, even drive, but had to have oxygen.  However, if she wasn’t with us, Harold and I didn’t park in those spots. We weren’t going to abuse them, even if Harold looked as if could use the tag, too.

So yeah, if you park handicapped spot and aren’t cleared to use it, you are a douchebag.

As for my father, at the moment, the tag is temporary one.  We’ll revisit it in 6 months if he needs another one. He’s suffering nerve pain from his surgery in the leg they had to pull some veins from.  Other than being miserable from that, as well as still weak, everyone says he’s looking good for just having the surgery he had. People don’t believe he’s as old as he is.  He would rather be healthy and not need the tag. Until then, he’ll use it.

Sadly, there will be douchebags like the ones I’ve encountered.

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“Greeting cards have all been sent”
Posted on December 3rd, 2016 @ 10:22 am

Well, not all of them. I will have some stragglers here and there. You know, the cards you forgot to send until the person’s card appears. I had 3 stragglers so far, one as I was packing the cards and two after the bulk of the cards were sent. I also signed up for the Reddit Gifts card exchange because I thought it would be cool.

So last call to my friends – if you want a card, let me know!

As I was working on my cards, my dad was in the area.  I called him over to sign a few cards.  Mainly the ones to my mother’s friends (which remind me I have another one to send later that he said to send. I’ll have to go find a card for her) and our family. I originally had him sign my brother’s card because I thought that was the most important one for him to sign.

I told my father I didn’t have my Uncle Rusty’s address, so my dad accidentally called him when he went to text him.  Rusty called back and they talked long enough to get the address.  Both are like Grandpa – keep the call to a minimum. We got one out to him, which I think meant a lot to my father. I had my dad choose the card and let him write the message, first.

My father helped me work on the rest of the cards.  He mainly placed the peppermint candy seal on the cards.  After they were finished, we took them and mailed them off and then had dinner at his house as we watched American Ninja Warrior.

And since this is Christmas related post, I’ll add a memory from an old blog post related to my dad and Frosty the Snowman:

Today, I had a panic attack one my way home from work. When I told my dad about it, he laughed. It is kind of funny as to what prompted me to start crying in the car. On the radio, they were playing “Frosty the Snowman.” To be honest, I have always not been to fond of the song or cartoon. I know; how dare I! If you think about, Frosty is sad and has to deal with loss. I know at the end of the story, Frosty melts away. Whose wise idea was it to teach kids about loss with a Christmas song? Christmas should be happy, not a time of loss. And believe me, I know all about loss at Christmas time. I just couldn’t deal with the story and turned off my radio.

And cried. I just cried in my car. I cried about how sad life really is. Life is lonely and we’re all on our own. And one day, I am going to melt away like Frosty. How cheerful!

Of course, explaining this to my father just made him chuckle. Who ever thinks of having a panic attack at Frosty? And yet this nutcase did!

I thought I wrote this entry earlier than 2008, which was when it was written. I got caught up in memories from 2005 looking for it and started crying.  I lost my mother on the 5th of December.  That same year, her beloved cat Misty died on Christmas Eve! During the football game the other night, there was the This Is Us promo where Mandy Moore states “Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve.”  My dad said “Yeah, right.” I laughed hysterically at his comment reflecting back on Misty’s death.

Sometimes I wonder how I pull through it all. magsanta

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Father-Daughter Bonding Time
Posted on August 18th, 2016 @ 1:16 pm

My dad and I have different musical tastes.  However, one group we can agree on listening to is Train. I think it goes back to “Drops of Jupiter.” My brother, father, and I all fell in love with the song and would sing when it came on the radio.  I bought the album because I loved the song. I also later bought a copy of My Private Nation because I loved “When I Look to the Sky.”

Back in 2004,  Train played down at Ft. Stewart.  My brother graduated high school and really wanted to go.  Tickets were $16.00 general admission.  That was his gift.  My parents were going to be out of town that week, so I took my brother.  We were close to the stage.  It was a fun show.  When it was available, I ordered their live album, Alive At Last.

To keep a long story short, I got the very underrated For Me, It’s You album in 2006. It was probably the least known Train album, but there are some gems on it.

However, back in 2009, I heard a snip of “Hey, Soul Sister,” found out about Save Me, San Francisco, and downloaded the album. I didn’t know that song would blow up, or that my father would love it.

My dad told me he likes Train because they tell a story with their songs, which is the kind of song structure his enjoys.  So when California 37 came out, and he heard “50 Ways to Say Goodbye,”  he loved that song.  Finally it hit him when he heard the line “Got run over by a crappy purple Scion” what was sung there, he had the biggest laugh.  A joke between the 2 of us is sharing photos of purple Scions we see out in public.

I say “Hey, Soul Sister” was the introduction of a Train renaissance.  The ticket prices I paid for the concert we attended last night would vouch for that.  My dad had fun. He knew just about all the lyrics.  When “All I Ever Wanted” came on, my dad said he liked that song.  I don’t even listen to it. Also, while “Save Me, San Francisco” was being performed, giant beach balls were released into the crowd.  I didn’t get to play the game because when one of the balls were overhead, my dad would hit it.

Train’s opening act was Andy Grammer.  My dad had no clue who he was. My dad did enjoy his music. My dad loved his song “Forever.” Andy was enjoyable, too. One the way home, “Honey, I’m Good” came on the radio.  “Didn’t we hear this song tonight?” was my dad’s reply to it being on.

I will hold this night dear to me.

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“Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache”
Posted on July 24th, 2016 @ 7:29 pm

“‘Cause I want it that way.”

I went and saw Star Trek Beyond today. I went with my father. He wanted to see it. I wanted a reason to get out of the house. He’s pretty much my sci-fi movie buddy.

Prior to the start of the movie, we saw this Ivan and Evie Chipotle ad.  I was scared when my dad started singing the song in the ad, “I Want It That Way.” I guess all that Backstreet Boys Nicki sang over the years and listened to all these years has been ingrained into his brain.

However, this ad stood out to us. It made a bigger impact on him. As in, he never wants to see the ad again because it hit him like Up did. It’s hard for him to be a widower. Maybe I have it better off as a spinster.

I have got to stop calling myself a spinster. I just haven’t met the person yet.

As for the movie, I thought it was the best of the 3.  It seemed to be the most original story line, but I thought it favored the Voyager series the most. Jaylah reminded me of Seven of Nine. The Voyager episode “Friendship One” was in the back of my mind as I watched it. Also on the back of my mind was the U.S.S. Equinox plot.  I was just at a lost of the story line for it, other than it was a Voyager episode. There are a few other odes to Voyager in it, too.

As for my current bout of depression, I hope it will subside at the end of the week when I get my other car back.  I hate sharing cars.  You’d think buying a second car would help me out of this rut, but with the car accident Jessica had this month, I’ve been back to sharing a car.  Rumor has it that my brother’s car will be repaired by the end of the week.  I also got a few days off next month.  I’ll do something on those days, even if it’s just going to Atlanta to see the Braves.  I really need the time off.

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To The Girl That Hit MY SIL Today,
Posted on July 9th, 2016 @ 5:19 pm

Girl, I don’t know if I am angry at you or pity you.  Clearly, your life is a wreck.  You may think your life is a peach, but based on the research I did on you today, your life is a wreck.  Today was the third time you’ve been arrested.  I know what the other charges before today were.  You are still a child in many ways, but if you’re not careful, you’re going to be the poster child of Biggest Life Fuckups.

As for your parents, I don’t know if they have enabled you, and deserve my scorn as well, or if they offered you everything you wanted and you chose to be the Fuckup you are at the moment. Yes, you are a Fuckup in my eyes.

Personally, I hope the judge in your case refuses to plea.  Thankfully, my SIL is ok, but by the grace of God.  If you had been anymore reckless, you could kill someone.  Besides yourself that you are slowly killing now.  Does it take killing someone to wake up to the Fuckup you are?

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How did we live with VCRs?
Posted on June 30th, 2016 @ 8:43 pm

No really.  I’ve become so spoiled with DVRs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, HDTV, and Online Streaming.  My dad and I went out to get a VCR yesterday.  Being the family historian, I figured it was time to go find my sisters’ old dance tapes to transfer to DVD.

The video quality is so poor on these! They did not hold up well in the years since.

At the moment, I am setting up the recording of my sisters’ dancing school performing at the 1993 International Folk Festival in Fayetteville, NC.  I think it was a girls’ day out, with my dad at home with my brother and Grandmother.  My sisters are the dancers.  My mom was in the crowd, being the stage mother, making sure Beth remembered her cues.  As for me?  You can see my dumb butt in the background being the goofy gopher.  That was my job that day. I ran back and forth between my mother and my sisters with the stuff the needed. Other mothers used me as their gophers, too.

As I’m watching these tapes, I’m wondering what was I doing at that time.  I know I was in a giant bout of depression.  So, right then and there, it’s kind of noticeable with my hair.  You really can’t see my face. I was also doing goofy things, too.  At one point, I have Nicki’s fedora on.

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Walking Down Memory Lane
Posted on June 26th, 2016 @ 5:02 pm

I will be walking one day
Down a street far away
And see a face in the crowd and smile
Knowing how you made me laugh
Hearing sweet echoes of you from the past
I will remember you.

I just never expected that street to be Abercorn St. and possibly be your face. 😆

You start to think about some things and then they snowball.  Today’s path down the yellow brick memory road took me to 1993. I think.  One summer night, my mother wanted Cracker Barrel.  What she did was ended up loading us kids into the car and driving to Lumberton, NC.  It was the nearest Cracker Barrel to us at the time.  It was 40 miles away.

Another time, which I think was in 1992.  She wanted Sonic.  There nearest Sonic to us was 28 miles away up in Sanford, NC.  Again, we all got into the car and drove to Sonic for dinner.

My mother would get on these kicks and drive us to nearby towns in NC if it had the restaurant she wanted to eat at.

Fayetteville/Spring Lake didn’t have Krystal or Captain D’s the time we lived there. When she got her new van in summer of 1993, Goldsboro, where the dealership was, had a Captain’s D.  We ate dinner there.  And yes, this was pre-Internet.  She contacted an out-of-town dealer to help her purchase and new vehicle. Goldsboro was about 60 miles from Ft. Bragg.

I also remember one trip to Carthage, NC.  We went there to see a pageant that some friends of the time were competing in.  Carthage was 40 miles from Ft. Bragg.  She didn’t care how far it was.  She wanted to go.  So, she took her 3 girls, and the neighbor girls, to this pageant. After the pageant, all of us, including the pageant people, ate at Pizza Hut.  My mother and Lisa, one of the pageant people, shared a pizza.  Lisa mentioned no one ever orders what she loved pizza wise.  My mother was willing to listen.  When Lisa said it was Hawaiian pizza, my mother was so excited because she loved it too and the rest of the family didn’t go for it.  There in the pizza place, my mom and Lisa enjoyed pizza no one else ate.

I wish there was a small town in the Savannah area that I could drive to for a dinner. Just something to relive these days.  I live about 5 miles from a Cracker Barrel, so that charm is gone.  Sonic is about a mile and half away. The closest I can think of to driving to is Ridgeland, SC.  Maybe next weekend.

Reliving these memories are making me want to get some VHSs we have at my dad’s house and convert them to video.  Maybe next weekend as well.  It’s a holiday weekend.

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Memorial Day Remembrance
Posted on May 30th, 2016 @ 11:35 am

Donald Alexander Ross

This is my great-uncle Donald A. Ross. Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach County is named for him, not the golf course designer, as many want to believe.

He died in 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge.  He is buried in Lorraine American Cemetery in France.

He left behind his parents and his 3 sisters.  All of his sisters served as a WAAC.

He is one of the many faces we should be honoring on this Memorial Day.  He’s not a 50% off sale.

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“Candle in the water – Drifting helplessly”
Posted on May 30th, 2016 @ 11:14 am

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died as members of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Today, for me, it’s just a day to reflect on the death I’ve just encountered in the past 2 weeks.

We buried my cousin Melissa today.

I am SO sick of death. It started with C.C. being sick.  Before we had the chance to put him down, Nancy called me to tell me she had to place her beloved dog Bastian down.  The day we put C.C. down, we got the terrible news that my cousin Melissa was on the brink of death.  She died the next day.

My family made a convoy to Nashville for the funeral and to be with the family. My dad and I were on the way when we got the call. My sisters and my brother-in-law showed up the day after we did.  My brother couldn’t come until the morning of the remembrance, which was the day before the actual funeral.

While in Nashville, I got to meet new family members and saw little India for about an hour.  India was so happy to see me.  I wasn’t sure if she would remember me, but she did. One of the few bright spots of the trip; the other was taking Nicki, Beth, and Ben to The Loveless Cafe.

Towards the end of the remembrance, I broke down crying. My father and my cousin Michael, Melissa’s brother, had to check on me because I was sobbing. I was thinking of how I wanted to be just like Melissa.  I was thinking of ways I did become like Melissa.  I was also sobbing for if I had just know some things about her, if she had just been a little more open, could I have been able to stop her from dying. Fear of what’s happening to me, being single at this age and fear of always being single. I was crying for both of us.

Yesterday, as I was coming home from the grocery store, I heard “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” I wanted to lose it in the car. I just felt so alone.  My sobfest from a few days ago hit me again.  I have a fear of being alone one day.

However, the Grim Reaper couldn’t leave me alone yesterday, either.  I found out one of my mother’s cousins lost her husband yesterday. I got the call within the hour it happened in an attempt to get my uncle to know what’s going on.  The cousin and my uncle live in the same town in Missouri. I met the cousin and her husband when I went to Missouri last year. They were cool.

On this Memorial Day, I’m just tired of death.  I’m just tired and afraid.

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Never Easy Letting Go
Posted on May 17th, 2016 @ 7:12 pm


Struggling behind me on a heating pad is C.C. He doesn’t have much longer in the world. If hurts to say it.  He’s at least 16-years-old.  He had to be born in 1999; we’ve had him as a family member since 2000.  He showed up 3 days after our cat Butterball died.  We weren’t ready for another cat, but life thought we were.

C.C. chose my sister, Beth, as his person. When she was still in school, he’d be waiting for her to come home.  When she went to camp out-of-state, he was not happy.  My mother had to take him to N.C. when she brought Beth home.

This photo is one of my favorite of him.

None of my siblings have kids.  I don’t have kids.  So, yes, our pets are our babies. And even if we did have kids, the pets are still our babies.

With four other animals at 10+ years of age, the next few years are going to be hard.

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